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    Note: This was called Everything can change in 10 years, but the title sucked and I thought it wouldn't even been touched so I renamed it for now. And this is my story, not a Back to the future fanfic.
    Only putting up to see if anyone likes it. It is PG rated on the safe side, hardly any of my stories/fanfics are ever G rated.

    Title: A lot can happen in ten years

    Summary: Five survivors of a ruled kingdom that made earth a personal hell, decides to turn back time to the day when everything went wrong.

    It was hell alright, sure there were no demons and Satan and the devil haven’t come up, yet anyway, but the way the deserted earth is, a wasteland with billboards of a fiery red head woman on it, the name by Red. But Claire Fitzpatrick wasn’t fooled, her name was actually Kirsten Johncock and nobody really knows why the *****y Kirsty from grade 12 of Wellington Point State High School went from a selfish ***** to the next Hitler, the modern and female version that is. Maybe she should rewind and explain what was going on, or who she was.

    Claire had once being a pretty girl with dark blue eyes and long dark brown hair, she had pale skin and freckles, just like Kirsten. She had also gone to the school Kirsten had went to, except she was in grade 10 when this happened.
    But now Claire had been reduced to wearing a ragged clothes to disguise herself, and the other four standing next to her, in an attempt to fight Kirsten, the overlord of the world. Her long brown hair was now thin and looked horrible, ever seen these hair commercials where their a woman with long silky hair, and there are girls in the background with a bad hair day, picture that. Claire stared out to a road, lone cars still sped across the roads, but they were someone of a higher standards, Kirsten’s guards and wannabes. The group was near the road, huddled under a bunch of tress that died ages ago. For once, the Global warming didn’t kill them, but it was one simple girl pushed over the edge.

    “We can’t keep living like this, we have to do something now before one of us falls” Elizabeth Kelly, another yet grade 12 student from Wellington, Claire only met Liz through Channa Kanniah. Liz’s short frazzled shoulder length hair waved in the wind as Liz’s stared out to the roads and the wasteland that once was Brisbane. The place they were in was actually their old high school, but it had burned down after Kirsten had snapped. Claire could remembered the pictures from Channa’s room, the Liz in those pictures seems to be so full of life, this Liz was scared and tired, her eyes showing nothing but wanting to rest in peace.

    “But like what, in case we forgotten, Kirsten required magic, magic to take us all down” Claire told her.

    “We could fight magic with magic” the third person spoke up, she was the second oldest of them, and Channa’s cousin. Ashley Frost was her name, Claire wasn’t sure how another girl who smiled in these pictures in that room became the tall dark woman with long thin brown hair and pale skin. Her brown eyes didn’t glisten, it never did when Ashley had lost her boyfriend to that monster, and maybe lost Channa. After Kirsten had taken over the road Channa just disappeared, nobody knew what happened. Her voice was harsh as she spoke. She had also never saw her own family or her other relatives again either, well none of them did.

    ‘We could I guess, but it will be hard, you know Kirsten’s looking for us, she won’t rest until she does” Liz announced.

    “So? Maybe it’s for the better” Ashley said in a whisper. Liz grabbed Ashley’s arm.

    ‘Ashley, we are the last stand against Kirsten, the world will be doomed for all of eternity, and I am not gonna give up on that, and either are any of you” Liz said.

    “If we had the direct links to Kirsten, we might actually stand a chance, but all of them, left, missing or joined the ranks” Claire replied.

    “Or dead” the fourth of them said, Stacey, who was the oldest of them all, Claire never knew her last name and Stacey never mentioned it, she was linked to Channa by his oldest brother, Ronny, after losing him in the last riot against Kirsten, killing him and another survivor named Christine Jackson, both had saved them and they would make sure their deaths meant something. Stacey wasn’t happy as she used to be, losing everything she believed in she wanted nothing more then vengeance, Stacey was the only blonde of the group as well, although when way younger Ashley once had blonde hair, okay she wasn’t that old, since the whole thing started ten years ago. Her blue eyes didn’t have that shine like just like her and the last member of the group.

    “I should have said yes, say yes and the chaos that happened in the last ten years would have never happened” the last member finally said, her voice was the hardest and the coldest. With freckles that once helped make those crystals blue eyes shine, brown hair that seems to be in a worse state then her own. Kristen Savage, with pale skin had always believed it was her fault. The reason is because Channa had fallen for her when he was in year 8, although she never went out with him and he asked three times and was obsessed with her they were still friends. Channa had gotten over her in year 10, and made the biggest mistake, by his standards, well everyone now, fell in love with Kirsten.

