I left Professor Oak's lab and headed south of Pallet Town. Then I started surfing south in the water. I battled some swimmers on my way and eventually reached the crumbled ruins of Cinnabar Island. There I met up with the Viridian City Gym Leader....Blue. After some talking, he went back to his Gym and checked out the narrow path to the north to pick up a Rare Candy. Then I healed my Pokémon at the Pokémon Center and surfed east from there. Later I came across an Island with a cave on it, and I entered the cave and met Blaine in there. After some talking, he accepted my challenge for a Gym battle.
Onix took down of his Magcargo, then Feraligatr defeated his Magmar and Rapidash. I saved the game after getting the Volcano Badge from Blaine.