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    Heres a fanfiction i wrote a while ago, it isn't finished cos i don't know what should happen in the end

    okay sorry, P.G-13 Its rated PG-13 so every one is clear on that, kay, soz i'm useless when it comes to rating stuff.

    PG 13
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    I think you should post it right here. You shouldn't post a link

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    okay thank you for the advise

    Disclaimer: I don’t own anything Pokemon, or any characters or anything.

    A/N: Jessie and James work together with less fighting and the result is success!

    Chapter one

    ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++++++++

    Jessie opened her eyes and yawned slightly, it was about 3am on a particularly bitter November dawn.

    She kept her head close to her sleeping partners chest, His arms were wrapped around her neck and the bottom of her face. James’s chin rested on the top of her head.

    Jessie had never been at such peace. “Why am I so happy?” she wondered to herself.

    Another one of their missions had failed and they were left with no pay again, but it didn’t bother her, not right at the moment any way.

    Jessie tilted her head up and looked at James. Her heart skipped, She blinked her blue eyes, “What is going on.” She thought.

    Feeling his heart beat against her chest made her feel light headed slightly.

    She wriggled out of his arms and sat up, She ran her gloved hand through her long red hair.

    “I must be coming down with something.” she whispered slightly, her lips smiled as to disagree with her.

    She looked over to their Pokemon friend Meowth. He was looking at her oddly, Jessie hadn‘t realised he was awake.

    “What are you staring at?” She snapped at him quietly, not wanting to wake James.

    “Hmmm, there’s sumthin not right with you.” He replied continuing to look peculiarly at her.

    “Don’t be so ridiculous!” she sneered.

    “Pokemon are very in tune with the people around ’em you know?” The cat-type said as he walked over to her and looked closely at her.

    “I’m not feeling well, that’s all, probably from being out in this cold weather.” She lied, she was feeling great and that was what was worrying her.

    Jessie lay back down, she lifted James’s arm up and put it round her.

    Meowth curled up by Jessie’s head.

    A cold wind blew through the forest they were camping in. James shivered in his sleep.

    “Poor Jim’s cold.” Meowth stated the obvious.

    “.....and hungry.” James moaned as he sat up.

    Jessie just smiled and cuddled him.

    James exchanged confused looks with Meowth as he held Jessie.

    Meowth shrugged. “She was complaining that she didn’t feel too good.”

    “Is something the matter, Jess?” James queried.

    “No, I'm just......really cold.” she quickly responded.

    “Don’t worry, today we’ll snatch a really rare Pokemon and get paid.” James announced.

    Jessie and Meowth looked unconvinced.

    “Well we can try at least......” He sighed.

    “I guess as we are all awake we could start early today.” Jessie said starting to join in with James’s enthusiasm.

    “That’s fine with Meowth, so you’ze two got any idea’s?”

    “Well as the people in the town are probably still asleep....” James started

    “We could sneak into the Poke centre and steal the Pokemon before anyone notices.” Jessie finished

    James nodded, “Exactly.”

    “Sounds good, lets get goin.” Meowth stood up.

    They packed up their things and snuck silently into the town.

    “And the best part of this plan is that we can have the day off, because we’ll have money!” James whispered excitedly.

    Jessie smiled.

    Luckily for them the back window of the Poke centre was open. Jessie was disguised as Nurse Joy in case they had security camera’s.

    “Okay, help me up.” Jessie whispered.

    James lifted her up to the level of the window, she managed to pull herself up the rest of the way and climbed through.

    “James, keep a look out okay!”

    “Yeah, be careful.” He called after her.

    Jessie silently crept around the store room. The shelves were stuffed with Pokeballs.

    She took as many as she could and shoved them in the bag, when she was sure she had collected enough she headed back to the window.

    Jessie groaned, she hadn’t thought about how she would get out. She moved a table quietly up against the wall and climbed up, she could now reach the window.

    She balanced on the narrow ledge. Unfortunately she lost her balance and fell of the edge. Jessie bit her lip hard so she wouldn’t scream.

    James calmly caught her. “That was close.” He breathed.

    “We’d better get out of here quickly, before anyone wakes up.” Jessie advised after she had gotten over the shock of falling.

    James put her down and the two of them ran out of the town.

    They met Meowth, who had called HQ and arranged a get away vehicle.

    “Don’t dawdle, lets get as far away from here as we can!” Meowth shouted, he noticed they had been successful in their break-in mission.

    James opened the door and got in the driving seat, Jessie shoved Meowth out of the passenger seat and into the back, she took the passenger seat and put on her seat belt.

    James started up the engine and sped down the road.

    “I wonder what Pokemon we collected.” Jessie thought aloud as she rummaged through the bag. She took a Pokeball out.

    “Don’t even think about it.” James said, he kept his eyes on the road.

    “I just want a tiny peek.” Jessie said not putting the Pokeball down.

    “But what do you suppose will happen when you open it?” James asked.

    “The Pokemon will attack me, okay, okay I get your point.” Jessie sighed and dropped the ball back in the bag.

    “Did Jessie just obey me, she really must be feeling ill.” James thought to himself.

    Jessie took her hair out of the nurse Joy style she had put it in and it returned to its normal form. She took off the costume and shoved it in the back.

    Meowth handed Jessie her Team Rocket jacket, boots and gloves. The rest of her clothes fitted under the costume. She redressed quickly.

    Jessie looked in the mirror and saw Meowth lying on his back playing with one of her earrings as if it were a ball.

    “Ahem, having fun Meowth?” Jessie teased.

    “I was just lookin after them for you.” Meowth replied sounding embarrassed

    She snatched them off him and put them back in her ears.

    “We should transfer these to the boss as soon as we can.” James said.

    “I can do it, I had them send a transfer machine in da car.” Meowth declared, he was proud that he had thought of it.

    “Then do it, why didn’t you say earlier, the sooner we get rid of these the better.” Jessie yelled back at him.

    Meowth muttered to himself and started to transfer the Pokeballs. Soon he had safely transferred all of them.

    Giovanni’s image appeared on the screen.

    “What are all these?” The boss asked.

    “They’re a “sorry for not getting Pikachu today” present.” Meowth explained.

    “Really, well good work, But What Have I Told You About Waking Me Up This Early!” He shouted. “Good Bye!”

    “Hey wait, we want money!” James shouted.

    “We earned It this time!” Jessie joined in.

    “Fine, if it means I can go back to bed you can have your pay checks.” Giovanni pressed the button which sent money into their accounts and hung up.

    “Yes! Finally one of our plans worked!” James shouted in victory.

    “And no bratty twerps messed it up, we got away with it!” Jessie cheered.

    “Now do you know what that means?” James asked.

    “What?” Meowth asked.

    “Breakfast time!” Jessie and James said in unison.

    “It’s so great to be master criminal’s again!” Jessie said stretching her arms.

    “Less failure from now on.” James pledged.

    “James, do you think anywhere will be open at this time?” Jessie asked as she noticed the clock on the dash board, it was 4:38am.

    “We’ll just find a “open 24 hour” place Jess.” James assured her.

    “Good, well drive faster then.” she instructed.

    James looked over at her and smiled, she smiled back. James turned his attention back to the road.

    Jessie rested her head on her hand and stared out the window.

    “A-hah a drive-through!” James said after a while.

    He drove their car up to the ordering window. The employee was asleep.

    Jessie rolled her eyes. James pressed the horn.

    “Wahhh, I’m awake, I’m awake!” The guy shrieked. “Please don’t tell my manager I was asleep, Please!!!”

    “Okay, we really just want the food.” Jessie hurried him.

    “Sure what do you want?” the guy said still half asleep.

    “Okay, we want two coffee’s, four portions of ribs, six piece chicken, eight donuts, two chocolate shakes and two strawberry......anything else you can think of?” James said.

    “Yeah, I want pancakes!” Jessie replied

    “Oh yeah, I want pancakes too!” James said hungrily. “That’s about it I think”

    “No, wait, what about Meowth!” Meowth shouted from the back seat. “I want Fish sticks, French fries, and donuts.”

    The man at the service window sent their order through.

    He handed them the food and they drove off.

    The guy yawned and started to drifted back to sleep, He woke up with a start.

    “Hey you have to pay, Now I'm going to get fired!” He cried.

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    Finally, a Rocketshipping fic! This makes the third one I've ever seen here.

    This was a good start, I liked it. It could use some more description of the actions and location instead of dialogue, though, so you might want to work on that on the second chapter. Which, I might add, I'm eagerly awaiting!

    Good job, and would you PM me when a new chapter is up? Thanks.

