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Thread: Favorite G/S/C BGM

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    Default Favorite G/S/C BGM

    Gold/Silver/Crystal had several great BGM tracks: Which ones did y'all like the most?

    I have several favorites that I've loved ever since I played the Gen 2 games:

    • Rival's battle BGM
    • Johto Gym Leader's battle BGM
    • Cherrygrove's/Mahogany's BGM
    • Azelea's/Blackthorn's BGM
    • National Park's BGM
    • Ecruteak's/Cianwood's BGM
    • Surfing's BGM
    • Dragon's Den's BGM
    • Lance's battle BGM
    • S.S. Aqua's BGM
    • Eusine's BGM
    • Buena's Password BGM
    • Battle Tower's BGM
    • Suicune's/Raikou's/Entei's battle BGM

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    These games did have some good songs. While it isn't close to being my favorite soundtrack in the series, much of the music was highly enjoyable. My favorites were the following:

    • Goldenrod City
    • Tin Tower
    • Route 42/43/44/Lake of Rage
    • Dragon's Den
    • Ecruteak/Cianwood City
    • Mt. Silver/Olivine Lighthouse
    • Raikou/Entei/Suicune Battle Theme
    • Kanto Gym Leader Battle Theme
    • Route 38/39
    • Lavender Town

    That's all I can think of, there might be even more tracks that I like but I don't think so.
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    G/S/C was pretty good when it came to BGM. Only three BGMs really stood out for me in that game. Those would be the Ice Path,Rival, and National Park themes.
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    Rocket Battle, National Park, Eusine's Theme, Legendary Beast Battle, Route 26, Route 42 and Route 2.

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    I have too many to really list because the GSC games held so many fond memories for me.

    Some of my favorites:
    - Champion battle theme
    - Gym Leader (Johto > Kanto)/E4 battle themes
    - Rival encounter and battle themes
    - Pretty much all town/city themes
    - Pokemon League
    - Eusine and Clair themes
    - Nearly all route themes
    - Suicune battle theme
    - Opening theme
    - A lot more...

    Just too many to list, man. xD

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    There are only a few themes I adore in GSC, but I still love them.

    Kanto Gym Leader Battle
    Rival Battle
    Legendary Beasts
    Red Battle
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    Rival battle, Azalea, Gym Leader, and most especially, Dark Cave/Ice Path, very unique song.

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    My favorites are:
    -Route 29 theme(cheerful and upbeat)
    -Rival's battle theme
    -Lance's battle theme(just epic)
    -Dark Cave theme(so eerie)
    -Route 35 theme
    -Route 26 theme
    -Mt.Silver exterior's theme

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    Sprout Tower: I've always found this tune to be very catchy for whatever reason. I made up some nonsensical lyrics to go along with it a long time ago that I still remember and sing in my head every time I go to this place.
    Rival encounter theme: I used to find this music quite scary tbh and even had a nightmare about it once. O_o But now, I've grown to like it and I guess it'll always be a memorable track for me.
    Town themes: Violet/Olivine & Ecruteak/Cianwood are my faves. Don't have much of a reason other than "they sound nice!"

    My #1 favourite music from the Johto games, though, has got to be the Champion battle theme. It's still my favourite Champion theme to this day. There's just something about it that makes it (imo) perfect and very suitable for a Champion battle.

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    G/S/C are my favourite soundtracks when it comes to a Pokemon game, so it's pretty hard for me to pick just a few when I like them all so much. Off the top of my head I'd probably pick Battle! Champion.

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