    “Kristen, it’s not your fault, Channa asked me out once, does that mean it’s mine to?” Liz asked., unlike all of them Liz was the only one with tanned skin, her skin was only a bit pale while the others were. Claire didn’t want pale skin thought, or freckles, anything in common with that red head, in terms Kirsten Claire just wanted to vomit.

    ‘Someone’s approaching” Ashley warned, Claire snapped attention, a woman, no less then forty was walking up to them, her shirt was ripped and her jeans had holes in it, her dirty blonde hair lashed out behind her as she went towards them, squinting, she saw blue eyes staring out, Claire for some reason thought she was familiar. Kristen held her hand over a pouch, which contained a gun, her hand rested on the handle waiting to see if she a friend or foe. Being the youngest, at the age of twenty five, while the others were from twenty seven to about thirty two they stood protectively around her.
    Claire wanted to fight, after all the entire thing had cost her own boyfriend’s life.

    ‘I come in peace” the voice said, Kristen relaxed but only a bit.

    ‘Who are you? Stacey asked, she gripped a shiny battle axe,

    ‘Benson, Amber Nicole Benson” the voice rang out, she stared at them like they would know who she is, Amber sighed.

    ‘Actress of Buffy, the vampire Slayer, girlfriend to Willow Rosenberg?” Amber said but the others didn’t move with regonization.

    “Kirsten an actress, why should we trust you?” Liz asked

    “Because she was on the wall of Channa’s room” Ashley said finally recognizing the girl.

    “So?’ Kristen asked

    ‘Four pictures of her, and I believe Channa believed in her” Ashley said, Kristen held the gun in her hand again tightly and took it out with precaution.

    “I am on your side, I believe we have a friend in common” Amber said.

    “Why should we believe you/” Stacey growled, Claire thought she was right they already lost too much, one wrong move and they could lose another.

    ‘My husband, Adam Busch, he was killed, lime Sean, Ronny, Sam” Amber said looking at one another,. Ashley pulled out a gun and aimed it at her with one hand.

    “How dare you say his name, you don’t even know him” Ashley growled with venom, Kristen raised her gun as well.

    “Fine, kill me then, but you will lose your only chance to save the world” Amber replied, before any of them could react behind Amber a dozen soldiers, Kirsten’s lackeys charged at them.

    From a high castle in the ruined city called Hollywood, Los Angeles, LA, California, City of Angels, whatever Red, formerly know as Kirsten Johncock sat on a chair staring out of the windows, smoke rose from the city and screams wailed the streets and baggers pleaded for food and mercy.
    Red had the power of fire, during a freak accident Kirsten had received the power, for the first month she had used it to save people’s lives, now, since that event she had used it for evil. And became ruler of the world, of course she may be cruel now she still had a standard for killing people, don’t kill celebrities, don’t kill children, don’t torture the victims, and the biggest, get rid of any remaining scraps of her old life.
    She had succeeded especially in the last one, only if she had foreseen that five survivors, that did not know her directly, with others would strike back. Kirsten smiled, she had called Grace Cowardice., A scrap of her old life, and the goody-shoes didn’t realize that and Grace obviously didn’t point it out because she thought it wasn’t relevant.
    But she had to get rid of them, so they lived they would revolt against her and try to save the world, but the world was far from saved, if it could have been saved, then the world would have been saved long before Kirsten was born.

    Kirsten moved her long golden silky gown, telling the world how exactly important she was and they were to respect it. Her green emerald eyes scanned the chaos below in the streets of LA, of course the goody-shoes lived in Australia, Brisbane or Redlands College or whatever, they couldn’t accept the past was gone and wanted it back, and by killing the loved ones they seemed angrier.
    Well in the war her own parents had been killed, but of course they don’t care about what she feels, just what they want.
    And Channa was linked to them all, maybe the only reason why they were fighting back, they only cared about Channa’s feelings, not hers. Kirsten could barely remember why Channa was even involved, but her loyal servant, and long time friend who had given up hope on the new world, Jalisa Gregory kept reminding her, Kirsten knew Jalisa wasn’t on either sides about it but killing her wasn’t worth it.
    In fact the servant came up to her now in long black pants and a black shirt.

    “Red, some guards in Australia found the, people and are challenging them now, should we go and watch?” Jalisa asked.