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    Well, I'm not really a Rocketshipper, but I read this fic anyway. It's a pretty good fic so far, so that's a good sign. The part I enjoyed most was Meowth. I just imagined what he was doing was cute. Anyway, I'm glad Team Rocket finally stole some pokemon. I hope they don't end up being some weak pokemon, like a swarm of Magikarp or something. That will be a put down. But overall, it's a pretty good fic.

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    here's chapter two

    I think there is 15 at the mo, but i might change the later chaps....sorry if there are mistakes XXX
    Thanks for ur feed back peeps


    “You guy’s could have paid.” Meowth said, tucking into his food.

    “WE don’t have to pay, and anyway it was the employee’s incompetence that cost the company.” James said sipping his coffee. They had parked their car far from the take away restaurant and were now enjoying their breakfast.

    They ate the food quickly

    “Oh that was so delicious.” Jessie exclaimed.

    “So what do you want to do today?” James asked, he had just returned putting their rubbish in the bin, they didn’t want to get their new car dirty.

    “I don’t know, it’s late October so we can’t go to the beach.” Jessie sighed slightly.

    “We could, but it would be a little chilly.” James added trying to cheer her up.

    Jessie smiled.

    James started up the engine.

    “Lets go shopping for new clothes!” Jessie added.

    “I hate ta burst ya bubble, but I don’t think dat the mall will be open at 15 to 6.” Meowth said.

    “Fine, then we will go get checked into a hotel and then go out.” James replied.

    They drove into town and found a Hotel.

    This hotel looks pretty creepy.” James said as he got out of the car.

    “Don’t be a wimp James, It will be fine.” Jessie walked towards the door, she reached out for the door handle, suddenly a Gastly came through the door. It shrieked at her.

    Jessie leapt away from it and cowered behind James.

    “Poor Jess, now what were you saying about being a wimp.” James turned to look at her, with his arms crossed.

    “I’m not a wimp!.......Is it gone yet?” She asked hugging his legs.

    James turned round to check.

    “Gastly, return!” A small child called out. “Sorry Mister, Gastly loves causing trouble, he didn’t mean to frighten your girlfriend!”

    James’s eyes widened and Meowth chuckled.

    “Those two teggeda, You'ze gotta be jokin’ kid.” Meowth mocked. “Now that’s sumthin to get scared about.”

    “Wow, a talking Pokemon!” The kid exclaimed excitedly, He started pulling on Meowth’s tail and poking him.

    “Kid’s shudn’t be awake this early, it just makes them more bratty than usual.” Meowth sulked as the kid pulled his ear.

    “Come on, lets check in.”

    Jessie nodded, she quickly jumped to her feet realizing she had been clinging to James’s legs in fear for a little too long.

    James walked into the hotel, followed by Jessie and finally Meowth and the child that had been prodding him.

    Team Rocket walked up to the reception desk.

    “Do you have any rooms free?” James asked the old lady who seemed to be in charge.

    “Why certainly young man, Do I know you from somewhere?” She said squinting her eyes behind her glasses.

    James noticed the wanted poster of him and Jessie on the desk. He quickly grabbed it and screwed it up.

    “No we have never met, I would remember meeting someone as lovely as you.” James answered, hoping to distract her.

    “Ohh aren't you a charmer!” The old lady chuckled happily.

    “James stop flirting with that old biddy and hurry up!!” Jessie shouted at him.

    “Run along, I wouldn’t want to get you in trouble.” She said giving Jessie a dirty look.

    James half smiled and took the key she had handed to him.

    “You can collect your bill when your ready to leave dear.” The elderly lady called after him.

    “Right, we’ll do that.” He muttered sarcastically.

    James signalled to Jessie and Meowth to come with him.

    The old lady sneered at Jessie.

    Jessie laughed a confused laugh, “Believe me you don’t want to go against me.”

    “Oh really, Bring it on!” The old lady whispered.

    “Grrrrrr.” Jessie clenched her fist.

    “Jess, leave it.” James calmly requested.

    “Okay, But this isn’t over.” she said pointing her finger threateningly at the old woman.

    Jessie turned away and walked down the hall with her friends.

    ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++++++++

    Jessie and James kicked off their boots in unison and started checking out the room. It looked incredibly expensive.

    “Oh Yum, Ice cream in the Mini bar, I bet this place would cost a bomb if we paid tomorrow.” Jessie called out.

    “I know, its times like this that make being evil oh so rewarding.” James replied.

    “You’ze two really are bad, you have money now.” Meowth said watching Jessie as she opened the ice cream.

    “Oh Meowth, why don’t you taste this.” Jessie offered sweetly.

    “Thanks Jessie!” Meowth said taking a spoonful of the ice cream she had taken out.

    She watched carefully as he ate it.

    “It’s really good, that was very thoughtful of you!” Meowth said smiling.

    “I was just checking if it were poisoned, I don’t trust that old bat!” She replied snatching it back off him.

    Meowth sighed, “Shuda known better than to expect you to be thoughtful!”

    Jessie ignored him, she jumped on to the couch and made herself comfortable. She was soon joined by James.

    “Do you want some Ice cream James? don’t worry it isn’t poisoned, I checked.” She offered.

    “I hope YOU didn’t check.” He said sounding concerned.

    “No, not me.... I made Meowth check.” She said passing the tub to him.

    “Oh good, I wouldn‘t want anything to happen to my team mate” He replied, knowing that it annoyed Meowth when they excluded him.

    Meowth shook it off and went to explore the room.

    “Wow, what a huge bed!” Meowth exclaimed, jumping up onto the soft bed, he curled up and purred to himself.

    Jessie and James came to investigate. They jumped up and down on the bed sending Meowth flying up into the air.

    They continued to jump for a while longer. Jessie allowed herself to fall backwards.

    “Its going to be so great not having to sleep on the cold, itchy grass covered ground!” She sighed, cuddling the pillows she had put her head on. She drifted off.

    James laid down next to her, he closed his eyes and took in the comfort.

    Meowth rubbed his backside, he had landed flat on the floor.

    He smiled slightly, his humans looked happy and relaxed. Although they picked on him and made fun of him Meowth often worried that sleeping out in the cold and all the blasting off they did would hurt them, they were only humans after all.

    The cat-type Pokemon took a blanket out of one of the wardrobes and put it over them both.

    He left them to sleep for a while, he snuck back into the small living room and finished off their ice cream.

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    Gosh! Jessie and James are so mean to Meowth! But once again, it was a pretty good chapter. Meowth once again was the best part, so I hope to see more of him in future chapters. Anyway, keep your story up, and I'll be here to read it.

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    heres chapter three.

    Disclaimer: I don’t own anything Pokemon, or anything characters or anything.

    ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++++++++

    James opened his eyes, he didn’t remember going to sleep. He sat up, Jessie was asleep next to him.

    He slowly climbed off the bed carefully as not to wake Jessie. Hearing that the TV was on, James walked into the living room.

    “Hey Jim, Look at this.” Meowth greeted him.

    James sat down on the sofa and turned his attention to the TV.

    “In the early hours of the morning a Pokemon centre was brutally robbed. The security camera revealed that this notorious crime was committed by Nurse Joy. Tragically the criminal is impossible to identify as a huge Nurses convention was in town, We can only offer the trainers who have lost their Pokemon compensation as their are far to many suspects. We only hope that the person responsible comes forward.” The News reader broadcasted.

    James laughed psychotically. Meowth gave him a worried look.

    “Sorry...” James said blushing slightly.

    “Where’s sleeping beauty?” Meowth asked changing the subject.

    “Still sleeping, what time is it?” James asked looking around the room for a clock.

    Meowth shrugged.

    James rummaged through their bag to find their new Rocket Mobile phone that the boss had supplied them with.

    He checked the clock on it, “10:23, we slept for ages!”

    By an amazing coincidence the phone started to ring.

    “Hello?” James answered.

    “It’s the boss.” Giovanni replied.

    “It’s the boss.” James mouthed to Meowth. “Hello sir.” he added aloud.

    “Okay, I’m only going to say this once so prepare yourself.” The boss said sternly.

    “Okay, sir.”

    “Good job.” The boss muttered quickly. “The Pokemon you sent me are exceptional, and for once you didn’t mess up. I still want you to pursue that Pikachu, but for today you can take a break.”

    James was shocked, “Thank you sir!”

    “That is all.” Giovanni hung up.

    “Hey, he gave us the day off!” James said proudly.

    “I thought we were havin da day off anyways?” Meowth stated.

    “Yes we’re allowed the day off.” James said putting the phone away.

    James got up and went to wake Jessie.

    “Jess, Jess wake up.” He said poking her shoulder.

    She moaned and rolled over.

    James smiled and poked her again, she gently slapped his hand.

    “The boss said we did a good job.” He whispered in her ear.

    “Huh?” She said sitting up.

    James nodded to indicate that he was telling the truth.

    “Oh we rock so hard!” Jessie said clasping James’s hands in her own.

