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    Default Legend of Zelda: Through the Doors

    Chapter 1: Thick Smoke

    Shan was the name of the ever faithful guard of the gate in front of Hyrule Castle he had guarded the castle gate for well over seven years, he complained or ask for a raise only got the job done. No-one ever passed the gate without his permission(at least that that's what he thought), and every night when he returned home to his loving daughter Prim and his wife Rose. It is extremely unfortunate that he would never see them again.

    It was the middle of a bitter winter in Hyrule, the cold numbed the fingers and toes of all who stood in it's wake, the blizzard winds could knock any man of their feet. The heavy white snow blocked most sight the ground covered like a brand-new canvas.Thick red smoke covered the ground beneath him blocking his own feet from view, Shan glanced at the corner of the cliff which led to the market.He stared at the smoke with fear in case it did something to him but nothing happened.
    Perhaps a experiment gone wrong in the castle he thought.Despite the warm night he shivered, something wasn’t quite right something was wrong. He slapped the Gossip stone beside him, it wobbled against the force before making a strange sound;
    “BOING!BOING! The time is 10:45!” Shan stretched his legs before slowly walking towards the town. The red smoke drifted around his legs as he moved, but Shan tried to ignore it.

    Then it happened! He stopped abruptly fear freezing him, he began to claw at his neck and tried to scream. But nothing came out since he couldn’t breathe, his face turned blue as his lungs burned for precious oxygen.He gasped tried to draw in any cold air but it was in vain,then darkness enveloped his vision as his soul departed from his body, but not before he saw two figures looming over him. One a slender woman, with dark-blue hair, cold grey eyes and folded bat-like wings on her back. The other was a eight-foot tall man with intense musles bulging all over his body, he wore a black mask which covered his face with four slits for sight and breath.

    “Inferior beings!” the woman said in disgust, dark energy surrounding her hand as she lifted the man with magic. With a flick of her wrist the body was slung into the gate, bones shattering inside the lifeless body.
    “Gatrie if you please!” the massive man grunted and charged forward, his body crashed into the gate sending it flying into the cliff. The sound obviously alarmed the other guards who shouted to each other and charged down the cliff. The woman laughed as the red smoke rose up taking the shape of a human though they were almost completely different in every way. Their skin was deep-red red with glowing violet marks all over their bodies, they were naked except for a black lion-cloth which never moved, their white hair was in a long ponytail.

    The ran through the open gates large swords made like the Biggoron Sword in their hands poised to strike. The guards came into view with the silver armor and helm, and spears pointed forward for defense. The humanoids noiselessy leapt over the Hylians landing gracefully behind them and swung at them taking off their heads which rolled onto the green grass staining it red. The limp body stood for the moment as if they didn’t realise they were dead, before dropping to the ground in a life-less heap.

    “Katrina…there!” Gatrie pointed up at a window with a figure watching the grisly scene, their face full of disgust and fear. Katrina the woman began to walk to the castle entrance laughing all the way in triumph.
    “Come our plan is near end as soon as it began!” she cried beckoning Gatrie and her minions to follow her.

    Princess Zelda fell back from the window as the grotesquely muscular man pointed to our window. She had to leave immediately for her own safety but the people in the castle needed her, and she had to protect her father. She ran to her wardrobe and picked up her more valuably possessions; a harp, two knife, a whip and a pouch of Deku Nuts. Then she picked up a long white glove and slipped it over her hand to conceal the Triforce mark. Just then Impa burst into the room her face contorted in fear.
    “My lady we must flee!” she cried, grabbing Zelda's arm. But a figure blocked their way to the door, it had a raised sword in hand. The sword was unusual though it was just over arm’s length and slightly curved with a blue gem in the hilt.
    “Princess come with me!” it was a man who beckoned the princess forward. But Impa stepped between them, a shuriken raised in her hand. “I mean no harm!”.

    Zelda took the man’s hand half-heartedly, as he took out a necklace with a pearl on it, it glowed once and then a blinding white door replace the old one. The man ran inside with Zelda leaving Impa behind. The real door burst open the wooden door was flung off it's hinges and into the opposite wall just as the portal shrunk into nothing, Katrina emerged and noticed the stunned woman sheikah.

