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Thread: Cinco de Mayo '06 Cotd [YGO] Pyramid Turtle

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    Default Cinco de Mayo '06 Cotd [YGO] Pyramid Turtle

    Pyramid Turtle for Cinco de Mayo? Mexican Pyramids! Courtesy of ''


    Pyramid Turtle is very much a staple in any Zombie deck and also has seen play at the beginning of last format alongside one V-Lord and Two Reapers run in one in a regular CC Deck.

    It is the only searcher that can bring in a mon with more 1500 attack, IIRC and the only one that can bring in mons in ATK OR DEF, also, IIRC. Pyramid also allows for a good Creature Swap also and can be brought out with Book of Life and Call of the Mummy.

    If Pyramid gets teched again, but with Ryu Kokkis it may do some good in a non-Zombie deck.

    CC with Reapers and V-Lords/Kokkis - 3.3/5

    Zombie - 5/5

    Butcher/Self Mill - 3.2/5 [Think about it, getting out Stalling Reapers? That's excellent.]

    Art - 3.5/5 [looks pretty cool!]

    Now average your scores and rate the thread as your average.

    Average - 3.75 to 4
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