    “AND he said we could take the day off.” James added smugly.

    “Great! come on lets go out and spend some money.” Jessie said climbing out of bed.

    They both brushed their hair as it had gotten messed up when they were asleep, they were soon ready to go.

    ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++++++++

    “It’s been such along time since we went shopping!” Jessie shrieked as they stood in front of the mall. “Lets go in there!” she pointed to a shop, grabbed James’s hand and marched towards it.

    James allowed her to pull him along, but blushed slightly. Meowth took note of this.

    “Oh, I want this and those and that, eugh not that, and you should get these!” She said collecting various clothes of the racks.

    Jessie continued through the shop keeping an eye out for anything she liked, when she was satisfied with her collection she went to try them on, still dragging James behind her.

    Jessie handed him the clothes she had selected for him and shoved him into a changing cubicle, she took the one next to it.

    James didn’t mind as Jessie had good taste and had chosen clothes that would suit him.

    James tried the clothes on quickly, they fitted so he went to wait for Jessie.

    “What do you think?” She said parading around in one of the outfits, “Don’t I look gorgeous?”

    “Of course you do, do you want to go pay?” James asked.

    “Alright, are your clothes good too?” Jessie said going back to change into her uniform.

    “Yes they look great on me!” James said enthusiastically.

    Jessie stuck her head and shoulders through the curtain and smiled, “Well I just have great taste!”

    James smirked at her, “=Jessie’s naked in there!!=”

    she returned to changing.

    “Meowth! This is soo borin!” Meowth whined. “This is human stuff!” He huffed.

    Jessie came out of the changing room, they paid for their clothes and left the store.

    James carried the bags for her.

    “I’m bored of shopping now. what do you want to do?” Jessie asked.

    “We could go for a walk in da park ova there.” Meowth suggested pointing to the park.

    “Oh.....alright, but first we have to change into our new and warmer clothes.” Jessie agreed.

    They changed into their new Clothes, Jessie put on her tight black trousers, with the fitted white jumper she had bought. She also put her hair into platted pig tails.

    James dressed in looser black trousers and a Navy blue jumper.

    They put the rest of their things in the car and headed to the park.

    ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++++++++

    They walked through the park talking amongst themselves, Meowth was riding on James’s shoulder.

    “Damn delinquents, why ain’t you in school?” An old crusty man asked. They could tell by his uniform and rake that he was probably the parks gardener.

    “Why aren’t you at the old peoples home?” Jessie sneered.

    The man was standing next to a pile of leaves that he had obviously just raked up.

    Jessie smirked to herself, “Oh, I tripped, clumsy me!” She said sarcastically as she threw herself into the pile of leaves. Meowth jumped down of James’s shoulder.

    “NOOO, I just cleaned them up!!!!” The man scolded.

    “It was an accident!” She protested, she lifted clumps of leaves up and let them free into the wind.

    James laughed and lent down to help her up. He helped her throw leaves around.

    “Why did you go and do that!” The man whined.

    “Because you insulted us...” James started.

    “....And that's just not nice!” Jessie finished shaking her finger at him.

    “Well you’d better pick those up!” The gardener said putting his hands on his hips.

    “No I don’t think we will, it looks more natural like that anyway.” James objected, He put his arm round Jessie’s shoulder and they continued walking.

    She laughed and put her arm around his waist.

    Meowth stood next to the guy and looked thoughtful for a moment.

    “Maybe dat dumb kid was on to sumthin about d’em two?”

    “Oi you shoo, go with your delinquent masters.” The man said hitting Meowth with the rake. He had quickly raked the leaves back up into an impressive stack.

    “They are not Meowth's masters and they’re not delinquents, they’re Rocket Agents.” Meowth informed, he ran to catch up with them.

    “Rocket’s!! Ohhhhhh boy!” The gardener’s voice shook, he fell back into the leaves, they fluttered off onto the path again. “Dammit!”

    They continued walking in the park.

    “You guy’s, I tink its gunna rain.” Meowth said staring up at the sky.

    Jessie and James looked up, Water started to drip on there faces.

    It started to fall faster.

    “We should go back to the car.” Jessie suggested, the rain was now drenching them.

    James nodded and they started running through the park.

    “=Oh I wish I hadn’t worn white=.” Jessie cursed to herself.

    Thunder roared and they ran faster.

    “Whew, looks like its going to be quite a storm!” James panted when they were finally back in the car.

    “Eugh, I'm completely soaked.” Jessie whined as she rung out her pig tails.

    “Let’s go back to the hotel and dry off.” James said.

    “I want to drive.” Jessie ordered, she climbed over onto James’s lap and started the ignition, James shifted over into the passenger seat.

    She drove back to the hotel concentrating hard on the road as the rain came down.

    They parked the car and ran across the car park to the hotel.

    “Did you have a nice shopping trip?” The little boy with the Gastly asked as they burst through the doors.

    Jessie nodded her head.

    “Hehehe you’re all soggy!” The kid laughed.

    Jessie poked her tongue out at him.

    “Come on lets go up to our room and get dry.” James said.

    ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++++++++

    Meowth sat with a blanket on the couch drying his fur. Jessie and James had put their clothes on the radiator to dry, they were wearing the complimentary dressing gowns.

    The sky outside was covered in clouds and it was still raining heavily.

    Lightening struck loudly outside, Jessie and James hugged each other as they always did when they were scared.

    Meowth rolled his eyes.

    “Let’s order room service and charge it to the company.” Jessie proposed.

    “Ohh lets.” James said excitedly.

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    Another good chapter Steffrox. Once again, I get the feeling that you're not the biggest Meowth fan. But the chapter was still funny. I don't know why, but my favorite part was

    Quote Originally Posted by Steffrox
    “In the early hours of the morning a Pokemon centre was brutally robbed. The security camera revealed that this notorious crime was committed by Nurse Joy. Tragically the criminal is impossible to identify as a huge Nurses convention was in town, We can only offer the trainers who have lost their Pokemon compensation as their are far to many suspects. We only hope that the person responsible comes forward.” The News reader broadcasted.
    I have no idea why! I just love that part! Maybe its because Nurse Joy is going to do some jail time! But anyway, I'm glad Team Rocket finally stole some pokemon, but I have a bad feeling about that old gardener.

    Quote Originally Posted by Steffrox
    Jessie stuck her head and shoulders through the curtain and smiled, “Well I just have great taste!”

    James smirked at her, “=Jessie’s naked in there!!=”
    That part seemed a bit unnecessary and immature. Did you really need to point out that Jessie was naked?

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    hmmm yeah u are right, it is a bit unnessesary, I guess i just wrote what i was thinking, i did write this along time ago, not an excuse tho.

    Chapter 4

    The hotel employee brought up their order which consisted mainly of crisps and a very expensive champagne.

    “Are you having a party or something?” asked the young boy as he handed over the tray.

    “No, we’re just enjoying our day off.” James stated.

    “Okay, enjoy your stay here.”

    James put the tray down on the small mahogany coffee table. Jessie got glasses from the cupboard in the kitchen area.

    James poured the champagne in the glasses.

    They finished the first glass quickly.

    “Okay lets have some more.” Jessie smiled leaning into James and refilling his glass.

    “Lets do something, I'm bored.” James whined.

    “Hmm, i dunno, its not like there is a lot to do, i don't feel like going out in this storm, I know lets take a bath, this room has a Jacuzzi tub.” Jessie suggested.

    “That‘s convenient, I love Jacuzzi‘s!” James said eagerly.

    Meowth looked up at them with a confused look. “Human’s!?” he purred as he munched through the crisp's they had ordered.

    They ignored him and went to put their bathing suits on.

    ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++++++++

    “Ahhh, this is soo relaxing.” Jessie sighed. “Not as good as hot springs but I expect its the best we can get in a city like this.”

    “And this has more bubbles than the hot springs.” James stated, he lifted the bubbles up in his hand and they burst.

    “Heheh, I like bubbles.” Jessie went on.

    Jessie put her empty champagne glass down

    “I bet you i can hold my breathe under water for longer than you can.” Jessie insisted.

    “No way, I'm so going to win at this.”

    They both held their breath and ducked their heads under water.

    “=I’m winning.=” thought James, “In your face Jessica.” he tried to say but ended up with a mouth full of water.

    He spat the water out, Jessie realized what he had done and burst out laughing only to choke on the water herself.

    They both laughed,

    “Okay, I think that game is a bit complex for us.” She admitted when she had got her breath back, she blushed slightly and leant back against the side of the jacuzzi.

    James queitly continued to drink his champagne, it had been a long time since his last drink and was now starting to feel slightly drunk.
    Jessie sat up and looked over at James, she giggled
    "Hmm You're sexy"
    she climbed over and sat on her partners lap. He smiled smugly.