    "Impa protector of the princess, you have lived for too long!" Katrina said, her hands glowing with the black aura of darkness. Impa didn't reply only threw the shuriken at her head, but was nimbly dodged it and sent a beam of dark energy at Impa. It connected sending her flying out of the window shards of grass trailing behind, then there was a soft thump and a sickening crack as she met the hard stone. Katrina glanced out the window a evil grin appearing on her face as she saw the broken bidy and blood seeping across the ground.

    Only when sunlight finally arrived it’s golden light casting away the darkness did the cries of death end. Then all was silent.
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    Chapter 2: Lost Cries

    The ferocious winds wrapped around his lean frame, the cold seeping through his clothes and skin chilling his very being. The white snow crunched under his brown boots, soaking into it as it slowly melted due to the new source of bodily heat. His long, green hat that sat upon his blonde locks of hair threatened to be torn of by the elements, his pointed ears nearly blue from the cold. His body was wrapped in an emerald cape which flapped around him despite his strong hands wrapped around it. Underneath the green tunic, shirt and white tights was the seventeen-year old Hero of Time, that boy who had travelled to the future to rid the world of Ganondorf and free Hyrule. Immediately after his return to the past he went on loads of adventures including his journey to Termina, Link was home his favourite place in the world.

    Behind him the sun slowly ascended into the heavens forcing the dark storm clouds parted ways, as the rays of warmth struck the world beneath. Steadily the raging winds calmed changing the to a soft breeze as an after-thought , the heavy fall of snow ended leaving only a deep canvas of white which was almost blinding at first glance. In the distance he could see large trees which stood many feet high, a luscious green beyond the endless white. Smiling to himself he strolled down the dirt path which had not been completely covered snow, his cape now fluttering softly in his wake.

    The murky grey of the sky soon became a brilliant blue given by the early morning sun, high above birds of many different sorts chirped cheerfully. Their songs soon accompanied by the soft tones of Link’s ocarina as he blew softly into the spout, his fingers moving mechanically over the holes to create a song which he rarely played. He had made it himself on one of his long travels, he called it Dawn of Blue, it was based on the story of how the sun rose into the sky vaguely describing a lover and a man who didn’t love her back.

    Unfortunately his song was interrupted by the steadily growing sound of hooves from his far left causing Link to look up. He saw a tiger-like creature charging at him rapidly gaining speed, and on it’s backva figure, and judging by size the same age as Link. He immediately drew a small knife from his boot which he used in case his sword was unavailable for whatever reason, he bent his arm back over his head head before his arm snapped forward sending the dagger hurtling towards the approaching foes. Just as the dagger reached them it by some unknown force it changed course and headed back to Link.
    “Ahhh!” he cried before rolled to the side, a part of a lock of his hair fell to the ground. The dagger itself buried itself inside the snow until only the jewelled hilt showed above the ground.

    The beast and rider still relentlessly charged at him not slowing down, now they were close Link could just make out details. The beast was built like a lion but several times larger with dark, grey fur and a large shaggy mane all around the head. Ivory teeth jutted from behind the powerful jaws and a long tail swayed from side to side as it’s muscled legs pounded the snow. The rider wore a strange mask covering the face they wore a pale blue tunic, a pale bandana with long indigo hair hung carelessly hanging over. A navy cape flapped behind them making it looker like a lighter versio of Phantom Ganon.

    As they two were only a couple of yards away from Link he reached into a small pouch on his side and retrieved a Deku nut, clenching it in his fist. When they were almost a breath away from each other, he threw the nut hard and the ground closing his eyes instantaneously. There was a loud crack and a blinding flash of light followed by a cry accompanying by a crashing sound, Link re-opened his eyes to see the two in a heap beside him. He draw his sword and slowly approached the mass the point looking down, with his boot he kicked the unconscious beast off the figure.

    The figure was a girl a her face calm as she breathed deeply, her eyes fluttering as she struggled to keep conscious before finally they closed. Only after closer inspection did he see that she wore similar clothes to him only of different colours, though on left hand she wore a black leather glove with white strips going up from the end to the fingertips. But through the material their was a faint glow that Link saw despite the surrounding white snow, he reached down to slip off the glove when a loud horn echoed acroos the plains.

    Link looked up in shock and anger as his face contorted into one of disgust as a horde of armoured Moblin ran relentlessly through the snow, long spears pointing into the sky. Their pig0like faces glaring at the company bellowing orders at each other pointing at Link as he drew his bow. He nocked three arrows onto the string and with a twang they soared through air embedding themselves into their skulls. He then took out his sword and ever-faithful Hylian Shield, despite the fact that the girl had tried to kill him he had to protect her as was his duty.