    “Yes, we should, I want to watch the final battle” Red smiled, five little girls against a dozen of her guards? As if, Kirsten thought, they wouldn’t make it.
    Once upon a time, magic never existed, but that freak accident had seemed to unleash not just a power for her, but magic in the entire world, Good and evil. Jalisa came over and touched her on the shoulder, in seconds they disappeared into flames, of course it was a trick Red picked up, they came to a battle ground, her old school and watched the scene before them. Guns blazed and swords raised as the goody-shoes tried to defend themselves. Red stared smiling, until she counted six.

    ‘Jalisa, why is there six?” Red Snapped

    ‘I dunno Kirsty but..” in minutes Kirsten lashed out and held Jalisa by the throat.

    ‘Never use my name, got it” Kirsten growled, Jalisa nodded her head, Kirsten let her go, Jalisa was still a goody shoe in the inside, but she had control of her so Jalisa wasn’t doing anything heroic.

    ‘They kill the six person” Red replied.

    Kristen had enough bullets to take the goons and she didn’t care when she would run out. She fired several times to a guard running towards her with a sword in his hand; he fell lifelessly onto the ground.
    They had trained everyday since the event in 2006, and Liz knew how to fight, with a sword in her hand she engaged on a one on one sword fight with a female guard.
    Liz saw the guard was struggling, Liz showed no emotion as she fought her, this ******* wanted to be part of someone who tried to kill everyone she love then she would pay back, Liz dogedged stab as the sword came inches from her skin.

    “Close but not close” Liz said smiling, she slammed her foot into the guard’ chest and kicked her away, immediately she fell for the ground and did a cartwheel as another guard tried hacking her,

    Amber Benson easily thwarted each guard trying to hit her, since real magic unleashed into the real world, and a freak accident had covered her in powers and knowledge of the magical world Amber had become a pro, along with it found some fighting skills, in the olden days she would have lost but she was still standing, she raised her hand and threw a guard into the battle with the movement of her eyes, able to move things including a human were one of the cool things she could do.
    In it, Amber swore she learnt every power from every TV show, Smallville, Charmed, Buffy, but she wasn’t completely sure on that note.

    ‘And they used to burn witches for their magic in the Salem Trials” Amber said as she kicked a guard out cold,

    ‘Now they would be begging for it” Amber said she swirled and hit another guard with the tip of her shoe, he stumbled giving Amber the chance to strike him cold, a sword materialized in her hand and with one slash Amber killed the guard.

    “Score 100 for the good guys, 0 for the bad” Amber said cockily, Amber jumped in the air and slammed her foot into the back of another Guard head as he tried going for the girl with brown hair, which Amber didn’t which was who, Liz or Claire. His neck snapped and he fell to the ground. Some believed the magic corrupted you, but Amber had this magic for a very long time and she was still okay, unlike Kirsten who was evil on a different basis. Amber stood back and decided to end this once and for all. She dropped the sword and put her hands to her sides, she started chanting a spell.

    As I cast this spell
    Shall my enemies feel the pain,
    And disappear in a swirl of light.
    Take my enemies away, and help my friends,
    I take vengeance now shall I reek,
    Take them away!

    Amber finished the chant and in a second the guards disappeared, the girls looked confused.

    “And magic is the only way to stop this forever” Amber announced, the five girls crowded around her in victory, as they withdrawn their weapons Amber realized she earned their respect.

    ‘Magic helped me learn of who you are and what you do, and I been searching for you, my husband died two years after the event that turned Red evil, and I want him back. Now I am Amber Benson, lover of Adam Busch, and as I heard, my number one fan is Channa, which all of you relate, especially you” Amber said looking at Ashley, taking a proper look at them the magic inside her told her who was who.

    ‘I got to say, that was quite impressive, and for someone who’s how old?” Stacey asked.

    ‘Forty, but my magic helps me keep young enough to fight, and I don’t think it’s fair that one little thing changed everything, well we have the chance now” Amber explained.

    “How?” Kristen questioned.

    ‘Time travel, which I have in my disposal” Amber replied.

    ‘Can, we, like now?” Liz stuttered on the words and made them jumbled up.

    ‘Yes, but we have one try” Amber smiled. She closed her eyes and chanted a spell in a foreign language.

    “Hope we are doing the right thing” Stacey said.

    ‘We are” Kristen replied, a minute later a swirling vortex appeared.

    “Now, the last chance we have” Amber said, the others looked at each other and jumped through, Amber was last, she turned and smiled to the ruined roof of a building, she knew Red was there and she knew she must be furious, she then leaped into the vortex and the portal closed.

    Red was furious alright, one moment she was staring at the fierce battle, the next the sixth person, revealed to be the rogue actress Amber Benson made the guards disappear in a white light.

    “Your greatness, what should we do/” Jalisa asked, then a portal opened and the others went in.

