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Thread: The Grand Cosplay Thread

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    Default The Grand Cosplay Thread

    Hey you! If you have a cosplay costume you made from a movie, anime or anything, post your photos here! I would love to see them! I am making a cosplay costume myself, of Urahara Kisuke from BLEACH.

    Please use IMG tags!

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    None sorry but there are bound to be other members posting soon.....

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    Im going to make a Ichimaru Gin cosplay costume for the Ohayocon 2007 xD Yup..
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    I'm planning my first-ever (yes, first) cosplay costume -- as Phoebe of Hoenn's Elite Four!

    In addition, I'm planning on sewing together a cute little Banette doll (I just finished making the patterns -- it's about somewhat bigger than the size of those Deluxe Pokemon plushes by Hasbro) as an accessory (shouldn't be too hard to make, considering Banette IS a doll)...

    I've been on the Jo-Ann's website frequently, and the flyer just came in the mail a couple weeks back... so I've been looking for good materials like crazy... and I found quite a lot of ideas!

    If anyone has suggestions, though -- I'm open!
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