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Thread: Favorites: how to use and abuse them

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    Default Favorites: how to use and abuse them

    This thread is something special and different, and it is basically as it sounds.

    The purpose of this is to pick any card you have as your favorite and depending on weather you'd like to stick by the year in which it was fully rotated in or keep it pretty casual in unlimited play, figure out various interesting ways of playing said card. Now since it requires multiple ways of playing, why not have multiple people looking into this.

    This is not a decklist thread just a strategy based conversation, so please don't post big decklist's just ideas on cards and other cards you'd like to play it with.

    Years of rotation
    2004 — Expedition to EX Hidden Legends
    2005 — EX Ruby & Sapphire to EX Emerald
    2006 — EX Hidden Legends to EX Holon Phantoms
    2007 — EX Deoxys to Diamond & Pearl
    2008 — EX Holon Phantoms to Majestic Dawn
    2009 — Diamond & Pearl to Rising Rivals
    2010 — Diamond & Pearl to Unleashed
    2011 — HeartGold & SoulSilver to Black & White
    2012 — HeartGold & SoulSilver to Dark Explorers
    2013 — Black & White to Plasma Freeze
    2014 — Next Destinies to Flashfire
    2015 — Boundaries Crossed to Roaring Skies

    and the cardex

    I guess on a forward note I'll start. I have always favored latios and latias EX from ex dragon, I would play it in 2004 and I Like the combo of latios EX and Latias EX with roselia from EX dragon which for a 1 energy attack, Speed Growth Attach up to 2 Grass Energy cards from your hand to your Pokémon in any way you like. letting my latios ex hit for 100 with luster purge the turn after, kind of like virizion/genesect.
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