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    Default G/S/C Recent Happenings Thread

    This thread is much the same as the ones in the Advanced forums. If you've been playing through a Gold, Silver, or Crystal game recently, go ahead and post any progress you've made, team development, or what you plan on doing in your game in this thread. That way, we can discuss, offer tips, or just enjoy the read.

    EDIT 9/27/14: Please make sure your posts are at least TWO sentences! No spamming!

    I recently bought a used Crystal version. I moved all the TMs off onto Stadium GS (no EQ ), moved the Pokémon, most of which were already gone before the previous owner sold it (though there still was another Red Gyarados ), and started fresh, with Totodile.
    Currently in Violet City training for Falkner and the Sprout Tower.
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