As you may or may not know, Fizzy Bubbles is mainly supported by the work of updators, also known as Zone Assistants (ZAs) and Zone Owners (ZOs). These are the driving forces of the zones, which are FB's main and primary reason for existance as an RP. Currently, there are only just enough updators to carry the current workload in the zones, and with updators often leaving, some zones are required to seek out other people to be updators as replacements. Therefore, Fizzy Bubbles simply cannot hold many more people, if any. Registration may or may not be opened up at various times, but if it does open, only a certain number of people will be admitted.

Some points that you should take note of:
-Be patient. Registration may or may not open at any given time, but the odds of it being opened for a long period of time are slim. Therefore, you'll also need to check on the Registration thread often, and you might get lucky and be able to get in.
-Do not PM, IM, or otherwise contact a mod of FB asking when Registration will be opened. This kind of thing simply will put off Registration being opened even further.
-When Registration does eventually reopen, make sure that your post is within the rules. That is, your starter is allowed, you have a gender (if applicable), your Pokemon's level is stated, and you do not post your sig. If any of these are incorrect in your post, you will be skipped.
-Do not offer to become a updator or another staff position in order to gain membership to FB. Only current, active members are selected to become updators, as they have proven themselves to be reliable as well as excellent roleplayers deserving of their position.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and if you have any questions that are not "When will Registration reopen?," feel free to ask a mod about it.