    Jessie pulled his hair up onto the top of his head, she dropped it down.

    “What are you doing?” James asked

    “Giving you some different hair styles.” She answered simply.

    “I think somebody’s had to much champagne.” James spoke softly.

    “No, I’m just seeing what looks good.” She laughed.

    “I already look excellent.” He said pouting.

    Jessie pulled his hair to one side. “Hey, You look like the twerpette!” She joked.

    James laughed. “Now that's just insulting.” He poked her stomach.

    She smiled and let his hair loose, he felt her hand touch his cheek. Jessie’s blue eyes were staring straight into his.

    James smirked nervously “=Go on, I dare you=.” He thought as he stared back at her.

    She remained still and dropped her hand.

    feeling slightly disapointed that she hadn't kissed him, he rested his head on her chest.

    "Eh, oh don't mind me make yourself comfortable" She said with a slight chuckle.

    He tilted his head up to look at her. "Kiss me?"

    "No" she said looking away

    "oh go on, i know you want to." he said running his hand across her back

    No, i don't".

    “=Damn it! Fine then=.” James swallowed his nervousness. He gently put his hands on the back of her head and pulled her close to his face, He hesitated slightly then kissed her deeply. Jessie protested at first but then returned his kiss, she eventually pulled away.

    “Well, that’s certanly never happened before.” Jessie sighed.

    James kissed her again..

    “James! You are being particularly brave tonight?” Jessie said, she was now intrigued by his behaviour.

    “Well, it’s just, I never get to show you how much you mean to me, and you are really important.” James blushed.

    “Oh how sweet, I think I’ll get a cavity.” She mocked, James splashed her.

    “Jessie! I was being nice.” James whined

    “Quit complaining.” Jessie wrapped her arms around his neck, and for the record, this time she kissed him.

    “Lets go and finish our champagne” He suggested twisting a few strands of her hair between his fingers.

    “That sounds good.” She replied as she got out of the bath and dried herself with a towel.

    Meowth was sleeping on the sofa.

    “Oh how sweet, poor thing must have been tired.” James sighed when he noticed.

    “Or maybe he drank our alcohol.” Jessie said holding the bottle upside down to demonstrate it was empty.

    She dropped the bottle absently to the ground and held James’s hands.

    “Lets go and get dressed.” Jessie she said dropping his hands.

    James could sense a sadness within Jessie so he followed her into the bed room, he shut the door behind him.

    Jessie lifted the dressing gown she had on earlier over her head and dried her hair.

    James wrapped his arms around her waist, he turned her around and threw the dressing gown off of her head and onto the floor.

    “Are you mad at me?”

    James slid his hand up her back and stared into her eye’s.

    Jessie sighed and looked down at the floor. She looked confused and slightly angry.

    “What’s the matter Jess?” James asked he nudged her head up so they regained eye contact.

    “I....I Know you don’t feel for me the way that i feel about you, and its just hard sometimes.....” she whispered, her voice trembled slightly. James could feel her heart break.

    “What makes you think that?” He murmured, holding her as tightly as he could with out hurting her.

    “Don’t mess me around!” she snapped pushing him away slightly. “what about those girls before and freaking Kate, and you just, you just make me feel a little worthless somtimes, i guess, i'm sorry i don't know” Jessie sighed deeply.

    “Hahahahahahahahaha!!!!! Oh Jess you have to be kidding!!!” James squealed with laughter and relieve.

    “Shut up, don’t you dare mock me!” Jessie shrieked sounding more confused than angry now.

    “Jess, i know i act like an idiot sometimes but i do care about you, i'd never really leave you” James replied.

    “Really, do you love me?” She asked, speaking slowly and nervously.

    "Yes, I don't know why, you are such a nut job." He joked

    She smiled slightly. “Don’t ever leave me, not even if you fall in love with a prettier girl!” She threw her face to his chest and sobbed gently.

    James was always really surprised at the way she could just flip and open up to him, it was a rare occasion that he always cherished.

    “Oh Jessie! don’t you know its impossible for me to fall in love with a prettier girl, because I already fell for the most beautiful woman in the entire universe.” James blushed deeply.

    Jessie smiled, she believed him. “Me!? well good, and you better not forget it.” She joked. "By the way do you know how corny that sounded?"

    "Ah shut up." he said softly as he wrapped his arms around her shoulders and placed his head on her shoulder.

    She wiped the tears that were streaming down her face away.

    He kissed her neck and let go off her, suddenly he lifted her up over his shoulder and dumped her on the bed.

    "You belong to me now, understand?" She asked as she sat up on her knees.

    He nodded and smirked, she grasped his toned waist and pulled him down on top of her.

    ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++++++++

    They both lay under the covers together, their hair was an absolute mess.

    "wow, well we just took our friendship to seriously different new levels." James gasped

    "Oh yeah!! I don't think we could blame all of that on the booze." Jessie added.

    He shook his head and they laughed happily.

    "things are never going to be the way they were now." he said seriously

    Jessie nodded "that okay?"

    "It's fantastic, really, I'm going to love you so much." James smiled widely, and turned to face her.

    Jessie hugged him close to her and ran her fingers threw his hair, untangeling the mess for him.

    “Oh i suppose we should probably get dressed before Meowth comes round.” Jess said sitting up and stretching her arms.

    “Yes I suppose, we don’t want to disturb the poor little fellow any more.” He said climbing out of bed and finding his clothes. They dressed quickly. Jessie straightened out the bed.

    They walked back into the living room just as Meowth was coming round.

    “Ermm, Ouch Meowth’s head hurts.” He moaned.

    “Serve’s you right for being such a drunkard.” James joked.

    “I just wanted to see what you human’s saw in it, now I'm jus more convinced you’re species is crazy.” He rubbed his head with his paw.

    “I hope you’ze to weren’t bored wid out me.”

    “Oh we entertained each other.” Jessie replied.

    James laughed. Meowth was to hung over to notice.

    “What time is it, we should probably sneak out soon.” Jessie sighed, there day off was almost over.

    “It’s almost Mid-night.” James answered.

    “Alright guys lets get our things together.” She picked up her bags from their shopping trip earlier and James got the rest of the luggage they had bought with them.

    They snuck down the hall and out of the hotel, they ran across the car park as it was still raining heavily. They got into there car and drove off into the night.

    “The life of crime is great!” Jessie smiled happily.

    “Can you believe our plan today actually worked out.” James reflected.

    “Well it show’s when we put our mind’s together we really can succeed!”

    “What you’ze two ain’t gunna squabble about who’s idea it was!” Meowth purred.

    “Not today, it was a joint effort.” They agreed and nodded their heads, James smiled at meowth.

    “Well good, maybe you guys learnt something about Team spirit today.” Meowth curled up on the back seat and returned to sleep.

    “So do you have a plan to capture Pikachu tomorrow.” James asked as he turned the corner.

    “Of course, how about we dig a hole and fill it with lighter fluid and then....” She began.

    “Jessie, I thought we were trying to cut down on life risking explosions.” He interrupted.

    “Yeah that's a point, how about we dress up western style and then invite the twerps and Pikachu to a fake barn dance party, then trap them and steal Pikachu!” Jessie said proudly.

    “You’re a genius, But when you say western does that mean I have to be a saloon girl, because I'm really trying to stop cross dressing, that Butch always makes fun of me.” James blushed.

    “Don’t worry you can be a cow boy and I'll be the saloon girl and we’ll get a sheriff’s badge for Meowth, that will look stylish, and I'll punch Butch in the face next time I see him as an extra bonus.” She replied put her hand on his shoulder.

    “Thank you Jessie dear.” he kissed her hand and went back to concentrating on the road. He parked the car in the forest.

    “We can stay here for tonight and locate Team Twerp in the morning.”

    “Alright, Lets put Meowth in the front and sleep in the back.” Jessie suggested as she lifted Meowth up and put him on her seat, She climbed onto the back seat and lay down, James climbed over after her. He rested his head on her chest .

    “Jess, do you think it’s stupid we are sleeping in the car instead of paying for our hotel room?” James asked.

    “No, Goodnight James.” Jessie said as she kissed his head gently.

    “Okay, goodnight.” He smiled and went to sleep.

    Meowth woke up first, He yawned and looked around “Hmmm, that’s a bit cosy.” He said as he noticed the way they were sleeping.

    “Wake up will ya!!” he shouted after waiting a while.

    James sleepily lifted his head, “err......Tired...need...more sleep.” He dropped his head back onto her chest.

    “You comfortable enough.” Meowth teased.

    “Okay, Okay, I'm awake.” James reluctantly got up in order to keep their secret.

    Waking up Jessie wasn’t as easy, she tossed around and smacked Meowth in the face.

    “Shut up stupid Meowth.” she murmured.