    ‘Follow them, I know what they are doing, and kill the witch at all costs” Red snarled, Red chanted a spell of her and another portal appeared, Jalisa and Red went into it.
    Claims Amber Benson and Ali Larter as Bishie.

    Credits go to the original creators of Cynthia's and Flannery's artwork.
    United we stand but seperated we fall

    And so the fifth generation begins...

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    An interesting story Willows Tara. It's a bit long, but still good. I did notice a few mistakes, however"

    She had also never saw her own family or her other relatives again either
    It should be "seen"
    “Why should we believe you/” Stacey growled
    “Your greatness, what should we do/”
    I think in both of these sentences you ment to write "?". I can see why you wrote these, though. It's an easy mistake.
    before any of them could react behind Amber a dozen soldiers, Kirsten’s lackeys charged at them.
    "Before any of them could react, a dozen soldiers, Kristen's lackeys, appeared behind Amber, and charged them."
    and baggers pleaded for food and mercy.
    I think you mean beggers.

    I also noticed you replaced several periods with coma's. But besides those mistakes, it was pretty good. Maybe a bit long, but still good.

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    Hey thanks Fez.
    Yeah I always make the / instead of ?, even thought I swear i press shift. Okay well I do have the next bit up already, I post it now.

    10 years in the past: April 24th 2006, days before the incident.

    Red and Jalisa appeared in the back of the assembly hall of her old school, no one noticed their appearance. Amber saw, who she remembered was the principal of Wellington Point State High School, Red had killed him days after everything went wrong. It was a Monday and that meant an Assembly for all students, everyone was crowded in the hall.

    “We are in the past, but where are the others?” Jalisa wondered, the goody-shoes were nowhere to be found, Red looked down, she was still in her 27 year old body in her golden gown, which meant the goody-shoes still had their bodies and her real self was sitting in this hall. Red stared ahead, she could see the back of Channa’s head, his short black hair. The reason why all of this happened, Jalisa followed her gaze.

    ‘Your great highness, maybe we were in the wrong, Channa only loved you, he never made this happen” Jalisa warned, Red growled but unfortunately attracted attention.

    “Excuse me?” Mr. Morrison, the principal asked, everyone turned to the two, Red could see Channa full now, his brown eyes behind gold rimmed glasses stared at her, maybe wondering if she looked familiar, she might but she did grow her red fiery hair, it was now the color of blood and long almost to her hips.

    ‘Excuse me, who are you?” Mr Morrison snapped, Kirsten walked down the aisle of green chair and turned to Channa, two seats across was the young Jalisa and Tahlia Ryan, looking at her, Red had almost forgotten about Tahlia, she had gone missing just like Channa had in the future and had no idea where she went. Before she could do anything a pale hand touched her, she snapped around and came face to face with Ashley, her eyes were furious, she finally came to face to face with the monster who killed her boyfriend and somehow, made her cousin disappear.

    ‘Stay away from them” Ashley growled.

    ‘Like to see you try and stop me” Red grinned.

    “Don’t try me, Kirsten” Ashley said harshly, Red’s nostrils flared, she called her Kirsten, how dare she.

    ‘What is going on!” Mr Morrison said louder. Jalisa walked up to them.

    ‘Please, let take this outside” Jalisa said, she didn’t want her younger self to get caught in the middle of a war, a showdown between Kirsten Johncock and Ashley Frost, and if they don’t go then Elizabeth Kelly, Amber Benson, Kristen savage and Claire something, Jalisa never knew her last name and didn’t know the blonde’s either.

    ‘I waited for 10 years for my revenge” Ashley said angrily.

    ‘Technically 10 years in the past sweetie” Kirsten smart mouthed. The hushes in the hall went silent as Ashley drawn a blade and placed on Kirsten’s pale throat.

    “Put that down this instant!” Mr Morrison yelled..

    ‘Like to see you try and take me down” Kirsten said cockily, her fire powers would destroy Ashley in a second, one look and she would be in flames. That until the blonde girl called Stacey pulled her back.

    ‘We still have a past to change, anything that happens here will make the future change, and if we change the real Kirsten’s life, then she won’t exist” Stacey whispered in her ear. Red heard a gasp and saw Channa had recognized his cousin, her and Stacey.

    ‘Ashley?” Channa asked

    “You know her?” teen Jalisa asked.

    “Kirsty?” Tahlia’s voice came, Kirsten almost fainted, she wanted to find Tahlia, but she felt the hatred Tahlia seeked and Kirsten never searched for her. Although a underground Kakora bar said to belong to her seem to be know in Brisbane somewhere.

