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So Sweet - Rumour

by Taitofan

Rated PG-13 for yaoi and shota

Disclaimer: Pokémon XD only hinted at Eldes’s obvious undying love for Ryuuto. If I owned it, they would’ve had to up the rating for mature content.

Author’s Note: Yes, I have two other themed fics to work on, but I took a third anyways. I need some Pokémon in my diet, and tomatoshipping needs more love. The title comes from the phrase “kisses so sweet.” None of these themes will be related unless I specifically say so. Some will be funny, some angsty, some sweet, some during the game, some after it ends, and so on. We’ll just have to see where it goes! This one takes place during the game. And yes, I disregarded what happens canonically to make it romantic. And I made some stuff up about Eldes’s past and guessed on his age. If you think I’m totally off on something, I’m willing to take suggestions. And last of all, please don’t tell me that I misspelled the title, because rumour is the British version of rumor.

7snogs theme: 5-Rumour

Flames do nothing but make me laugh, although I'll listen to any CC you have. Please read, review, and enjoy! Finished 04-23-06


Eldes had given Ryuuto the option to run, to leave the Shadow Pokémon business alone. Part of him had wished that the exuberant teenager would take his offer and flee; it would be safe, and Eldes didn’t think he could handle seeing him in danger. But the other part knew Ryuuto’s answer before he’d even asked. Of course he’d stay and fight. He’d gone this far, and he wasn’t about to stop now. Deep down, he was proud that Ryuuto had the courage to stop this madness, something he himself hadn’t been able to do.

So they agreed to fight, shadow pokémon against shadow pokémon, though it was needless. Eldes knew he’d lose, just as his brother had and just as his father would. Even if he’d had the strongest pokémon in the world, Ryuuto would win.

They were right,’ Eldes thought, smiling slightly at the memory, even as Ryuuto’s Blacky and Sirnight weakened his pokémon. ‘And I wouldn’t have it any other way.


It was all that meddling brat’s fault. Raburina always looked far too much into things, and she could never keep her big mouth shut. So when she’d heard the “biggest news of the century,” it of course was spread to Wazzle. Who told Gorigan. Who told Ardos. Who was currently chewing out his brother.

“Have you forgotten our mission? You’re supposed to stop that pest, not fall in love with him!”

Eldes was going to kill her. If she weren’t an admin, he’d shoot her dead. And then he’d shoot her some more just to make sure she’d really died. He didn’t know where in the world she got such an idea, but he intended to find out… If his brother would stop ranting long enough for him to get a word in.

“You’re old enough to be his father! If you were married, he could have been your son!” Eldes rolled his eyes behind his shades and sighed.

“…I came out when I was fourteen…” Ardos continued on as if he hadn’t said a word.

“I swear, if you take it easy on him just because you’re a pedophile, I’ll—”

“Ardos, shut up!” The blue-haired man paused, eyes wide, at his normally quiet brother’s irritated tone. In thirty-two years, he’d only heard him lose his temper twice. Once when he caught an old boyfriend cheating on him, and once when a particularly annoying girl wouldn’t listen to his protests of “I’m gay.”

“…Do you have something to say in your defense?” The redhead resisted the very strong urge to throw a chair at him.

“I’ve been trying to do just that for the past ten minutes. Now, before you accuse me of being a pedophile, would you kindly tell me exactly what Raburina said?” Whatever answer he received would determine how quickly he’d kill her. The worse the answer, the slower he’d draw it out.

“She said she saw the two of you talking at Mount Battle. And she’s heard you talking about not wanting to be enemies. And something about him having a pure heart.” Well… That was all true. They had talked before, he didn’t want them to be enemies, and he did think the teen had a pure heart. Still…

“What does any of that have to do with me supposedly being in love with him?” The look he received made it seem like it was the most obvious thing in the world.

“Honestly little brother,” he ignored the glare he received at being called little when there was only five minutes and twenty-seven seconds of an age difference between them, “don’t try to pull that with me. Pure heart? Talking to him alone? Do you take me for a fool? You like males, and he is, I’m assuming, a handsome young man.” Eldes could feel a headache coming on. A really big one.

