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Perhaps those two names are strange to many people. Because they come from character's names of my favourite series: Sweet Spy ( Korean ). This is my first Fanfiction so I don't know how you feel about it. If it's bad, I really need your opinions to make it better ^__^

Episode 0 - Prologue

Swenee is a small town situated at the Southern coast. This is the place where has many famous special foods and beautiful sights. But that's not all. The stories about endless love came from here. They used to be spread through the words of mouth and then, people wrote down the stories into the books for sale. Some people believe that the descendants of the characters from those stories are still alive. And the most moving and saddest story is the one about Dennis & Samy.

The story was that Samy was a poor girl and she wasn't beautiful or good at anything. Her only strong points was her innocence and optimism. She lived in Umiss - a pretty big village. One day, she met Dennis - a perfect man in girls' eyes. Dennis was a half-blood man, he got a beauty mixed between the East and the West and moreover, he was so talented. Everybody both thought that a man like Dennis couldn't be driven crazy by a girl like Samy. But nothing was impossible with love. When Samy first met Dennis, she didn't fall for him like the other girls, she just smiled and talked to him a little. But that was enough to impress Dennis by a girl who had a sweet smile. After that, love happened between them regardless the opposition from many people. Finally, they had to run away to gain their own happiness but they didn't succeed. They were driven into the last way and they chose the dead for their promises to be with each other forever. In the last night that people could see them, some said that they saw a fire wrap Dennis and Samy and then, there was nothing but ashes.


" .....And this story became the symbol of everlasting love. " - The girl who had a long violet hair let down read dispiritedly. Her name was Samy. Yes! Her mother named her Samy because she loved that story. She hoped her daughter would be happy and get an endless love like that. But Samy didn't think that. She was tired of hearing people talk about the origin of her name and this made Samy hate the story.

Samy was in the library. She bound the book and stood up, leaving her seat. She went pass the row of bookshelves and got to the information desk. She gave the old lady sitting opposite her card, taking no look at her. The old lady had small, black glasses took the card from Samy, looking at her. Her eyes was small and evil , her hair got the mix of white and gray.

" So this is the last time you have been here, Samy? " - The old lady said with a warm accent, " You're gonna leave tomorrow? "

" Yes, I wanna follow my greatest hobby and this is the best time " - Samy answered definitively. " But of course, I'll be back soon, Mrs.Yuri "

Yuri crossed out a square on Samy's card and then gave it back to her. She smiled, making her eyes narrow and wished for Samy, " So I hope you will be the second May "

" Thank you " - Samy said as she took her card, thinking about May - one of the greatest coordinators in the history. She always dreamed about someday, she could stand in the highest dais of glory. But she knew that no dreams could come true without the try. Her thoughts were stopped by a soft touch on her back. She immediately turned around and watched who had done it.

" Good morning, Samy " - A man who was about the age of 50 greeted her. He had a square-faced and there were some wrinkles on his face. His hair was light brown and he wore the blue shirt with the black jean, having a large white coat worn over the shirt. After greeting Samy, he turned his head towards Yuri's side and said "Hi" to her.

" Hi, Prof. Kan " - Samy said softly

" So you got eveything you need for your journey? " - Prof Kan asked her.

" Everything but a Pokedex " - Samy shrugged, " You promised to give me one "

" Ok, let's go to my laboratory " - Prof Kan suggested, turning his head back and winking at Yuri

Yuri winked with him too and said something in whispering to him


Samy breathed a sigh when she saw what was inside the laboratory. In front of her, the crystal test-tubes were put in a row. Prof Kan's only computer named Unchou was an old one but he didn't want to leave it behind. Samy still remembered about the stories of him and his computer. It was a part of his memories. And what made Samy breathed a sigh was the confusion of the room. The books and files were lying on the floor in no order and two Skittys were chasing each other.

" Ok, Apa, Apo, I'm home " - Prof Kan raised his voice as he sat down on the floor, playing with the Skitty.

" Nya nya " - One of two Skitty sounded

The Skitty left ran into Samy and then wag its tail as if it wanted Samy to give it something.

" I have no time, Apo " - Samy said with a unpleasant smile.

Apo became gloomy because of what Samy said. It went slowly to the room's corner and sounded nothing then. Samy and Apo were together when Samy was a little girl. So deep down, Apo felt that Samy was so important to it. Kan began to rummage for the Pokedex among the piles of his files while Samy was looking at the pictures of Pokemon hung on the yellow walls. And a picture really impressed Samy. She thought for a while and ensured that she has never seen it before. It was about a small Pokemon who was ball-shaped, looked so plump and its ears was like the butterfly's wings. Besides, it got two pink spots on its cheek, its feet pretty small and pink too.