    “Come on we have a plan *Yawn* put into action.” James tried to sound enthusiastic, but yawned half way through.

    “Oh Yeah.” She said sitting up straight “Come on lets get this show on the road.”

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    O_o What was that? I think you might want to edit a rating into the begining of your story. That seemed a bit mature, so I suggest you add a rating, PG at the least. But still, another good chapter, and more abuse towards Meowth. Are you just now writing this story? If so, you sure are fast.

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    woopppsss You are right, I forgot to put the Rating sorry! my lil bro came home from school and i had to fix him something to eat before his tutor came round so i pressed Post before i put the rating on!

    OKay its PG okay everyone PG

    chapter 5


    “LOOK’S LIKE TEAM ROCKET’S BLASTING OFF AGAIN!!!” They shrieked as their cowboy plan failed miserably.

    The three of them smacked down hard on the ground.

    “Ouch!” they said in unison.

    “Well that was successful, I think not!” Jessie announced as she swapped her feather headdress with James’s cowboy hat and struck a pose.

    “Very nice.” Meowth laughed.

    “Well I think it looks nice on him, and what I says goes!” Jessie poked her tongue out at Meowth.

    “Oh yeah, Since when!” Meowth retaliated, Jessie and Meowth began squabbling and fight with each other.

    “I’ll start making dinner.” James sighed as he collected sticks to make a fire.

    He boiled water and made their favourite brand of instant noodles, while they continued to squable.

    “Dinner is served.” he announced to his friends.

    “Yeah!” They both stopped fighting instantly and went to sit with James.

    They chatted amongst themselves whilst they ate.

    “I’m sure tomorrow we’ll catch Pikachu.” Jessie said as she put her empty plate down in front of her.

    “Maybe we will, maybe we won’t either way I’m happy just to be with you.” James smiled, Jessie smiled back at him.

    “Ehem.” Meowth coughed.

    James snapped out of it “I mean you guy’s, of course.”

    “Of course.” Jessie repeated, her face betraying her as she turned slightly pink.

    Meowth went back to licking the sauce off of his plate, Jessie winked at James.

    “Oh no.” Jessie gasped slightly, after they changed back into their uniforms.

    “What’s wrong?” James asked.

    “We’ve lost our car, our precious, precious, pretty, car!” She looked down at the ground. "My make up bag was in the glove box!"

    “Oh yeah, I forgot where we parked it, and don't worry i needed to borrow your lip gloss before we parked, so i picked it up.” James said as he tossed her make up to her.

    She smiled "Hey, thanks!"

    “It’s lucky you two remembered to bring dat tent along, Meowth don’t fancy sleeping out in the cold tonight.”

    “That’s right actually, we should put it up.” Jessie motivated, she stood up and began to read the instruction’s

    “What does that mean! Urgh, we’re the nefarious Team Rocket we don’t need instructions.” she scrunched the paper up and dropped it in the fire.

    James watched the flames engulf the paper, “Jess you’re so stubborn, you know that?”

    “Hey!” She lifted her fist.

    “I mean it in a good way, here let me help.” He stood up and walked over to her.

    They both began constructing the tent.

    “I think this spikey thing goes here.” Jessie said holding the pole up, She let it go and stepped back.

    “Hey, I think we did it!” James cheered, he high fived his partner.

    The tent wobbled and fell down.

    “Oh argh!!” They both sighed, they threw there arms around each other and wept.

    “This is going to take all night!” James moaned.

    “Cry babies, Let Meowth show you how its done.”

    Meowth amazingly managed to correctly put it up. His Team mates hugged him tightly.

    "You rock Meowth!"

    “Yeah, Yeah, I’m great I know it.” He said proudly.

    Jessie kicked out the fire and covered it in dirt, while James got the blanket’s, pillows and sleeping bags that they had in the balloon.

    ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++

    They all climbed into the tent and sat in a small circle on top of the blankets. They had a single torch for light.

    “So what do you want to do?” James started a conversation.

    “We could play hide and seek.” Jessie said sarcastically, she lifted a blanket over her head. “I bet you can’t find me.”

    He lifted the blanket up and looked at her, "Now, now thats not a very positive attitude is it?" he dropped the blanket back over her.
    James lifted up a pillow and whacked her with it.

    Jessie lifted the blanket off of herself and blinked her eye’s at James.

    “It was Meowth!” He instantly reacted.

    “Oh really,” she glanced over at Meowth who was reading some kind of book.

    “Well I don’t think it was.” She grabbed a pillow and hit James back.

    James retaliated and whacked her back, “I’m telling you it’s Meowth.” He insisted.

    “Oh you little liar!” She laughed.

    James burst out laughing, “Sorry, I guess it was me.”

    “Tsk, Tsk, you’re very naughty.” She waved her finger at him. “But, I will let you off as I’m exhausted.” Jessie whispered and colapsed down on to her side and closed her eyes, James stroked her hair softly .

    “Did you just hear something?” James asked.

    “No, I didn’t hear anything.” Meowth replied, glancing up from his book .

    “I’m sure I heard something, i'm scared! Meowth will you go and investigate.” James sneakily asked.

    “What on my own!” Meowth complained.

    “Go with Cacnea, you’ll be fine.” He insisted as he sent out Cacnea. The two Pokemon went to investigate.

    Jessie opened one eye and smirked at him. “Very sly!”

    James lay down next to her, He put his hand on the side of her face and kissed her gently. Jessie moved closer to him and wrapped her arms around his waist.

    “so when are you going to take me on a date.” She asked

    “Tommorow? but what do we do with Meowth?”

    “I am concocting a plan as we speak.” Jessie explained, she pushed his hair out of his face and kissed his nose and forehead. “I’ve got it, I’m a genius, Meowth always wants to show off to the boss so lets send him on a “Special” mission to catch Pikachu.”

    “That could work?” James agreed.

    “And we can also give him permission to use the motto, he’s always wanted to perform it all!” Jessie smiled proudly.

    “Ah Yes, very clever!” James kissed her deeply.

    “Cacnea! cac” They heard the Pokemon coming closer, the two Pokemon walked into the tent.

    “I dunno wat u heard Jimmy, Meowth didn’t see nutin.” Meowth explained.

    “Oh well never mind, It was probably nothing. Meowth, old pal.....” James started.

    “We have a special mission for you tomorrow.” Jessie finished sweetly.

    “I know dat tone of voice.” Meowth said sceptically.

    “What do you mean?” She said continuing with the false sweet tone.

    Meowth rolled his eyes at her, “Look Meowth is on to you’ze two an if you want some alone time all you’ze gotta do is ask.”

    “WHAT!” they both shrieked and sat up “we don’t know what you’re talking about.” They blushed.

    “Even Cacnea can see you’ze two are more dan friends and Lets face facts He ain’t the sharpest cactus in da desert.” Cacnea nodded in agreement.

    They both sat in their “we are not worthy pose’s” “Please don’t tell anyone else, we want it to be a secret and so far its been a secret for almost one day.”

    Meowth laughed “Don’t worry Cacnea and me can keep a secret, can’t we buddy?” He put his paw around Cacnea but got pricked, “Ouch.”

    “Okay so now you know, but we still have a mission for you to do tomorrow.” James explained as he put Cacnea back in its pokeball.

    "Your mission is to....*yawn* capture pikachu"

    "Oh so something totally new then?" he asked with a sarcastic tone.

    The three friends laughed

    “Goodnight.” Meowth said, he looked at his team mates as they went to sleep next to each other, He smiled to himself he was happy that they finally got together, it had been long enough anyway.

    “I wonder how Meowth found out?” James whispered.

    “I don’t know, but I guess it just proves we are made for each other.” She replied.

    “Quit yappin already and get some sleep!” Meowth murmured.

    They giggled in unison, “Sorry, goodnight Meowth.”

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    describe whats happening more but this really should be PG-13

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    *sigh* -_- The rating is supposed to be in the FIRST I told you in the PM TWICE> *edits*
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    i wanna apologize i hadn't read my messages cos i've been running around trying to get everything i need to do done, So soorrrrryyyyyyy peeps!!
    I put the rating in the first post like u said, kay, sorry again *blush*

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    Jessie was the first to wake in the morning, she yawned and stretched her arms up, her hands brushed the canvas of the tent. "oh yeah, tent, cold hard ground." she complained to herself, she shifted around and tried to get more comfortable, but failed.

    “Okay, now I’m bored.” She murmured, “Wake up.” Jessie poked James in the stomach.

    He stirred slightly but remained asleep, Jessie was growing angry.

    “Wake up!” She ordered as she flicked him on the forehead.

    James opened his eyes and pushed her away “Ouch, get off, okay I'm awake.”

    “Good, I can’t sleep.” Jessie complained.