    ‘Kirsten!” Jalisa exclaimed shocked.

    ‘Okay, get out!” Mr Morrison lost it. Kirsten looked at the young Tahlia, her long brown eyes, her almost black eyes and freckles with pale skin, she could have looked like her but in reality they were nothing alike.

    ‘Oh my god” a very familiar voice said, standing up was her younger self with short red hair. Ashley saw her and snarled, Claire appeared with the others and they told Ashley to keep it cool, Red realized they were here alright, just hiding. Red could sense fear from the ones who had no idea what was going on and she felt Channa’s eyes bore into her.

    ‘Stop looking at me you filthy freak!” Kirsten screamed at me, Channa looked shocked, looking behind her the younger Kirsten seemed surprised as well,.

    ‘Don’t you dare call him that!” Kristen roared lunging at Red, Red and Kristen fell to the ground, many people were shouting fight and the teachers tried to maintain order, Kristen and Red got back on their feet and started a hand to hand combat. Kristen and Red were equally matched as both each blocked their attacks and tried to hit each other. Kristen finally lunged a blow at Red’s face, Red stumbled back. Kristen smiled in satisfactory, they had never gotten this close to Red before and a bit, just a tiny bit of fear rose in Red, they managed to survive this long, who’s knows how longer.

    ‘Sorry woman but there only a place for one of yes” Red snarled.

    ‘Yeah, if it were up to me” Kristen said, she then grabbed the younger Kirsten from two seats away and pulled her out and pulled a knife to her head, people screamed.

    ‘Shut up!” Jalisa shouted, she knew one mistake could lead to a innocent bystander’s side. Kirsten froze, one twitch of the blade and both could be gone.

    “Now I have the upper hand, and I think maybe I will kill her first” Kristen smiled. The other goody shoes didn’t seem to move much to stop Kristen, like they wanted her to do it.

    “You wouldn’t” Red said.

    ‘Try me” Kristen threatened.

    ‘This is not the way Kristen, we have to change the past, but killing Kirsten won’t change anything” Amber’s voice came into the area.

    ‘Yes it will, Kirsten will be dead and everything will” Kristen started to say

    ‘No! Unless you want to be a murderer” Amber shouted.

    ‘I don’t care, I kill her, the past changes and the other Kristen won’t ever remember it” Kristen replied.

    ‘But she will take the fall, they will find your fingerprints on it, and match it towards the other Kristen” Liz spoke up, the other selves, who were there such as Liz and Claire realized their doubles were right their, only ten years older and messier. Kristen left the school, Ashley graduated and never went to this school, Stacey and Amber never went here, but graduated from their own schools and Amber still lives in Los Angeles.
    Kristen knew Liz was right, and she couldn’t her take the fall, she tossed Kirsty to the floor who stared with widened eyes.

    “If you mess up the world a second time, I will hunt you back when you were a tiny baby and kill you with no mercy” Kristen had a cold hatred were in her eyes.

    ‘This is completely unacceptable, I will not have this in my-“ Mr Morrison started to rage

    ‘Shut up!” all of the older versions yelled, Mr Morrison had expelled Kirsten days before the incident and before she got her power, none of them remembered why but if he didn’t do it then who knows what would have happened, he believed Kirsty had cheated on a test but she didn’t do it. Mr Morrison stared wide open.

    “Amber Benson?’ Channa squeaked.
    Amber smiled, she finally came face to face with her number one fan, well 10 years younger thought.

    “That’s right kiddo, Amber Benson and we are here to change the past” Amber said, Channa walked out of the aisle and stared at her, but to everyone’s shock Kristen grabbed him and kissed him, she realized a moment later what she was doing, she let him go.

    ‘You deserve anyone better, better then Kirsten” Kristen told him.

    “Pheopile” someone yelled.

    ‘Yeah rapist!” another shouted.

    ‘Shut the hell up the lot of you! We are trying to figure out something here!” Liz snapped. Liz was beginning to lose her cool.

    “Maybe I should just kill the lot of you huh?” Then we won’t have anything to worry about” Red smile evilly, the younger Kirsten stared at her now with horror, Jalisa who stood on the sidelines could see why, she just realize her older self is evil.

    “I am sorry your great highness” Jalisa said to Red, she turned confused.

    “I hate this, and I was hoping that we would be saved, and we are” Jalisa replied, she ran over to Kristen’s side for protection.

    ‘Traitor” Red glared, she then ran out of the hall, Jalisa knew it wasn’t the end.

    The group met outside a fish and chips shop. Red had run off somewhere but as long as she didn’t do anything life altering then they would be okay.

