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    hi, i know i'm new here on the forums but i've been coming and reading them for years. I'm currently learning programming and am up to the point where I'd like to try a real-time version of pokemon. Completely 2D as of now. The things i'm lacking are the time and energy to develop a full storyline or sprites. I will be posting this in the spriters forum to asking for artists, but what I'm asking from any of you is to develop a brand new storyline for a pokemon game to take. I have already designed a map, and have several features and such thought out. i just need a compelling story to tie it all together. you can access the ppt of the map (fully clickable) here and here are .docs detailing things like a possible storyline and a list of features i've thought out. this is completely free (i won't be charging for releases of this game, copyrights and all) so there's no money to hand out for your ideas. However proper credit will of course be given within the game and any accompanying readme's. if you have a myspace pls message me the entire storyline as text, or else email it to me @ blitzen13 at yahoo. I really look forward to hearing from you, and i hope to make something that is really fun to play!

    **to open files you will need powerpoint and wordpad, if clicking on them doesn't work, "Copy Shortcut" and paste in the address bar**

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    I would like to work with the storyline.

    Also, the link doesn't work.
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    Sorry, but doesn't sanction fanmade games for legal reasons. Not to mention this is a Programming issue, not a forum RPG, so if in totally the wrong forum.

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