    Link rolled to the side as the spear lunged at his chest with a Moblin wielding it, saliva slipping through the large lips. It growled before lunging again only to be kicked away and a sharp pain coarsed through it’s body, a blade jutting through it’s back. As the body fell limp Link pulled the blade out to parry a butcher-knife type weapon, sparks flew as the edges met. He smashed the Moblins head with the shield causing it to stumble back into the snow, whilst Link sent his boot into it’s skull. Suddenly he felt a sharp pain in his head as the hilt of a sword hit him, causing him to fall to his knees, his breath ragged from exhaustion. The once white snow had been dyed red by the thick liquid that splashed onto the ground, dozens of fallen Moblins littering the site. Then a fist connected with his stomach knocking the wind out of him. So began to wheeze involunterarialy, he looked up so see the blade slash vertically ready to cut straight through his head.

    Then the Moblin screamed a blood-curtling scream as it's body was engulfed in a blue-tinged fire, the flames burning it skin away. By the end of it only blackened bones and burnt flesh remained. She tore her gaze from the dead monster and looked at the rising form of Link with aquatic-blue eyes like the sea.
    “Who are you?” Link asked keeping his sword raised, the end pointing at the girl. She regarded him before slowly opening her mouth to reply; “I am Naryu!”.
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    This is a real enigma.

    Nice description in parts, then followed with some poor spelling/grammar mistakes.

    pour example....

    Immediately after his return to the past he went on loads of adventures including his journey to Termina, Link was home his favourtie place in the world.
    A nice descriptive paragraph preceded this, but example liek that put a dampener on things.

    I recommend you use word, and also be aware that you shoudl start a new line when somebody speaks.

    That said, the story coudl easily go soemwhere.

    6.5/10. Keep writing

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    Chapter 3: Dead Leaves of Passing

    Pearly tears slipped down Zelda’s pale cheek, her watery ears glistening as she gazed upon the death and destruction. The great marble towers of Hyrue castle were aflame the fires rising high thick, grey smoke floating into the pale-blue sky above, blood seeping through the cracks of the obblestone streets. The once magnificent buildings were piles of stone and wood with bodies scattered underneath, their lifeless eyes staring into Zelda’s own.

    “Why…why?” Zelda whimpered collapsing to her knees in front of the ruined fountain of the town market. She had no recollection of last night’s events, not the deaths, the screaming, the bodies only a voice and blinding white light. As she ventured into her memories only blurred images of chaos, but there was one clear picture, the women with wings. Having no other memory Zelda focused her own fiery rage on that person, her hands shook violently.

    Link I need you! she thought as a white light enveloped her body, filling her vision and illuminating the scene of death. After fleeting seconds Shiek stood where the princess once stood, dressed in blue spandex with a teardrop and eye along with a white cloak. After a glance round with his crimson eyes he sprinted out of town and onto the snowy, white fields of Hyrule.

    “I am warrior princess of Togaroth, I was ambushed as I reached the borders of your country, I am in your debt” Naryu said bowing before the dumbfounded teenager. "But I must immediately go to your capital city, I have news that is of major importance

    “Of course milady” replied Link, scratching his ear nervously. Naryu only smiled before running up a small hill rather clumsily until she reached the top, Link followed her watching thoughtfully.
    I’ve never heard of this Togarath and why was she coming to Hyrule Link thought as he stood beside her. Naryu shaded her eyes with her hand as she squinted towards the capital of Hyrule, Hyrule Town.

    “I must go there as soon as possible” she said looking back at Link whose eyes were glazed over as he thought. He immediately came back to his senses and nodded; “Yes I have an old friend who I haven't spoken with for too long!” . Naryu slowly ambled back down the hill towards the slumbering beast which was obviously her steed, it twitched frequently as if dreaming.

    “Awak-” Naryu began before Link silenced her by putting his hand over her mouth.
    “Wait I must first see my home, I have been away for over a year” he stated reaching into his satchel for his ocarina. He put the spout to his lips and blew, the Minuet of the Forest filled the area with a cheerful yet solemn song. A bright green light gathered around them trapping them inside until they were no more, as they magically teleported to the Sacred Meadow.

