Have to say I'm getting ****** off at the fact that new people are claiming bishies that other people possibly may want and then bugger off and never come back again...thus making people wait for two months before they can claim them...or leading people to belive that they can't claim them. Well news to you all: I may be restarting this thread from scratch!

1) Because I ****ed off and left the helpers to do it theymselves, which was ungrateful.

2) Becuase I haven't been updating the first post.

3) Because some of the claims need owners that will actually take care of 'em.

4) Becuase I want to add a new rule which will state you cannot claim a bishy unless you have been active on the forums for at least a month...I may make it two. I'm not sure.


Yes it will be a TOTAL re-start in hopes that people won't be PMing me 24-7 about how its not fair that so-so hasn't been active for a month and a half and what not.

I DON'T want hate PM's or PM's saying its unfair, your lucky the thread is still going to be honest with you the amount of times I have re-started it and put up with a PM box full of 'I wanted him' or 'can I change my bishy' or 'he hasn't been active for so-so time'.

If people would bother to read the rules...there are ways around ALL of the above problems! The rules are plain and simple to follow. I made this thread as a bit of fn, but its become a burden! Just because people are too Lazy to read the rules.

If you want to change your bishy then use the form, its not hard. Consider it a way of telling you have read the rules...


I may re-start it tomorrow, I'm not sure yet. And it will be the last time it is re-started. If you can't follow the rules this time around, then it will be closed and not re-opened for as long as I can help it. M'kay?