What I liked best about this episode is that it had a milestone that made me excited. I've been keeping track of how many times Team Rocket have said the twerps' names over the years, and this episode had a major milestone- May's name has now been said by ALL THREE Rockets. What makes it important is that no other twerp up until this point, not even ASH, has been called by name by Jessie, James, and Meowth. Of course, Ash reaches the milestone too in "Going for Choke" as James finally calls him by name, but I find it awesome since the trio have called the twerps by name a total of, like, 15 times in 450 dub episodes. Now I'm waiting for someone to finally call Brock by name, since even Tracey and Misty were named by Butch and Cassidy. Poor Brock, he never gets the recognition. You'd think after 400 episodes on the show, ONE Rocket would call him by name.

Anyway, I'm still no fan of Harley, but I thought it was neat that he teamed up with Jessie this time around. Cacturne having a crush on Jessie was adorable. It's too bad that Jessie didn't use cacturne for the battle part of the contest, she could have gotten a win over May even with Squirtle's ice beam. The flashback with Harley was just too bizarre. It was great to see Drew again too. I liked James saying that Jessie's dressed like a popsicle too. LOL

Overall, 7.5/10.