    ‘So what do we do? We already changed the future a bit too much” Claire responded, they were all tired and wanted to save the future now but they had to take their time or one drastic event could result a worse future.

    ‘I think all we can do is actually stop the event that happened to Kirsten, just need to remember” Amber said, of course she stared at the others, since she didn’t know Kirsten before she brought upon hell, even thought the world may have been heading their anyway but it came too fast.

    “Well, we have a magical user and several of us that can fight” Stacey said, Kristen pulled out a cigarette stick and light it, on instinct she passed one to Stacey who accepted, the others didn’t smoke much and Amber wouldn’t touch it for the world.

    “I just wanted to kill, the younger Kirsten, make hell disappear all together, she caused Channa pain and then whatever happened to her she caused everyone misery and pain” Kristen said after taking a puff from the smoke.

    “I still can’t believe no one remembers what happened” Amber said.

    ‘Actually Stacey, Kristen and Ashley were thrusted right into it, they heard it from us, so actually only Claire and I should really remember” Liz explained.

    ‘Actually not everyone forgot, I still remember” Jalisa spoke up, the others had almost forgotten the stick thin girl had converted to their side, well she was already on their side, according to her she had sabotaged some of the attacks against them, one of them which had saved Stacey’s and Ashley’s lives.

    “Then please enlighten the story that lead to the destruction of our world” Amber said.

    “Well, it’s was the 25th April, Kirsten was expelled the day before, I ditched class with Courtney Pollocock and Grace Cowardice to comfort her and all, but when we got their, Kirsten had said she saved three people with this new power she had, which was a freak accident, apparently a very small meteor slammed into the ground and somehow it granted Kirsten powers dealing with fire. But she was raving on about how maybe Channa was the reason why she was expelled, and if you know it, she also said I overheard someone say nobody likes me and I am sure he turned Tahlia and my friends against me” Jalisa paused for a moment, the memory was harsh as Jalisa remembered.

    “She then crumbled into pieces, Kirsten was broken, but then she suddenly became hard with anger and Kirsten’s eyes was intense, and that how it happened” Jalisa explained.

    ‘No” Amber replied.

    ‘Yeah it is sad” Jalisa said

    ‘No, that’s not what changed it; Kirsten was on the road of destruction but something else major, someone or something had changed everything” Amber replied, Jalisa didn’t answer, maybe she was right? Afterall having that magical power with knowledge she did know best. During all of this Liz’s was frowning.

    ‘Grace, please tell me it’s not the Grace with darkish red hair, pale skin and glasses with green eyes” Liz said looking up to them.

    ‘Sure is, why?” Jalisa asked, once again she already knew why, because Grace had already been a part of them and had been killed.

    ‘Because Grace was with us helping us stop Kirsty, which means we had the contact to help stop Kirsten, and she died right under our noses” Liz replied.

    ‘Wouldn’t matter, as Channa once told me, nothing can get through Kirsten’s head, her brain is like a brick and nothing can get past it. No one knows what she thinking about” Claire announced.

    ‘That’s something we already knew, but it makes sense if her friends can’t even do it, which means Grace couldn’t help us anyway” Ashley replied.

    ‘April 25th!” Amber suddenly exclaimed, her blue eyes were wide open as she stared at Jalisa.

    ‘Um yeah” Jalisa replied.

    ‘Jalisa today is the 24th! Which means the destruction, the very threat of our future is threatened again, and we have to stop her tomorrow!” Amber replied. The others flicked worried glances; they knew it was soon but not this soon.

    “Looks like resting is out of the question” Kristen replied. Amber suddenly leaned over, clutching her stomach.

    ‘Amber?” Liz asked

    “We, have. she’s.. killing..Young Amber” Amber gasped.

    Teleporte De Han gju Vu!

    Before the others knew what happened they disappeared into a blue misty substance which lingered for a moment before disappearing.

    Red had decided to strike where it hurt, and that was to hit the younger Amber, she only prayed that she hadn’t got into a freak accident yet, but the way her husband was yelling and she was leaning against the wall in pain, Red knew she was helpless, and once she was gone, no more Amber interfering in the future. She heard a soft sound and instantly knew the Goody shoes had come to the rescue, she put her hand on Amber, her hand became hot on Amber’s arm, and she was burning Amber slowly. Amber screamed in pain, an very familiar but older voice screamed as well, the older Amber and others had defiantly arrived.
    Before Red could go any further someone grabbed her and tossed her to the side, Red stumbled and saw Stacey wielding a short sword.