    “Hmm, oh poor Jess.” James half heartedly murmured as he drifted off again.

    Jessie lay down next to him and pushed her face in front of his so their nose’s were touching, James opened his eyes wide and stared at her, he couldn’t help blushing.

    “Now I have you’re attention, don’t I?” Jessie teased.

    James nodded, "Yes sir".

    “Sweet, you still blush even though we’ve been closer than this.” Jessie whispered seductively.

    James blushed even deeper, Jessie chuckled triumphantly.

    “I think we should send Meowth on his secret mission now.” James whispered.

    “ I definitely agree.”

    She sat up and yanked Meowth’s tail. The Pokemon awoke and sat up, he rubbed his eyes with his paw’s and shot her a dissaproving look.

    “Time for your mission, we will meet up with you later.” Jessie explained.

    “Can I take Da balloon?” Meowth asked

    “NO, we need it and anyway how do you expect to fly it on our own, you can’t reach the thing you pull to make it go.” she answered bluntly.

    “Fine, bring me something nice to eat for dinner as a reward, or Meowth will fury swipe the both of ya.” With that he got up and went on his way.

    “Well that was easy.” Jessie said as she turned back to James.

    “Do you think Meowth will be alright all alone today?” James asked, still lying on his back.

    “Yes, he’s going to be fine, So what are we going to do today?” Jessie asked.

    “How about Cerulean City.” James suggested.

    “And why would we want to go their?” Jessie sighed.

    “Because there are currently no Rocket agents operating in that area, so we will not get into any trouble for slacking AND they have fancy coffee shops and nice scenery.” James explained.

    “Okay that’s a good enough reason, lets get ready.” Jessie started to go through their bag, she threw some of James’s clothes at him,

    “I suppose I’m wearing these then?” He asked.

    “If you want, I think those one’s make you look hot.” Jessie replied as she choose the clothes she wanted to wear.

    Jessie decided on a short pink skirt with a black polo neck top, she wore the long black boot’s she always wore to keep her legs warm. Jessie lay on her stomach and painted her nails a matching pink to her skirt, she blew on her nails to dry them and admired her work.

    “Okay, I’m ready to go.” Jessie smiled.

    “Wait, I don’t know if this shirt goes with these pants.” James said looking thoughtful at his outfit.

    “You are right! I meant to pass you the black shirt not the green one. I can’t believe I was going to make you wear light green and dark blue together, I’m sorry!” She shrieked as she pulled the shirt of him and put the correct black one on him.

    “Much better, now we have recovered from that fashion fuax pa, are you ready now?”

    “No Jess, I have to do my hair.” James replied as he brushed his hair.

    Jessie rolled her eyes, “Now are you ready?”

    “Hmmm, Which shoes should I wear, my boots or my other boots.” James held both pairs up to show her.

    “James dear, they both look the same.” She said gritting her teeth.

    James whimpered “Okay, I’ll wear these ones.” he put his boots on and smiled at her, “Now I’m ready.”

    “Finally, lets get going.” Jessie stood up, forgetting that they were in a tent, and knocked her head on the top of the canvas, it fell down on top of them.

    “Argh my hair is ruined, I’ll have to start over.” James yelped.

    ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++++++++

    Eventually (after James was happy with his hair and they had packed away their belongings) they were on their way to Cerulean City.

    “Do you know the way to Cerulean City, do you even know where we are now?” Jessie questioned.

    “We are somewhere over Hoenn (A/N: did I spell that correctly?) and Cerulean City is in Kanto, so I guess that’s a start.” James answered.

    “Do you know something? I don’t remember running any maintenance on the balloon after we got blasted off yesterday.” Jessie said as she leant against one of the posts on the balloon.

    “No, I don’t think we repaired it at all.” James reaffirmed Jessie’s statement.

    She glanced up at the balloon and cringed as she noticed the small rip in the fabric getting larger.

    Jessie jumped on to James, “The Stupid thing is going to break.”

    They both screamed as the balloon flew fiercely through the air and, after a while, crashed down on the ground.

    James lifted the balloon off of his head and looked at the sign in front of him.

    “Welcome to Cerulean City!” he read aloud.

    “Oh no way!” Jessie didn’t believe her eye’s. “This is incredibly lucky!” They high fived each other.

    James stood up and helped Jessie to her feet, “Are you alright?”

    “Yes I’m fine, no thanks to the idiotic balloon.” she replied kicking the basket, it fell apart completely. “Oooookay, I think we should get a boat back and just leave this here.”

    “Come on, I want to go and get something to eat.” James said noticing a restaurant inside the town, he held his arm out to her and she linked her arm with his.

    They were given a table for two in the restaurant and were discussing what they wanted to order.

    “I want the eel dish, what do you want?” Jessie asked.

    “Are you sure you want eel for breakfast?” James replied.

    “Yes I want eel, now what do you want?”

    “I want croissants, donuts and tea.” he answered

    The waitress approached the table, “Hello can I take your order?”

    Jessie stared at the waitress, she looked familiar, Jessie’s eye’s widened when she realized who it was. “I dropped something!” she ducked under the table and pulled James with her.

    “What did you drop Jess?” James looked around the floor for the mystery item.

    “Nothing you dimwit, that waitress is the brat with the Togepi! I never knew having a secret relationship would be so hard!”

    “Oh, isn’t she a little young to be a waitress?” James pondered aloud.

    “How is that relevant to the situation.” Jessie sighed.

    “Sorry, I just thought it was odd.”

    “Excuse me, but what is going on.” Misty asked.

    “Still as mouthy as ever.” Jessie muttered to James as they got up, they covered their faces with the menu’s.

    “ahem, Yes I would like the eel and my partner would like croissants and donuts and two tea’s .” Jessie ordered using a unconvincing deep voice to disguise her own.

    Misty put her hands on her hips, “You two never change, I can clearly see your hair and not a lot of people have such outrageous hair styles.”

    “HEY, what do you mean OUTRAGEOUS hair styles.” Jessie stood up, knocking the table slightly.

    “MISTY ARE YOU UPSETTING THE CUSTOMERS AGAIN!” a voice from the kitchen screamed.

    “I’m sorry.” Misty blushed “=I can’t believe I’m apologising to Team Rocket=.”

    “Hehehe, goody two shoes got busted.” Jessie mocked.

    “Hey wait! you aren’t here to steal my Pokemon are you?” Misty backed away.

    “No, why would we want such weaklings.” James barked a laugh.

    “Well if you aren’t here to steal from me why are you here and where is Meowth?” Misty interrogated.

    “None of you’re business you nosey little twerp.” Jessie snapped at her.

    Misty looked at over to James who was blushing again. “Ohhhhhh How romantic! the two of you are on a date aren’t you?”

    "No, how stupid of you to assume that!" Jessie shouted, but was betrayed by her red face.

    Misty smiled, "you are aren't you? aww kawaii!"

    “Okay, okay we are but can we please have our food now.” Jessie banged her fist on the table.

    “Yes of course, but are you sure you want eel for breakfast?” Misty questioned.

    James watched Jessie’s fury rise and rise, “Um yes thank you and I think we’d like it to go.” He answered quickly.

    Misty went back to the kitchen.

    “I think I prefer the new twerpette.” Jessie said after she had calmed down.

    James smiled and agreed. Jessie leant towards him and wrapped her arms around his neck, James smiled wider and hugged her tightly.

    “Awwww, I always knew you two would end up together.” Misty interrupted, she put the bag of food they had ordered to take out on the table.

    James checked the bill and paid, deliberately forgetting to tip Misty.

    They took their breakfast outside and sat on a bridge over a small river, they let their legs dangle over the frozen water.

    Jessie happily shovelled her breakfast down and drank her tea.

    “Can I have one of these?” Jessie asked picking up one of his donuts.

    “No they’re all mine.” James said snatching it off of her.

    “Please.” Jessie went on.


    “But I want one!” she pouted and placed her head on his shoulder.

    “Well, I suppose you can have one, as its you.” He shoved it in her mouth, She happily ate it.

    “Thank you sweetie.” Jessie kissed his cheek.

    “I wonder how Meowth is getting along?” James asked.

    “I don’t know, wouldn’t it be insulting if he managed to get Pikachu.” Jessie mused as she flicked a bit of gravel at the frozen stream.

    “How would it be insulting?” James asked as he copied her and flicked gravel at the ice.

    “It would make me and you seem a little incompetent.” She replied flicking a larger bit of gravel.

    “Yes, I suppose you’re right.” James sighed and threw a stone at the ice.

    “Wait here.” Jessie instructed as she stood up, she returned with a brick and threw it at the ice, the ice cracked and the brick sunk to the bottom of the stream.

    “There, I win that game!!” she said happily.

    “What do you want to do now?” James asked

    “Lets go play video games at the arcade.”

