XD @ Cacturne falling for Jessie. Being with Harley that whole time must have seriously lowered its standards. Ragarding that fantasy, we probably need a solid translation to determine whether or not it was just a story Harley was making up (Harley has got to be at least 10 years older than May). Harley freaking out over Ariados being blasted off with james and Meowth was also a riot.

There were some peculiar musical cues in this not used often, particularly during the brief training session (I swear that sounds familiar, but I don't remember when it was last used in the anime) and the beginning of May's appeal. I really like the non-vocal version of "I Won't Lose", and hope it's used more often. Kicks the crap out of the vocal version (Which I only didn't mind the first one time I heard it. I mean, it has a great rhythm. I just think it's poorly-sung.). As for the animation, there were times when it seemed like they were trying to mimic the better animation teams by adding thick lines and facial shadows. They failed.