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    Default Last Chance (Rocketshippy)

    This is a random story i wrote about Jessie deciding to take a chance, Its rated PG 13
    THe girl Kate that is mentioned is the one from chronicles.
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    Disclaimer: I don’t own Pokemon.

    Jessie was lying on the bed in the small hotel room that she and her team mate were staying in for a few days, thoughts of how she was going to get him to understand how she felt were whirling around in her mind.
    “If I’m really going to this, then I have to speak from my heart and not hold anything back.” She thought, perhaps for someone else, someone who had lived a life of love and happiness it would be easy to open up. But Jessie had not had such a live, abandoned and alone until she met James, it would be very difficult to risk everything. But it was this or losing him and she would never let that happen, not now.
    She sighed a deep sigh and rolled over on to her front. She jumped up and opened the mini bar and took out the bottle of red wine that the hotel supplied. Grabbing two glasses she tried to steadily pour the drink into them, but her hand trembled in spite of her determination.
    Soon enough her partner James entered from the bath room, drying his hair on a towel.
    He looked over at her; she was sitting at the small table next to the wide window that gave a fantastic view of the city at night.
    “You alright?” he asked putting the towel down and giving her a confused glance.
    “Come and drink with me, I…umm. I suppose want to talk to you.” Jessie replied still staring out of the window.

    James swallowed nervously and sat across from her.
    “What is it?” he asked trying to sound innocent and ignorant to the situation.
    “I don’t want you to…” she met his eyes and took a large and satisfying swig off wine.

    “You don’t want what?” he urged her on, taking a sip of his wine in a more polite way than she had.

    “I don’t want you to hate me anymore, and I don’t want you to marry Kate and live happily ever after.” Jealousy flashed in her vulnerable eyes.

    “But I already proposed to her.” He chuckled, glancing away from her as if she had to be joking

    “Then leave her” Jessie ordered smashing her hand angrily on the mahogany table.

    “And then what, be alone forever? Like you?” he continued calmly. “I don’t make important decisions ‘cos you order me to you know?”
    Her eyes filled with tears, but neither of them looked away.

    “I know you don’t want to marry me, I’m obviously not good enough for you.” Jessie broke their gaze and allowed her tears to stream down her face.

    “You are but, how can I know that you aren’t going to treat me like a servant and be a total ***** all the time.”

    “You could trust me, James, I’ve proven myself to you time and time again what have I got to do to show you that I’d never hurt you!” she threw her now empty glass against the wall. “I know in the past I have wronged you, and for that I am so sorry, I have to live with that guilt and regret every moment and I’m sick of having it rubbed in my face by miss perfect prissy pants.”
    James bit his lip and looked down at his feet,
    “The way I see it I have two choices Jess, 1. I can marry Kate, my sweet fiancée who loves me and worships me or 2. I could take a chance with you, who dances with any handsome man that comes her way and shouts and screams and behaves like a diva.”

    “Tell me you love her then, I know you can’t! don’t throw away your life for stability, it isn’t worth it.” Jessie argued, tonight she had no shame, tonight she would speak her deepest thoughts.

    “I…I don’t love her, you know that but she’s good to me.” he admited shyly,

    “I’ll be good to you, if only you would trust me, if only you’d give yourself to me fully. The way I constantly give myself to you, I cross my heart and hope to die I will love you with out holding back, I’ll love you until the end.” She took his hands in her own, and kissed them softly.

    James smiled in spite of himself, Jessie was usually closed and empty, but tonight her love for him was glowing wildly, it had never been so clear to him that she was a lonely child longing for love, not the demon she used as a mask in everyday life.

    “I love you and I’d mean that, I want to be your bride, I don’t want you to be ashamed off me anymore, please let me make you happy, I know I can do it and I’ve never been so sure of anything in my life. I wouldn’t lie to you, never to you, because if I did that I wouldn’t have the nerve and arrogance to act as though I’m worthy of you.”

    His eyes softened and her heart leaped maybe not all was lost, maybe she was getting through to him, the spark inside him was lighting once again.
    They both leant across the table, their noses touched softly, he had given in, now he was joining her by showing his true feelings.

    “I’m either making the smartest decision of my life, or the biggest mistake.” He whispered as her lips drew closer and closer.

    “Tell me the answer to that in 70 years.” She replied as she began to kiss him.
    He placed his hands on the back of her head and deepened the kiss.

    They stood up in unison and embraced. James lifted her up and span her around, she smiled so sweetly that she almost didn’t look like herself.

    James sat down on the soft bed smiled as she got down onto one knee; she rummaged in her jeans pocket and produced a gold ring.

    “I’ve had this ring for years, I took it from my mother’s jewelry box the day the orphanage people came to get me, I don’t know who it belonged to but I want you to have it now.” She told him as she slid it on his finger.
    He lifted her up into his arms and kissed her again.

    “I love you Jessie, and against all my commonsense and intelligence I’m taking a chance and believing in you.” He murmured as their lips parted.

    “That’s all I need, and I promise you have my absolute devotion.”
    They didn’t hear the card key in the door as Meowth entered followed by Kate.

    “Ahh! What…what are you doing?” She shrieked. “I over heard you talking in the hall, James have you been drinking!!”

    Jessie smiled smugly at her, like the cat who'd got the cream and guzzled it all greedily. She snakely wrapped her arms tightly around James as though she was clinging onto her life, her gleaming eyes stared up at his face and he looked away from Kate to return the Jessie’s gaze, he had made up his mind.

    “I am sorry. I’m in love with her. I shouldn’t have done what I have done to you.” James said standing up, Jessie still in his arms.
    “But what about us, you… you are my hero.” Kate trembled
    “I am not a hero, I’m a villain, if you knew the things I’ve done you wouldn’t still love me, But Jessie loves me in spite of all that, you really don’t know me Kate and I am so sorry.” He reached out to comfort her, but she pushed his arm away.
    She ran from the room and didn’t stop until she was back at home throwing her engagement ring in the street as she went, all her dreams and plans for the future were down the drain and all he could say was sorry.
    Meowth stared open mouthed at his Team mates.
    “Are you disappointed in me for what I just did?” James asked In reference to the cat type’s facial expression.
    He shook his head, “No, no, I was getting worried that Jessie wouldn’t say anything and you would marry Kate. You are so stupid sometimes at least you’ve sorted this mess out.”
    “Being bad is so worth it at times like this.” James smirked and placed Jessie down on her feet.
    She clasped his hand tightly and felt the great weight lifted from her shoulders.
    “Together forever right?! None of us are ever going to live life alone again.”
    James nodded and lifted Meowth up and the trio embraced, knowing that no matter what the future held they would face it together.
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    Default First reveiwer, take that!

    That was! I loved the structure, any more installments and I'll be hooked...but if you could...

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    ah thank you, i'm glad that you liked it !! and Thank you also for being my first reviewer, i'm happy now! XX

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