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Thread: Club Rules - READ BEFORE MAKING A CLUB. (Updated November 13, 2006)

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    Default Club Rules - READ BEFORE MAKING A CLUB. (Updated November 13, 2006)

    1. Main Forum Rules
    Follow them:

    2. Club Help Section
    If you're having trouble:

    One exception: The only time we will give you permission to bump the club is if it is not on the first page of the club section when it has first been approved and has 0 replies. Any time other than that we do not give you permission to bump.

    3. Making A Club
    A. A few things to think of before making a club:
    Is there already a club like it?
    Will people be interested in it?
    Will it be active?
    What will the other members and I do in it?
    What’s the purpose of the club?

    If there already is a club like it, or if it doesn't satisfy the other questions, the club will be deleted.

    B. Club approval
    Post your thread and it will be sent to the moderation queue, where it will either be approved or disaproved by a moderator. Be warned that this could take up to a day (or maybe two) so do NOT post multiple thread wondering 'why its not showing up' because they will not appear straight away. Also, please do not PM moderators asking why it isn't showing up. It either hasn't been attended to yet, and is still in the moderation queue, or it has been deleted because it didn't follow one or more of the other club rules.

    BE SURE TO EXPLAIN YOUR FIRST POST. Don't create a club with only one sentence or it will not show up.

    More information about the moderation queue:
    For a sum up, its basically a new way of managing what clubs are approved or unapproved. You post a thread and it goes into a moderation queue to await validation. This means that there is no need for you to sent approval request PMs anymore. Just post your thread as you would in any other forum and it will be sent to the moderation queue. Don't worry if your thread doesn't show up straight away, because it just means it hasn't been approved or disapproved yet. If your thread has not appeared within a day (or perhaps two) then your club has either been disapproved or the thread did not go through, but its more likely to be the first. So remember that there is no need to send request PMs anymore, just read the rules and post your thread. If you read the rules properly, then there would be no need for your club to be disaproved, so please read the rules before you post a thread.

    C. No One Pokemon Clubs
    For example, you can’t make an Oddish club. However you could make one for Oddish, Gloom, Vileplume, and Bellossom.

    D. No Team Clubs
    This does not mean Team Rocket/Magma/Aqua/Snagem/any other real teams. However no fake teams are allowed such as Team Sky or Dark.

    E. Clubs With No Owner
    If a club owner hasn’t been on the forum for a while (a month or so) without warning, you may request to have their club closed so you can restart it, provided you have reached general agreement with the majority of the active members in the club.

    F. Club Banners
    For any banners in your club you must give credit in the first post next to the banner. And you must state if members have to give credit in their sig if the banner creator requires it.

    G. Post Your Thread Once
    Do not post your thread multiple times. It may take up to one or two days for your club to appear after you post it.

    H. First Post Of Clubs
    Always read the first post before asking to join. Follow any rules listed in it.

    4. Reporting A Club
    A. How To Report
    Use the report button or PM ones of the clubs mods (Chelc , Sweet May , Eefi-chan ).

    B. Report PMs
    If you report through PM please send this form:
    Club Name:
    Club Link:

    C. Mini-modding
    Report the post/thread/whatever, don’t reply to it. This includes posting in a club asking if it’s approved.

    5. Picture Credit
    If you post a pic from a site you must give credit to the site. Unless they don’t require credit. If the site doesn’t mention whether it requires credit or not, assume that it does.

    6. Have Fun
    Clubs are for people interested in the same thing to talk about it. So make some friends and enjoy yourself. ^_^
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