    “Stay away from her” she threatened pointing the sword to her.

    ‘I am not afraid of you dumb blonde prick” Red insulted but before Stacey could react Jalisa did a round house kick on Red, she went flying onto a couch, the husband of Amber, Adam had gone to Amber’s side holding her in his arms, as if that would protect her, if Adam had to die before his expire death then so be it, but right now she had to fight her loyal servant who she thought had stayed true to her.

    “You traitor, you deserve to rot in hell, when we get back I will personally kill you slowly myself” Red growled.

    ‘Are we just gonna talk or are we gonna fight?” Jalisa asked sounding more, Red growled and lunged, Red tried swiping her hand across her throat, but with experience from hanging around her, you don’t leave with nothing, as she learned from Channa in that stupid year 11 conference.
    So instead Jalisa grabbed her hand and threw Red back a few paces.

    ‘You may think you are tough, but you learnt from the Master, and the master always wins” Red growls, she did a running leap and her foot collided with Jalisa’s cheat, Jalisa fell to the ground but only for a moment before she somersaulted backwards.

    “You learnt that trick from me you *****!” Red shouted, suddenly a fireball appeared in Red’s hand,

    “Burn baby, just burn” Red said before throwing it, Jalisa narrowing dodged it, she then swirled around and kicked Red in the face with her leg.

    ‘That was calling Stacey a dumb prick” Jalisa yelled, Red recovered in a instance and jumped back, while the younger Jalisa and Kirsten could only punch, and maybe kick, the older versions still could wallop very hard. Red punched Jalisa in the face, finally a successful hit, while Jalisa was stunned with pain, which was what was wrong with people these days, they couldn’t hold in their pain. But Red had to escape Stacey’s sword that slashed inches from her chest, Stacey had fiery in her eyes.

    ‘You people asked for it” Red growled, she suddenly disappeared.

    ‘Wow, that’s was easy” Stacey said turning to them but the younger Amber was gone.

    ‘Why do I have a bad feeling about this?” Liz asked, Amber chanted a few words and suddenly they appeared at night in their school.
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    Credits go to the original creators of Cynthia's and Flannery's artwork.
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    And so the fifth generation begins...

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    Wow. This is getting to be really interesting! I only noticed one mistake in this chapter:

    Quote Originally Posted by Willows Tara
    ‘Are we just gonna talk or are we gonna fight?” Jalisa asked sounding more, Red growled and lunged
    What did Jalisa sound more like? You just forgot to add one word. That was the only mistake I caught, so that's always good. I'll be waiting for the next chapter to come out.

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    Oh right, didn't see that, I meant more angry and all, and I have the next bit right here, but one after might take longer because I haven't done that part yet.. And thanks!

    Edit: When I first started writing it, I wrote about 26 pages in one day, that was on Easter day (Or maybe Good Friday), maybe it had to do with the fact almost all of my family were over that day..
    Here's the next part, and the one after this may take longer to be posted as I mentioned before.

    “That’s why” Kristen said, the others turned and saw a young version of the group, each tied and with fear in their eyes, their eyes widened more when they saw their older versions appear out of nowhere. Red hovered over them waiting for one of them to make the first move.

    ‘Don’t do this, you will change the future in drastic ways, more then you ever imagined” Older Ashley protested

    “Yeah, where you aren’t in it, and I will be dancing when it happens” Red smiled.

    ‘Mmmrfe” Younger Stacey trying saying but her voice was muffled. Red stared at the older ones with hatred, it would all stop.

    “So, tonight is the night, it’s comes down to this, I waited this night for ten years, now I didn’t really want to kill you Jalisa, but you left me no choice” Red said, she now stood behind the younger Jalisa, she slid a pale hand down Young Jalisa’s neck. She shivered with fright.

    ‘That’s right, shiver all you want Jalisa, nothing going to help you now” Red whispered in her ear. Red stared at the group, she wanted to taunt them, tease them until they react without thinking. This time Red walked over to the younger Kristen, the older one growled with anger in warning, Older Liz held her back.

    ‘I always thought you were a ***** Kristen, sleeping with every man in sight, but somehow I am the *****” Red said.

    “I don’t kill people” Kristen said in a tone.

    “Then why did you try to kill an innocent 16 year old today?’ Red shot back.

    ‘Because she was going to become a psychopath killer who no one likes” Kristen growled.

