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Thread: The 1st annual Serebii NetBattle tourney!

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    Default The 1st annual Serebii NetBattle tourney!

    Before I get started, Willowwisp approved this.

    Me, Tazzler, Lord_sNap, and Lord Fierrus decided it's time to see who really is the best NetBattler from Serebii. So I came up with the idea of a tournament. It may be small, but who gives.

    Tournament Rules:
    386 OU
    No Ubers! (ubers: Mewtwo, Mew, Wobbufett, Lugia, Ho-oh, Wynaut, Latios, Latias, Groudon, Kyogre, Rayquaza, Deoxys [all forms].)
    Sleep/ Freeze Clauses ON!
    Self-Ko Clause ON!
    PP-Ups ON! unless BOTH players want them off.
    No usage of: Double Team, Minimize, Gillotine, Horn Drill, Fissure, and Sheer Cold.
    Show Enemy HP OFF!
    NO HAX ITEMS! Hax Items: Bright Powder, Scope Lens, King's Rock, Lax Incense, Focus Band, and Quick Claw
    You may NOT watch ANY tourney battles unless you are knocked out of the tourney. Violation of this and any rule will resault in Disqualification!

    Sign-up's will close on Friday, April 28. That gives you 5 days to sign up. This is the code for how you sign up.

    (NB name)
    (Time Zone) (GMT+/-(#))
    (Server you go to most often); (secondary server)
    My Registration (also the example):

    EST (GMT-5)
    Smogon; Pokerealm

    So Sign-up now, if you think you are the best!

    1. The Flat Word
    2. Lord Fierrus
    3. Dynamo
    4. WootyMcWoot
    5. [insert good name here]
    6. Uber-Rocky
    7. Lovegu
    8. Alfonso
    9. Toy
    10. BlueKatana
    11. Deoxys Prime
    12. Heat Man
    13. Chaos Emerald
    14. Blastoise King
    15. Yarma
    16. Tazzler
    17. Pax Deorum
    18. Infinity
    19. Leafgreen386
    20. Lord_sNap
    21. Willowwisp
    22. Deathskully
    23. Mequuh
    24. smashbrosfan!
    26. BonzaiMudkip
    27. chaos952
    28. ~*Commander Blizzard*~
    29. Shiny Penny
    30. ::Wildfire::
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