" Ah, I found it " - Prof Kan yelled, " Come here Samy "

" Yea " - Samy answered as she kept looking at that Pokemon.

Prof Kan smiled and gave Samy a Pokedex which had a special form. It included two transparent plastic pieces stuck at each one's edge. One of the pieces had a heart-shaped screen and on the piece left, there were some orange buttons. It was really really a cute Pokedex

" Maybe this Pokedex is only for the girls " - Samy judged as she was taking a careful look at it, " Right? "

" Of course " - Prof Kan laughed, thinking that Samy must be liking her new Pokedex so much, " I made it for you only, girl and I bet there is no better Pokedex than this one "

" Thank you so much " - Samy suddenly held Prof Kan and smiled happily.

" Oh, I wanna give you this, Samy "

Samy showed surprisingly because of Prof Kan's sentence. She wondered what she lacked of now. But she really couldn't find out.

" I want you to take Apo along " - Prof Kan suggested

" What? "

Samy stopped for a moment and then she asked to be sure about what Prof Kan said

" Apo? You mean it will be on my team ? "

" You and Apo are so close to each other. I'm afraid it'll be very sad if you leave here. So I think it's better to let it go with you " - Prof Kan explained.

Hearing about that, Apo immediately opened its eyes and ran to Prof Kan. Apo began to dance around, showing its happiness. And then, it looked at Samy happily, believing it could be with Samy every day from this moment on.

" I need time to think about your suggestion " - Samy said slowly.

" Ok, everything is up to you " - Prof Kan said as he was putting his hand on Samy's shoulder, still hoping that Samy would agree.


Now Samy was in her own room. It was a lovely purple room with many Pokemon calendars hung around. There was a Skitty-shaped clock sounding "Nya Nya" and everything was unlike Prof Kan's laboratory, it was very tidy. Samy was sitting on her bed and saying something to Medicham - her own Pokemon.

" I don't know what I'm feeling now, Medicham " - Samy breathed a sigh, " Agree or not "

Something went fast and passed by in her mind. She was really confused.

" I don't think I'd like Apo to be a Pokemon to fight " - Samy confided, " I don't want Apo to get hurt. It's very important friend to me. I think my journey will be so difficult and I don't wanna see Apo facing something dangerous "

Apo came near the Samy's room's door. It tried to push the door but it failed.

" Do you think that I should let it home, Medicham " - Samy asked Medicham, hoping it'd get an advice for her.

"....Let it home...." - Apo heard it. It thought that Samy didn't need it anymore. Every words was just like every needles thrusting into its heart. It didn't try to push the door then, walking out of Samy's house in silence. It walked pass the living-room where Samy's mother - Sharon was watching television. She had an orange hair with curly parts in root of hairs. She heard someone stepping and turned her head back.

" Oh, Apo " - Samy's mother rolled her blue eyes and said in an exciting way, " Are you looking for Samy? "

Apo didn't sound anything to reply, it pushed the main door and walking slowly, looking very doleful. Sharon shrugged and didn't know what to say. She turned around and kept on watching the humorous series which she was interested in.

Samy was walking down the stairs. She was still thinking about between "agree" or "not". She felt a bit tired and let out a yawn. After that, she got into the living room and sat down next to her mother.

" I hate this programs " - Samy grumbled, " It's so cheap "

" No, you don't know anything about it " - Sharon said, " I love his main character. He's so sexy "

Samy reached out to take a piece of fried-potatoes. She turned towards her mother, wondering why she always smiled like that.

" Ah, you got something wrong with Apo? " - Sharon asked.

Samy stopped to chew and ask in return, " Why do you know ? "

" I saw it a few minutes ago " - Sharon answered, " It seems a bit sad, I think so "

Samy stood up and seemed so worried. Every time worrying about something, Samy began to bite her lips. In the worst case, Apo could have heard what she had said. She instantly ran out of her house to find Apo without leaving Sharon any word.


She ran on the old path as fast as she could. The sun came down and the skies were getting darker with the black clouds. little ray of light shone through the branches and made everything around become look sadder. And it started to rain heavily. But Samy didn't find a place to hide. She stood in the middle of the path, her tears falling down.

" Where'd you go, Apo? " - Samy wondered but there was no answer for her.

She cried more sand louder, thinking and worrying about Apo more than any time. A man was coming to her with an umbrella on his hands. Prof Kan! He realized Samy who was standing alone there and immediately ran to her.

