got 3rd badge - (Geodude)rocky (F) started it off n after 4-5 magnitude's finished off clefairy, miltank was slightly n fainted geodude after 5 magitudes, so i sent out Butterfree, miltank used rollout, Butterfree's in red, used SLEEP POWDER n CONFUSION, confuses Miltanks when she wakes up, uses STOMP on Butterfree, who faints. Then i sent out Togepi, Miltank is still confused so hurts herself n faints.

pretty easy really

still no togepi n as soon as he's elvoveld then I'm putting him the box n training everyone up to level 25 (at least) then its morty's turn!

n im also going to try n get a shiny Abra from the casino (may take a while)