Believe it or not, I don't know the rules of playing >_> I mean, I know what the numbers are and stuff; I just never sat down to read an instruction manual, or examined the positions of the decks etc, or even touched damage counters. The only battles I ever had just included taking turns of distributing attacks. We disregarded weaknesses and never used energy cards=_= Still, that was fun :P
But mainly now I keep my cards because I like just looking at them and reading them. Yep, other than that they are absolutely useless. I value them because of their artworks, and how rare they may or may not be, and the stories behind each and every card^_^

Hey the rest of you guys here, do any of you keep/collect Pokemon cards not necessarily to battle them with? Have any of you collected them, played with them, then kept them for sentimental value, and nothing else?