    “What arcade?”

    “The one over there.” Jessie replied pointing to the building.

    They both got to their feet,

    “I don’t ever remember there being an arcade here.” James said as they walked in.

    Jessie looked around at all the flashing lights on the machines.

    “Play this one with me.” Jessie ordered as she pulled by his arm to one of the many racing games.

    For most of the of the track Jessie was in the lead, but James rammed the back of her car and overtook her.

    “Grrrrrr, Oh my!! look over there that girl is sneakers with tights.” She shrieked.

    “Ewwwwwwwww, where, where?” James looked away and searched for this fashion disaster.

    “hehheheheheheh, You fall for it every time!” Jessie laughed as she overtook him.

    “Oh you are such a cheater!” James accused

    “Takes one to know one.” Jessie snapped back. They approached the finish line neck and neck, only to be beaten by the little girl that was also playing the game.

    They both stared at the kid angrily and she ran off crying. “Mommy!!!”

    “That taught her!” James said victoriously.

    A large woman approached them looking incredibly angry, “Upset my little girl will ya!”

    James grabbed Jessie’s hand and ran off, they hid behind a drinks machine until they were sure the woman had gone.

    James sighed with relieve “Phew, we almost got our butts kicked.

    “Oh look Karaoke!” Jessie wondered of towards the karaoke machine.

    James noticed a vending machine with novelty toys in it. “Wow a yoyo, just think of all the things I could do with that!” He rummaged trough his pocket for some change.

    He put a coin in and took the prize.

    He opened the box to reveal a pink plastic ring with a blue flower on it.

    James looked disappointed and shoved the ring in his pocket,

    “=I wanted the yoyo, what am I supposed to do with a stupid girly ring.=” He sulked to himself.

    “We are going now.” Jessie announced.

    “Why don’t you like it here?” James asked.

    “No its not that, its just that apparently its a like crime or something to smash the karaoke machine up if it gives you a low score.” She explained.

    “I see, I think it best we leave before we get into anymore trouble.”

    ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++++++++

    “Do you think we should make our way back to Hoenn now?” Jessie asked as they walked down Cerulean City’s dock.

    “I guess so, but we might as well travel in style.” He replied as they stopped in front of a large cruise ship.

    “I don’t know, the last time we went on a ship like this it sunk.”

    “Oh yeah, that was quite the adventure.” James thought back.

    “Hmm, and someone tried to hit on me when he thought we were going to die.” She teased nudging him in the ribs.

    “Well could you blame me.” He said taking her hands in his, Jessie smiled and leant up to kiss him.

    “This is the only ship to Hoenn, so are we getting on or not?” James asked eventually.

    “We might as well.” She replied.

    They secretly boarded the ship by climbing up a rope.

    “Nothing’s never easy, is it?” James complained, as he heaved his wait up the rope.

    “Don’t whine, you’d only be bored if we did things the easy way.” Jessie said as she pulled her partner up on to the deck.

    “You have a point.” James granted, The boat started moving and he toppled forward and landed on top of Jessie.

    The passenger’s, who had not noticed them climbing up the side of the boat, heard the thud and turned to look at them.

    “James honey, wait till later.” Jessie said loudly.

    The passengers gave him an odd look and he turned scarlet.

    “Oh no, I just tripped I wasn’t....”

    Jessie laughed hysterically.

    “You are going to get me into serious trouble one day, you know that?” James whispered as he helped Jessie to her feet, she ignored him but couldn't fight the grin on her face.

    “Lets get a drink from the bar.” Jessie suggested.

    “Wait here I’ll get you something, what do you want?” James asked forgetting she had just humiliated him.

    “Get me one of those fancy cocktails with cherries and a little umbrella, something like that.”

    “Sure.” James walked across the deck and entered the bar, as he did this a man in an expensive looking suit came out on to the deck.

    The man saw Jessie and smiled. “Hey there.” He called out.

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    next chapter....

    Jessie ignored the man that was walking towards her. He had short blonde hair with dark brown eyes.

    "Hi how are you today?" The man said, as he leant against the railing next to her

    Jessie stared at him blankly, blinked her eyes and turned away to watch the boat pull away from the harbour.

    "Is everything okay, I was worried when I woke up and you weren't there?"

    Jessie looked round at him and gave him a confused look, she glanced around to check if this was a joke, nope.

    "I don't know what you're talking about." Jessie dismissed.

    The man took her hands in his, "Please tell me if I got you in trouble." The man said sadly.

    "Look, I don't know who you are, but I'm warning you that if you touch me again I'll teach you the true meaning of trouble." Jessie sneered, snatching her hand away and stepping back from him.

    "I'm sorry, there seems to be a mistake, the woman I was looking for has much better manners."

    "Well then!! why are you speaking to me?" Jessie replied sounding quite insulted.

    "I mistook you for the esteemed and adored Lady Jessebelle, there happens to be a striking resemblance between the two of you." The man said in a matter of fact tone and smirked smuggly

    Finally, it occurred to Jessie that she recognised that name,

    "Why would you want to find that old witch!" Jessie laughed slightly.

    "Excuse me, how dare you insult her." The man gasped sounding both offended and protective of the psycho witch.

    Jessie gasped " Did you say that you spent the night with her, oh how scandalous!"

    "Who are you and how do you know her?" he sounded worried.

    "My best friend just happens to be betrothed to that nasty piece of work." Jessie said simply as she inspected her nails.

    The man gasped, "Jessebelle told me about her fiance and how weak he was and that he was easily led astray by a wicked woman, that must be you!"

    "Wicked woman? how dare she, she's the evil one not me." Jessie muttered under her breath.

    "That's not true, She explained to me how terrible it is to have to wait for a fool that won't return to her, Its not fair, no one deserves to be neglected." The man sighed.

    "hMPH, really now that spoilt brat wouldn't know a thing about being neglected, raised in wealth and people doting on her all day long, she should try living in an orphanage then she can complain," Jessie ranted half to herself and half to the stranger.

    "You haven't happened to see her have you?" The man asked hopefully, after she had finished.

    "Nope, is she alone?"

    "No unfortunately she's with her betrothed parents."

    "Oh yes, I remember them, they ignored me, I don't like them." Jessie reminded herself of the time she met them.

    "Jess, I got you a cocktail." James announced as he joined them.

    "Thank you," She took a sip and then blurted out. "This guy has been having an affair with your psycho fiance, and your parents are on this boat."

    James's eyes widened, "Arghohewoh, This boat!?!?"

    "Yes, apparently so." Jessie commented stirring her drink and taking another sip.

    "I'll challenge you to the fairest of battles for the lady's affection." The man bowed. "If I win you'll allow her to marry me and if you win you will return to her and forget the devil woman."

    "Don't you dare tell him what to do, and don't you dare call me "Devil Woman"!" Jessie handed James her drink and slapped the man hard across the face.

    "How dare you assault me." The man rubbed his face.

    "You don't know who your dealing with, you little......." She lifted him up by his collar, This attracted the attention of the other passengers.

    "It's alright, he's not worth getting angry over." James whispered to her, she lowered the man down.

    "I don't love Jessebelle and I would be happy to let you take her and her dowry, but its my parents you'll have to convince." James said calmly.

    "I don't want to cause any trouble for Lady Jessebelle."

    "What's your name?" James asked, he was intrigued by this man, how he could possibly love Jessebelle was beyond him.

    "How rude of me, I'm Ken." He apologized.

    "Good luck Ken."

    "Yeah, go and find the psycho." Jessie murmured.

    Ken said goodbye and left them, he walked across the deck looking determined.

    "Well I never, what an interesting turn of events." James mused.

    "I don't like that guy, how dare he speak to me like that." Jessie said as she downed the rest of her drink.

    "Think of it this way, If he's been having an affair with Jessebelle my parents will see her unfit to be my fiance, and I might get some apology money which I can use to buy you lots of expensive presents." He smiled

    Jessie laughed, "I like that logic Jimmy-boy, but I'm still annoyed with that man."

    "I know what will cheer you up, How about you and I go and find my parents and stir up trouble." James took her hand and led her across the deck.

    "Oh good, we haven't caused any trouble in about an hour, I was getting withdrawal symptoms." She followed him cheerfully.

    "How do you know where to find them?" Jessie asked as James strived forward.

    "Knowing them they'll have the biggest, fanciest cabin available." He replied.

    They soon located the room that James thought they would be in.

    He took a few deep breathes and knocked on the door.

    The butler, Hopkins, answered the door. "Oh Master James, what a pleasant surprise, your parents will be so pleased to see you."

    They walked into the room. "Hello son, long time no see." his father spoke up.

    "How nice of you to think of us." James's mother chipped in.

