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Thread: Silent Kiss ((Nightlightshipping, Rated G))

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    Default Silent Kiss ((Nightlightshipping, Rated G))

    Wooo, another fic by me already. ;o First off, I PMed Kiori and she said to post it here, so... yeah. >_> I will link to this in my signature when I get the first chapter up. This is just the prologue, but feel free to point out any improvements, mistakes, or just anything that's not flame. ^^

    Nightlightshipping is Espeon and Umbreon, in case you didn't know. Or just check the main part of Shippers Community. Anyway, here is the fanfiction that you've all been waiting for! (Not really, but just go along.)

    **made by Misty-Fan-Forever**

    Title: Silent Kiss

    Disclaimer: Pokémon is copyrighted by Nintendo and Satoshi Tajiri, and the only thing I own is the plot of this fanfiction.

    Genre: Fantasy/Romance.

    Stage 000: x.prologue.history.x

    In a land far, far away from Aisuru Town, there was once this royal princess of the prestigious king and queen that every male fancied whenever she stepped outside the castle. The princess was a beautiful, young Espeon with smooth, silky lavender fur, proving to be well groomed by the personnel, with its large turf of fur jutting out of her cheeks. Sometimes she appeared to others with a rosy scarf around her neck, along with a pink ribbon wrapped around her left ear.

    The parents had been recognized by many and accepted, because they were an Umbreon and Espeon, which was normally frowned upon by many but its story became a legend for the kingdom. It was the legend where the Espeon princess herself admired and hoped for one day when she could meet someone like her father. Independent, unwavering, valiant; those characteristics were fancied by many females, especially for the young princess herself.

    However many times Espeon was shown a potential mate, she never gave them romantic interest. Every single male she met was turned down in a matter of days, if not hours. The king and queen were concerned for the kingdom and their daughter, but Espeon didn't seem to have much worries. They saw her as being stubborn about finding that one, but she saw otherwise. She knew the one she was waiting for her would come and sweep her off her feet, to save the kingdom and prove to everyone her existence without her parents' prestigious titles.

    That was when she entered the forbidden Deep Lake. It had been forbidden to enter due to a few troublesome events that occurred inside, along with disappearances of a few innocent Pokémon that were reported missing by their families. A large group of Castforms in their regular form had appeared in front of her and signaled for her to follow, and so she did, out of curiosity where they wanted to lead her to. When they stopped at the entrance of Deep Lake, the Castforms immediately disappeared and Espeon hadn’t the slightest idea as to why she was led there.

    As inquisitive as anyone would be for being led to a forbidden area, Espeon entered the Deep Lake with wary and excitement. The thought of being blackmailed or used as scapegoat hadn't crossed her head for a moment inside the forest. Then she understood why she was led in here. It had been under a dark, cloudy sky with only the moon shining brightly over the lake. Reflecting on the shady waters, Espeon sensed another figure near her, though with uncertainty and suddenly realized she no longer had to wait anymore...

    Before Espeon could turn to face the silhouette, the kingdom suddenly disappeared. Every one of the villagers, the king and queen, every living creatures within the kingdom had vanished from the universe. The only ones left were Espeon and the unknown silhouette, separated from each other in another part of the universe, leaving an imagery of a large, but rather old tree in the center of the universe, its branches blowing to the northwest direction.


    Reviews, comments, anything is appreciated. That is, except for flames. And it is my first time writing Pokémon x Pokémon. And yes, I know it's short, but this is also a prologue.

    Yes, it has been edited and fixed a bit as far as Microsoft Word permitted. Feel free to comment upon any more changes, mistakes, etc.
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    Well its nice so far, Midnight Eefi. I wonder why the kingdom disappeared? But I hope to read more soon. Great job. ^___^

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    Nice prologue. ^^

    Only concern I have is you should have elaborated more on that Castform phenomena...or something. It also looks a tad too short.

    But overall, great start. *thumbs up* I'd definitely keep my eye on this. (And I know my English was wrong again...>>)

    *gives 4 bananas*

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    I think this is going to turn out nice.
    Awesome banner, by the way.

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    Coolness, just coolness. You've got description in there for me to picture it. In fact, I feel like I'm there when I read it.

    Suspense and cliffhanger make a deadly combo. );
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    I've never read a pokemon/pokemon fic before, but I really like this. o_o I wonder what happened to the kingdom. It was a little short, but oh well. XD Detailed description makes up for that. Can't wait for chapter one! ^^

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    Default Late commenting. >__>

    Quote Originally Posted by Sweet May
    Well its nice so far, Midnight Eefi. I wonder why the kingdom disappeared? But I hope to read more soon. Great job. ^___^
    You'll find out soon... >D Well, not exactly soon but, later in the fanfiction. But thank you! ^__^

    @Cho Hakkai: Well, it is the prologue but I admit that it's short too. The Castforms may be elaborated later in the storyline, so just be patient.

    @eievui: Thank you, and I certainly hope so. I have high hopes for this story.

    @Ratiasu: Thank you, and I know.

    @Chelc: You'll find out soon enough, but not as soon as one or two chapters, I think.

    Thank you everyone, once again for your reviews and all. As forementioned by me, I have high hopes for this so don't be surprised if it will be completed in no time. ^o^ I really do try to make this as enjoyable as possible, and it is indeed my first Pokémon fanfiction, let alone shipping. But do not be alarmed; it will be done nicely.

    To below: Thank you, it's actually my first time writing fantasy genre, but I certainly hope it will and can be good.
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    Cool fic, very mysterious and I really enjoy the fantasy aspects of it!
    ................and there goes the tumbleweed.

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    ...... You don't want to know.


    Off Topic: Heh, you know what's weird? I'm currently reading a book called Once Upon a Marigold and it sounds a lot like this.

    On Topic: Well I'll certainly be keeping my eye on this! It has a really good start. =D

    ~ Fallen
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    Am closing this upon author's request.

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