As the title suggests, this is loosely based on "Gale of Darkness." It uses a mix of original and existing characters, and.....well, read it and find out.

I will say that I'd rate it PG for now, for some violence.

With that, let the fic writing commence!



“On this dark and stormy night in Larousse City, two champions are about to meet. We are about to see one of the greatest battles in history!”

The announcer’s voice boomed over the crowd assembled in the arena. The location was the Battle Tower, an arena for world-class Pokémon battles based in Larousse City. This night, the champion, Rich, was going to face off against a brand new challenger who had won his way up the ranks with record speed.

“And now, the challenger. Hailing from the beautiful city of Altomare, he is perhaps the biggest threat to our champion’s title we’ve ever yet seen. Now entering the arena……..Adio!”

The elevator on the right-hand side of the arena rose, and a young man with a leather jacket and spiked yellow hair stepped off. The MC approached him.

“So, challenger, you have a shot that only few people get. You’re gonna throw down with our long-time champ! How’re you feeling?”

“I’m extremely confident. I know how this ‘champ’ battles, and I’m gonna take him down!”

The audience responded with lukewarm applause, for the champion was very popular.

“The crowd ain’t quite feeling you, Adio. Maybe they’ll get into it once they meet our champ. From Phenac City in Orre, it’s the super champ of unrivaled elegance! Now entering the arena………the champ………..RIIIIIIIIIIIIICCCCCCHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! ”

The audience exploded with loud cheering as the left-hand elevator came up and Rich, a person with smooth blue hair and an elegant suit entered the arena. Both competitors headed to the center of the arena.

“So, champ,” the MC began, “Your challenger’s a handful, I can vouch for that. How do you plan to handle him?”

“Same way I handle everyone else,” Rich replied. “Dazzle with power and swift knockouts!”

The audience cheered again.

“Let me explain the rules of the match. Each trainer has examined the opponent’s team and using that information, chosen one of their Pokémon to hold in reserve. This is a five-on-five Double Battle match. The first trainer to lose all five of their Pokémon loses, and the winner is the champion. In case of a match that’s too close to call, a panel of three referees will review footage of the match and decide the winner. Do you both accept the rules?”

Both trainers silently nodded.

“Good. Then go to your respective sides and prepare for battle.”

Adio stood at the arena’s right side, Rich at the left. The stage was set.

“Adio, as the challenger, you shall select your initial two battlers first. Now! Will the champ’s elegance top Adio’s raw power? Will there be a changing of the guard here at the Battle Tower? Let’s find out! TITLE MATCH! Adio versus Rich! Let the battle begin!!!!!!”

The audience erupted in cheers once more.

Pkmn Trainer Adio---vs.---Tower Champ Rich

“Time for my glorious victory!” Adio taunted. “Sharpedo and Camerupt, go!”

Adio threw two Poké Balls. A Sharpedo, a shark-like Dark and Water Pokémon, and a Camerupt, a camel with the Fire and Ground types, appeared.

“Annnnnnnnnnnnnddddd we are off!” the announcer exclaimed. “Adio leads with the Brutal Pokémon, Sharpedo, and the fiery Camerupt!”

“So you use those two, Adio?” Rich said. “Let’s do this. Ludicolo and Milotic, go!”

Rich threw his Poké Balls. The dancing Ludicolo and the beautiful Milotic appeared. As anyone who faced Rich knew, these were not opponents to be messed with.

“Rich leads with two Water types, Ludicolo and Milotic! Many a challenger has felt the wrath of these foes!”

“I’m not afraid of your water power, Rich! Sharpedo, Crunch!”

Adio’s Sharpedo lunged at Milotic with fangs bared and crunched. Milotic recoiled from the hit.

“Adio scores a strong hit to Milotic!”

“Alright, challenger, playtime’s over! Milotic, Surf! Ludicolo, use Thunderpunch!”

Ludicolo and Milotic lept to the attack. Ludicolo’s fists crackled with electricity, and it delivered a super-effective blow to Sharpedo. Immidiately after that, Milotic launched a massive wave of water to both Camerupt and Sharpedo.

When the water receded, both challengers were fainted.

“Double KO for the champ! Adio needs to get his act together quickly!”

“Arrrgghhh!! Return, Camerupt and Sharpedo!”

Adio recalled the two fainted Pokémon, then threw two more Poké Balls.

“Flygon and Metagross, go!”

The dragon-like Flygon and the metal spider Metagross appeared.

“Adio brings in Flygon and Metagross! How will the champ resp—“

Suddenly, a blast from outside rocked the tower. No one knew right away what had happened.

“Hold the phone, folks!” the MC interrupted. “What the hey’s going on??”

“Wishmaker Tower was bombed and is on fire!” the announcer shouted.

Mass hysteria resulted. Many audience members fled the arena.

“Wishmaker Tower… parents and fiancee……NOOOOOOOOO!!!” Rich cried. “I must go help!”

“Wait there, chump!” Adio yelled back. “You leave, you forfeit!”

“Uh……..” Rich obviously was struggling with the decision. “I will…….I…….I…….FORFEIT!!!”

“Then Adio is the champ.”

Rich rushed out of the arena with Milotic and Ludicolo. When he finally got outside after several long minutes, a horrific sight greeted him.

The grand, exquisite Wishmaker Tower lay in ruins. It had collapsed.


“Rich…….” Someone approached him. “There is some happiness here.”


“Their bodies were already recovered. They were inches from escaping when the tower collapsed.”

“Wha……wha……WHY!!!!?!?!? ………Ludicolo….Milotic….let us try to help……”


“Lotic, milllll……..”

And so, Adio became the champion of the Battle Tower. Rich was so devastated that he left Larousse and returned to his hometown of Phenac City, where he lived in seclusion for four years. But the fallen champion will rise again….and with his companions, a new legend will be born………….

Just a small note, I created the character of Rich as the brother of Wallace from R/S/E. They're twins, so Rich looks exactly the same as Wallace does.