" Samy! " Prof Kan called.

" Prof Kan " - Samy replied as she was lifting her hands to wipe all her tears.

Prof Kan put the umbrella over him and Samy to prevent rain from making them wet. He saw her crying even though she tried to hide it.

" What happened? " - He asked

" Apo.....Apo's gone " - Samy became speechless. She just cried, blaming herself for letting Apo go.

" Ok, don't cry girl " - Prof Kan said as he was holding her, " We will find it. It must be coming around somewhere "

" That's my fault " - Samy said in a voice choked with emotion, " I said I intened not to bring Apo along. Maybe Apo heard it and left here "

" Oh no! That's so bad " - Prof Kan muttered.

He tried to remember all Apo's favourite places. And he suddenly thought of the Frever river where Samy and Apo used to play.

" Frever river? " - He presumed, " Perhaps Apo...."

No need to know it was right or wrong. Samy didn't say anything to Prof Kan and then, she ran to the Frever's direction. The rain made the path so wet. The ground became more flabby and it made Samy's every step more hard-moving.


" Where are you, Apo ? " - Samy clanged, hoping there'd a answer replied to her.

Suddenly, an Absol who was a quadruped with a white body expect its face came from a near brushwood, its body all got wet . There was something on its head just like a sword and it glared at Samy. Feeling something coming close, Samy turned around and she was so surprised by the Absol's appearance. Absol's eyes were getting red and this made Samy know that it was gonna attack her. She intened to let Medicham out to battle but unluckily, she left it home with Sharon.

" No, I forgot Medicham " - She lamented.

Samy stepped backwards and the Frever river was behind her. Absol opened its mouth and a light spot was released from it. The ball was aimed at Samy and she just knew to close her eyes, waiting for a miracle. A shrill big noise sounded and the smokes was floating around. Nothing was clear now. Samy gradually opened her eyes to see how she was: alive or she was in the heaven? The cold wind was blowing over and swept the smoke away. It was such a miracle! Apo was standing in front of her eyes, facing the angry Absol. In fact, Samy was saved by Apo. It used Safeguard as Absol was releasing Hyper Beam!

" Apo! " - Samy called happily, still couldn't believe in her eyes.

Samy went down on her knees and opened wide her arms.

" I thought you would never be back " - Samy said as she was crying.

Apo immediately rushed into Samy and it yelled "Nya Nya" as if it wanted to tell Samy that it loved her so much.

" Abb.....sol " - Absol screamed angrily and prepared for a new attack.

Samy was not afraid anymore. She stood up and stared at that Absol, her eyes filled with self-confidence and determination. It looked like Apo felt the same to her. It began to gather its energies to make a hit into Absol. Samy knew that Apo wasn't accustomed to fighting againts any Pokemon so she thought it'd be better to make a stronger foe like Absol sleep with a view to getting damage at the lowest level.

" Use Sing, Apo! " - Samy ordered.

Apo sucked in its breath and then shot out the colorful notes which made the soft melodies. The notes blew around Absol and began to make it asleep. Absol ground its teeth with the anger. It tried to release a Hyber Beam into Apo but it even couldn't stand firm on its feet. Samy was sure that Absol was so weak now and she decided to take advantage of the victory

" Apo, use your Tackle! " - Samy raised her voice

Apo gathered up its strength and rushed into Absol but it was called to return. Samy couldn't believe in her eyes! A person who was wearing the coat covered from his head to his feet expect his eyes was hanging in mid air. That person glared at Samy for a while and said something like a warning " If you don't stop seducing my Dennis, I'll kill you "

" What? " - Samy said as her eyes were so round with the surpise. She even didn't know who Dennis was, " Hey! I don't know what you're talking about "

" Don't pretend! " - That person said with a female voice, " Remember my warning "

Upon these words, the "strange girl" disappeared as Samy was opening wide her mouth, " Oh my God! "

The appearance of that girl made Samy think a little but everything was passing by like a wind. The most important thing now was that she found Apo. She lifted Apo up and smiled brightly. And that smile meant that she accepted Apo to be in her team. Samy suddenly realized that she couldn't go without Apo because they were so close friends that nothing could cut their relationship. It stopped raining and everything was going right. Samy went home with her Apo jumping for the happiness and keeping yelling "Nya"


So this is the end of the Prologue. I feel that I'm not good at describing 'cause I'm just a Vietnamese and English is not my mother tounge Anyway, hope you'll like it ^__^