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^ Yep something like that. The time only goes up when I actually play the game and not in real time So I can't get Lapras unless if I play the game for like 48 hours which is too much. Same with the Bug catching contest. I'd have to wait just under a day ingame time to get them :S
Aww, that sucks. =(

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what moveset would you reconmmend for my bayleef? - future meganium
and heracross?
their movesets are as following as of now:
bayleef lvl30
- synthesis
- razor leaf
- poison powder
- reflect
heracross lvl29
- endure
- counter
- horn attack
- fury attack
I'm planning a Meganium moveset of something like this:

-Sunny Day

Or if you don't like weather, you could go

-Razor Leaf
-Return/Reflect/Light Screen
-Iron Tail/Reflect/Light Screen

I rarely use the screens (Reflect and Light Screen) except in serious battles like the E4, so I went for the weather setup one. The second set (if you take out the screens) would be a purely attacking Meganium, though you can throw in Synthesis in there somewhere... I just find it pointless to have Synthesis and Solarbeam if there's no sunlight active.


That's an all out attacking Heracross. You can also try Rest + Sleep Talk strategy if you feel like it.

Anyway. To make a long story short, I finally got a Lapras. ^_^ I trained Miltank to L26~ before going into the Burned Tower, then challenged Morty. Magby evolved into Magmar during one of the battles with the trainer. =D I debated for a bit whether to wait until she learns Flamethrower first or not, but in the end I just evolved it. It's only 4 levels anyway.

And after that, I went to the Union Cave. I had no Pokemon that can Surf, so I had to go catch Slowpoke first. >.> Anyway, now my team is complete, and I'm training Lapras to L30 to be on par with the other team members.

.. Speaking of training, I love that route where you can catch Miltank. In the morning, you can get Raticate and Pidgeotto for lots of EXP. And occasionally, Miltank and Tauros. Aha.

Aaaaaand I also have to start collecting money to get the Thunderbolt tutor for Lapras. Hmm. Wish I have an Amulet Coin now :x I wonder when I'll get that. *goes check a walkthrough* Apparently not until after Pryce.

Waaaaaait. *checks walkthrough again* Apparently the tutor is only available after the E4. Ah well. Hmm. Looks like I'll simply have to be content with ThunderPunch on Magmar for now.