    "Mother, Father, I have come to share my extreme disappointment with you. The fiance you have chosen for me has dishonoured our family by associating herself with other men, I'm sure you understand what I am saying." James said, after he had sat down on the sofa in front of them, Jessie sat next to him.

    "Don't accuse Jessebelle of such things, we know her better than you do and I'm most certain that whatever rumour you have heard is not true."

    His father sipped his tea.

    "It's true, this guy, Ken, just told us he spent the night with her." Jessie butted in, she put her feet up on the coffee table knocking the pot plant off in the process.

    James's parent's looked at each other, they hadn't seen Jessebelle since yesterday afternoon.

    "James, who is this girl?" His mother asked trying to change the subject.

    "This is Jessie, she's my best friend." James said sweetly, he reached out and held her hand, she smiled seductively at him.

    "Ahem, Son what was it you were saying before." James's father decided to change the subject again.

    "Jessebelle is unfit to be my fiance." James summarised

    "Well you certainly think a lot of yourself don't you." His mother tutted.

    "Yes, I do." He replied

    James's father sighed and gave in, "We know about Jessebelle and we plan on cancelling the marriage."

    James smiled happily and high fived his partner.

    "I was right, i was right, oh yeah! you were wrong, you suck!" he said pouncing to his feet and taunting his parents.

    "That doesn't mean we don't have another fiance for you." James's mother snapped. "And by the looks of your behaviour the sooner you are married and settled down the better!"

    "No, he belongs to me now." Jessie argued back.

    "Excuse me! and would you please take your darn feet of our table!"

    Jessie poked her tongue out James's mother.

    "Disrespectful and childish, James darlin' why do you associate yourself with such riff raff?" His mother shook her head. "its obviously a bad influence on you."

    "James dear, I want to go now, I don't like your mothers attitude towards the bearer of her first grandchild." Jessie got up and walked out.

    His parents eyes widened, "You have a lot of explaining to do young man!" His father stood up.

    "Gotta go!" James shot after her .

    He caught up with her down the hall.

    "Your not really pregnant are you?" James asked cautiously.

    "No, I just thought I'd freak out your looser parents." She giggled.

    "Oh phew, No, I mean, of course I'd be with you all the way, you don't have to worry, its just...."

    "Calm down, I'm not pregnant, moving swiftly on I picked up a little parting gift when I stormed out." Jessie stopped walking and lifted up the wallet she had swiped.

    "Oh, my daddy dearest isn't going to be happy about that, how much cash is in there?" James said, impressed with his girlfriends sticky fingers.

    "About 700." She cheered as she counted the money.

    They walked along the hall, not really concentrating on where they were wandering, soon they found themselves in a ball large room, Music was playing and people were dancing.

    "Hey, lets dance together." Jessie instructed, she pulled James close to her.

    James put his arms around her and they started to dance.

    "Yeah but you're going to dance with me, not any silly pretty boys with glasses," James pouted

    She ignored him, she knew that had wound him up when she left him to dance with May at that other party they went to a few months ago.

    "I had a lot of fun today." Jessie smiled as she put her head against James's chest, trying to distract him from moaning about ditching him before.

    "When we get to Hoenn and meet Meowth we should get a hotel room for the night, on my parents of course." James suggested, he lifted Jessie up and span her around.

    "Good plan, we can be refreshed and ready for work tomorrow, alternatively we could hung over and tired for work tomorrow."

    James smiled "Either way is fine with me."

    "Oh look its that Ken guy and he's with Jessebelle!" Jessie whispered into James ear as he pulled her close to him.

    "Where are they?" He whispered back.

    "Spin round 90 degrees and look directly over my shoulder." Jessie ordered.

    James did as she instructed and spotted them, "You're right! and they're holding hands."

    "Hey let me see." James obeyed and span Jessie round.

    "Oh my now their Kissing" Jessie giggled.

    James span and dipped Jessie down. "Well I guess even the craziest of people can find love."

    "I wonder when your parents will till her she's dumped?" She queried as James pulled her up.

    "Soon knowing them, they do act swiftly." James said optimistically.

    The music ended and so did the dancing.

    "I wonder how long it'll be until we get to Hoenn."

    "Not too long now I don't think." James replied to Jessie's question.

    "Emergency, Emergency, The boats going down everyone to the life boats." A crazy man screamed as he ran through the ballroom.

    "Who is that?" Jessie asked one of the waitresses that was handing out champagne.

    "Oh that's just the captain." She dismissed, Her eyes widened, "The captain! wait for me captain." The woman threw the tray with the champagne in the air and followed the captain, the glass crashed on the floor and mad panic sparked.

    "Wahhh, I knew something like this would happen." James started to cry as the other passengers rushed passed him, screaming and shoving.

    "Don't cry James, come on." Jessie grabbed his hand and ran pushing the other passengers out of the way.

    "Hey this is fun! oh so exciting!" She shrieked as she tugged on james's hand and sprinted down the deck, sliding on the wet and slippery wood boards.

    Miraculously they managed to make their way to the front of the mob.

    "Women and children first!" The man in charge of the boats instructed, Jessie stepped into the boat.

    "Jess! Don't leave me." James wept, throwing his arms threw the anxious crowd and reaching out to her, he sighed in slight relive when she clasped his hand and allowed him to pull her back to him.,

    Her blue eyes were darting around furiously, as if searching for something.
    "Come on, i have a plan."

    Seconds later she was shoving her hysterical partner into the girls bathroom.

    "I don't really think that this is the time" James said as she undid his belt buckle.

    She rolled his eyes at him and sighed, "Switch your trousers with my skirt and we can both leave together."

    "Clever Jessica." James complemented and did as she said.

    She kissed him firmly on the lips leave a lipstick mark, she pulled his hair into pig tails and put one of her earings in his ear lobe.

    "Ooowww that hurt!" he shrieked

    "Perfect you look like a lady now, now lets blow this joint."

    Jessie's plan worked perfectly and they got onto a boat.

    They sat down in the boat and looked around at the fellow passengers, their short lived relief was replaced with disapointment.

    "How come they let you guys in?" Jessie asked noticing that the other passengers consisted of James's father, Ken, James's mother, Jessebelle an of course the butler Hopkins.

    "We are all incredibly rich so we just bribed the people in charge." His father answered simply.

    They came to the conclusion that Jessebelle had been scolded as she was pouting and looked very red and had tear stains down her face.

    "James why, for heaven sake, are you wearin' your girlfriend's skirt." His father shook his head.

    "At least he's accepting that your my girlfriend." James whispered to Jess.

    "You see I'm not the only person to commit infidelity." Jessebelle murmured.

    Ken held her hand in his to support her.

    " Wow, this isn't uncomfortable at all." Jessie said sarcastically.

    "You be quiet you little thief." James's mother snapped at her.

    "I'm not a little thief, I'm a big thief and you'd better start showing me some respect." Jessie threatened.

    "Why, because you got yourself pregnant."

    "No, that was a lie, You'd better respect me because I love James and I'm not going to let you hurt him anymore."

    "You love me?!" James said happily.

    "Yeah of course I do, James you know that." Jessie looked confused.

    "That was the first time you actually said you love me." He smiled sweetly and held Jessie tightly.

    "Oh I'm so sorry, you're right I can't believe I never told you I love you." Jessie stared into his eyes and smiled. James stared back and smiled in the same way she was.

    "I love you." She repeated.

    "And I love you." James replied.

    James's mother sat quietly, "Is there no chance you could love a more polite, restrained and rich young lady?" She said eventually.

    "There is absolutely no chance of me loving any other person ever, I've been in love with Jessie since our training mission together." James blurted out.

    "Training mission, Why what ever do you mean?" His mother put her face in her hand as if she had a head ache.

    "Really! Since then." Jessie interrupted, her eyes were sparkling happily.

    James nodded shyly, Jessie threw her arms around him and kissed his cheek.

    James turned to his mother to answer her question, "After I ran away, I enrolled into Team Rocket."

    "Oh my, But they are criminals!" Jessebelle gasped and moved closer to Ken.

    "So what, someday we'll rule the world." Jessie laughed wickedly.

    "I cannot believe my only heir is a criminal." James mother wept slightly.

    "Oh give it up, you are so false will you just let your son be happy." Ken spoke up, He had been keeping his opinions to himself for far to long.

    "You are not my favourite person either so I would advice you to keep quiet." She snapped at the young man.

    "Please, dearest just let it go, we should be proud to have such an independent child." James father sighed.

    She obeyed her husband and sat quietly.

    James looked forward and noticed they were approaching land, "Is that Hoenn?" He asked the man driving the boat, who they had previously not noticed.

    "It is indeed, we'll arrive there in a few minutes."

    James was relived, he didn't think he could put up his mother's sulking anymore. He was looking forward to an evening with someone he really loved.

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