    There was no laughter, no singing, not even the soft rustling of leaves in the Kokiri Forest, only a cold, dead silence. Link trekked through the Lost Woods fear growing with each step, his eyes darting from left to right in search, Naryu only watched her companion. The only sound were snapping twigs and leaves as they were crushed by the duo’s boots. A trees created a large green canopy blocked all but the thinnest rays of light from entering, every scene the same as before.

    “So…this is your home?” asked Naryu attempting to break the silence but Link only nodded not looking away from the path. Once again they fell into silence but a tunnel of light appeared in the never-ending darkness, Link immediately broke into a run his anxiety extremely high. Naryu chased after him until the unaccustomed light forced her to close her eyes as it burned into her retinas. After a while she looked to see tears streaming down Link’s face as he look below the cliff, Link stepped beside him to see a horrific site. A little children of around ten years, all wearing green tunics boy and girl lay slaughtered on the grass. Many had lost limbs by blade, their blood staining the grass blood red, body parts yards away from their owners. They could smell the atmosphere, it was an atmosphere of death.

    “My…friends…Mido..Know-it-all-Brothers…S-saria” Link whimpered falling to his knees burying his head in his hands.
    “It’s okay” Naryu whispered resting her hand on his shoulder. They remained in that position for several minutes until Link's cry of grief became weak sobs and then only a red face and dried tears. He stood back up his face hardened his eyes not betraying any emotion like a mask, then he dropped down the side of the cliff of which they stood with Naryu closely behind.

    Link passed through the many tree-houses that belonged to the children of the forest including his own against the wall of the village. He scaled his creaky, wooden ladder within seconds and loose boards of his balcony almost gave way to his weight.
    It has been so long since I've been home Link thought a he pushed aside his tatty red curtain leading to his one roomed house. He had an entire wall of weapons and trinkets from his many journey in Hyrule and beyond, at the other end of his room was a tiny bed.

    Just then he notcied that there was a lump in his bed that was quivering uncontrollably, drawing his blade Link stepped closer his hand reacher for the quilt. He thrust it off to find a small girl hiding in his bed, she had flourescent green hair, with a green tunic in the same fashion as Link's, a turtle-neck jumper underneath and green shorts. She looked up and her blue eyes opnened wide in shock.

    " that you?" Saria asked slowly standing up before her legs gave way and she collapsed into Link. Louds sobs erupted from her muffled by his tunic wetting with her tears.

    "It's okay Saria, I'm here's okay" he whispered into the child's ear, like a father to a daughter who had fell off a swing. "Nothing will harm you, I swear!". Naryu stepped through the curtains and watched momentarily before looking around the small house, glancing at the many trinkets.

    "Those monsters.. they killed everyone...everyone is dead...Great Deku tree...cut down...burned..dead..monsters!" Sarai stuttered clenching the fabric in her hand. "Their red eyes", then Saria fainted falling back onto the bed and there she lay as Link silently fumed. His entire body shook with a violent rage he clenched his fist, his knuckles turned white, Link saw red. He went over to a large chest in a shadowed corner of his room, a boot to the side of the metal container forced it open. Link reached inside and took out his Mirror Shield, the shiny surface reflecting the spectrum all around the cabin-like house, then he drew out a beautiful blade. The metal was unknown to Link but it was a marble-like sheen, the cross-guard was shaped like a pair of eagle wings, and the pommel like tail-feathers. The scabbard was a white-gold colour decorated with tiny pearls, and jewels. It was a work of art, Link had acquired in a land beyond the sea of Termina as a gift when he save their people from completely eradicated.

    "Come, we are leaving" Link called back into the house as he dropped off his balcony, he began a steady walk without looking back passing through the scattered corpses with a hardened expression.

    As Link stepped out of the Lost Woods, the black creature that had been previously unconscious glared at Link with deep, grey eyes.
    "Calm Naru" said Naryu resting her hand on the beast's head and gently stroking the shaggy mane, then she turned to face Link. " This is Naruc he's a Nergron, they are like your..horses but more wild an dangerous!". Naryu then swung her leg over it before heaving her whole body onto it after re-adjusting it she beckoned Link to do the same. Link leapt onto Naruc's muscular back with ease, but as soon as sat it began to sprint over the hills at incredible speeds.
    "Aaaaahhhh!" Link cried as the rode swiftly to the dead city of Hyrule town.
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