[Before I begin, I know there was a thread a while ago regarding this, but I think there is more to be discussed (such as where to get the item and such).]
Teru-Sama is an item in Pokémon Gold and Silver (I’m not sure if it is in Crystal). It can only be accessed through a glitch or while using a GameShark. It can be sold at a pokemart for 19660 pokedollars. It sits in the regular items area of your pack. It can be registered for use with the select button, but I have not found it to do anything. It can be attached to a pokémon and it can be thrown out. There is no in-game description of it. Here are some pictures:
Teru-Sama at a pokemart
Teru-Sama in your backpack
So my question is: What does anyone know about it?
As far as I can tell, it was meant to be a filler between items. Each item in the game has a number in hexadecimal assigned to it, so when there are gaps, Teru-Sama takes the place.
What does the name mean? Teru-Sama could refer to a name, as Sama is, to quote wiktionary, “An honorific ending for names that indicates extreme reverence” in Japanese. I didn’t see anyone by the name of Teru in the credits (correct me if I’m wrong), so I assume it is a nickname for someone at Gamefreak.
Other than a name, Teru in Japanese means “light or bright.” I’m not sure if this has any significance.
Some people say it turns into a key item in Crystal. Some people say it can be acquired using a Pokémon Stadium glitch. Some think it improves a pokémon’s stats.
My reason for starting this thread is to see what people know about it so that we can have a better understanding of the items that are programmed into the second generation of Pokémon games.
I look forward to seeing what you know.