“What does my sexuality have to do with anything? I see plenty of attractive males each day. That doesn’t mean I love them though. I met Ryuuto that day by accident. And he does have a pure heart to do what he does. Again, what proof is there that I love him?” There was that “you’re not fooling me” look again…

“You’re not fooling me.” He knew it. “You’ve always been a goodie-two-shoes, but you’ve never taken a shine to anyone quite like this. Especially not to someone you were ordered to take out. As nice as you may be, you’ve always put work first. Can you stand there and tell me you’d kill him if father ordered you too?”

“Of course not!” Eldes couldn’t believe he’d even ask that. “I wouldn’t murder anyone!” …Except maybe Raburina.

“No,” Ardos agreed, “I suppose you wouldn’t. But you wouldn’t do anything to harm him, would you? And I know you’ve always been able to put peons in their places before.” When he really thought about it… No. He wouldn’t hurt Ryuuto. The teen didn’t deserve it. He was untainted by the cold, cruel world, and Eldes would have no part in changing that. But that didn’t mean—

“I’m done with this conversation.” The slightly older man smirked nastily at his brother’s clipped tone.

“Finally realized it, have we? And now you don’t want to face the truth? Perfect little Eldes isn’t quite the saint everyone thinks?”

Eldes didn’t say anything to the taunt as he quickly left the room. He hated rumors… He hated Raburina for spreading rumors… He hated his brother for believing rumors…

But most of all, he hated they were probably right.


After that conversation, Eldes realized that he did, in fact, have a soft spot for the teen. And as the time went by, that admiration developed into something deeper. And as Ryuuto snagged his last shadow pokémon, he knew that he never again wanted to have these feelings for anyone other than this boy who had stolen his heart.

“…You’re not going to stop me, are you?” Eldes shook his head.

“No. You beat me, and now you must go on. Stopping him is up to you.” Ryuuto nodded with a smile that warmed the older man’s heart. Even if he hadn’t realized the truth earlier, he certainly would have known now.

“Thanks. Then… I guess I’ll go.” He turned around to go after Deathgold, only to be stopped abruptly by a hand grabbing his wrist. Before he could question the man’s actions, Eldes spun him around and pressed their lips together firmly. Ryuuto was surprised, to say the least. Pleasantly so though. Actually, he’d been harboring a crush on the older man for quite some time, truth be told. Thus, it was Eldes’s turn to be shocked when Ryuuto opened his mouth in invitation.

That was all the prompting he needed.

Ryuuto had wondered what another tongue would feel like ever since he’d hit puberty. He decided that he liked it. A lot. Maybe it was just because Eldes was the one doing it. He was sure he really didn’t care. He was too busy trying to match the older man’s moves, seeing as he’d never kissed anyone before… Well, there was that one game of truth or dare when he was nine, but that was the last time he’d ever kissed a girl. It was more than enough to last a lifetime. No, kissing Eldes was certainly much better.

Eldes had already known that he’d like it. He just hadn’t realized to what extent. The last time he’d had a serious boyfriend was when he was in his mid-twenties, and kissing him had been… Well, the words dead fish came to mind. But Ryuuto, who quite obviously had never kissed anyone before, was hot and passionate at only fourteen. If this was how well he kissed already, he was sure to be a professional before he left puberty.

And I intend to still be around at that time…

But before they could start planning the rest of their lives, Ryuuto had an evil organization to stop… And said teen was quickly running out of breath, not having mastered the fine art of breathing through the nose while kissing. Eldes reluctantly pulled away, noting happily that Ryuuto was flushed and panting. If only they had more time…

“It’s time. I’ll be waiting for you.” The teen nodded, a grin threatening to split his face.

“I’ll win, and then we can continue, right?” Eldes nodded and placed a chaste kiss to his forehead.

“I’d like to see someone stop us. Now go save the world.” Ryuuto shot him one last smile before running to his destiny without another word. Eldes watched him go, knowing he’d win. His father was no match for that fiery boy, no match at all. It was rather shocking to find that Ryuuto returned his affections, but he wasn’t about to question such wonderful luck. No, he had more important things to do at the moment… Like go watch his beloved stop his father’s devious plans.

Maybe,’ he thought as he went to find a safe place to watch the upcoming battle, ‘I won’t kill Raburina after all…

After all, rumors weren’t really rumors if they were true, now were they?


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