HAHA, You thought i was going to say new Year but I caught on this Time, oh Yes, I know it's easter, the Time of Chocolate, Throwing up and Evil Bunnies that give Chocoalte out to kids which everyone seems to discourage becasue he's a Bunny but he's EVIL I tell you, EVIL, He's got mind controlling chocoalte, but I won't go into it this time, but be warned bunny, I'm watching you *looks evilly at the easter Bunny*

Anyways, where was I? Ahhh Easter, the time of chocolate and well, More Choclate, it's a diabetics worst nightmare, But this year, we've got nothing for you, why am I making this post? I have no idea maybe i'm being controlled by the Bunny but I have no idea why i'm psoting so I'd jsut stop reading right now if I were you.

Nahhh, I'm joking ya, we do have Gifts whats FB without Gifts eh? But we're notgiving a lot out this year to be honest we've given too much out so all you're getting from me is A Super Pass for Daycare,Move tutor, Pokemart (2 Candies tomorrow) and 4 Beautypoints at the salon.

oh and this Just a Crystal Egg, I made it and thought why not give it out for folk, it doesn't Do anything, it jsuust stands there looking pretty and crystaly