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Thread: the Trainer Method glitch.

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    Smile the Trainer Method glitch.

    Hello people of, I would like to share something i found in Pokemon Yellow. What you need to so is not to fight the trainer next to the Nugget Bridge in the tall grass, (You can find this trainer by following the road to the left.) you also have to have Lavender Town has been unlocked and you have not fought the trainer on the third floor inside of the Tower and the trainer in the box of graves. Next you will need a Pokemon with Fly, then do the Gambler Glitch (for those of you who don't know this, you need to stand to where the trainer is off screen but will see you if you walk one step in front of him.) and Fly to Lavender Town, and go to the third floor and fight the trainer previously stated. When you have beaten him, (or her O_o) leave the Tower and Fly to Cerulean City, go up the Nugget Bridge on the left side until your start menu pops up by itself (this is normal so don't freak out) just exit it unless you want to put your strongest Pokemon in the front of your party. You will enter a battle and the screen will stay black, and the music will die out, ( this is normal too, so don't turn off the game, i also recommend playing this on's Pokemon yellow game or playing this on an N64 with Pokemon Stadium 2.) then you will encounter MISSINGNO. after about, maybe 8-10 seconds. After that (i have not been able to actually battle him, but i have seen it) Next it will say MISSINGNO. is trying to learn \/ but it will keep saying that until you shut it off. I have not been able to battle him (as previously stated) but i suggest keep trying until you are able to battle him. THIS WILL NOT HARM YOU GAME, HOWEVER I HAVE TRIED OTHER ONES AND I CORRUPTED MY GAME. SO FAR THIS IS THE ONLY SAFE POKEMON YELLOW MISSINGNO. GLITCH.Thank you and happy glitching! Also, i call this the Trainer Method as the Title states. Goodbye. [/COLOR]

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    Despite all the effort you went through to post this thread, there is a sticky topic for discussion of glitches.

    It is the ONLY thread for the discussion of glitches, since at one point, that's all people would talk about. So they were all put in one thread, to free up the forum for actual game discussion.

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