    “Maybe next time you might decide instead of being a shallow *****, date Channa” Red smirked. Kristen lost it, shoving Liz off her, she lunged at Kirsten before she could react the two girls rolled across the ground, the two jumped up on their feet, instead of punches Kristen screeched and pulled Red’s hair, Red screamed and slammed her palm into Kristen’s face, she stumbled face a few steps but regained her focus and slapped Red.
    Red grabbed Kristen’s hands as she tried slapping her the second time

    ‘What is this? What is this! I thought you were a fighter, but you fight just like a girl” Red snarled.

    ‘Go to hell Kirsten” Kristen threatened, Red’s glare hardened.

    ‘My name is Red! Kirsten is no more!” Red screamed now pulling Kristen’s hair, Kristen slammed her knee into her abdomen, Red let her but she didn’t show any pain.

    “Now who’s fighting now a girl?” Kristen shot back. While the girls went head to head the others united the prisoners.

    “What the hell is happening?” Younger Jalisa exclaimed as soon as she was untie.

    ‘Quicker way” Older Amber mumbled, the others were confused until she chanted a spell and the ropes were untied. The younger girls stared as the other two were fighting, Younger Kristen was especially shocked, her own self was fighting like a vampire slayer or something.

    “What are you still doing, run!” Older Liz yelled, they didn’t need to be told twice, they ran out of their fast as they can.
    Red had enough of the battle and out distance between her and Kristen by unleashed a circle of fire to ward her off, Kristen covered her face from the flames, Kirsten ran off and found a car and stole it, Kristen followed in hot pursuit and stole a motorcycle and followed her.

    ‘This is bad” Older Stacey murmured.

    ‘Come on, let’s follow them!” Older Amber replied.

    Older Kristen was ******, it was bad enough she wondered if she had given Channa a chance maybe this would have never happened, and the red head had to push it in her face. Kristen never rode a motorcycle but she seems pretty good at it right now as she followed the red tail lights of Kirsten’s stolen vehicle. There wasn’t much traffic so Kristen was okay so far, as long as a cop doesn’t try to stop her, Red would kill them if they try to touch her, no matter how fast she went it seems like Red was always in front. Kristen went up a hill and the motorcycle went airborne for a moment before landing on the road again, Kristen saw a bit of light which became a huge explosion which Kirsten’s car went right through, before she could stop Kristen entered the fiery hell, she felt hot and the fire licking at her, but she got out safety, she skidded the motorcycle to a stop just in time to see Ashley engaged a fight with Kirsten, she was ****** off as she was, so it was explainable Ashley wanted a piece, the two held a sword and swung it to each other, the sounds of the swords clunking together as one tried to make a strike.

    ‘Give it up Frosty girl, it’s over” Red replied as Ashley decided to engage a sword fight with her.

    ‘I want to know what happened to my cousin you sick girl!’ Ashley threatened, the swords kept blocking each other attacks, Red was already getting tired of this, the other goody-shoes appeared, waiting to enlist Ashley’s aid if she needed it.

    “Now, now how the hell would I know, he the one who disappeared” Red laughed.

    ‘Where is he!” Ashley screamed, she almost cut Red open but sliced her golden gown, although she ripped the bottom bit to stop it from causing her troubles she still didn’t like it when someone destroyed her stuff.

    ‘I wouldn’t know! I never had anything to with it selfish *****!” Red yelled.

    “Yes you did! You wanted to get rid of every scrap in your life and Channa was one of them!” Ashley roared. Red was getting tired again, and getting tired was not one should do unless they really want her to be ******.

    Red kicked Ashley in the stomach, she leaned over, Kristen came to her aid.

    ‘Never mind, there nothing you can do, I just wait until my younger self changes things” Red sneered staring at them, the two girls stared back at hatred until Red disappeared into flames. The others caught up to them.

    “I am really getting tired of this, we have to do something or the future will just repeat itself” Liz replied.

    “We will, but when the precise moment, when she ditches, we go and stop her” Jalisa said, she wasn’t sure, but maybe stopping her in the precise moment would save her, and that precise moment was 11:30 in the morning.

    The others had a plan, but Claire and Stacey had a different one, and that one was to confront the principal, at 8:30 they left the apartment they were in, the others were sleeping so they left a note and headed for the school. They finally arrived and now waited in front of the principal’s door, Stacey could hear someone getting up to answer the door. Soon enough a bald guy answered the door.

    ‘Hi Mr. Morrison, I am here to talk to you about Kirsten Johncock” Stacey said in a sweet voice

    “Wait on, you are one of these jokers who pulled that prank yesterday, well I will have not you in here making more jokes” Mr Morrison yelled.

    ‘Listen, it depends on the future, you close that door on me right now and you will be hurting the future, please do not close that door” Stacey begged.

    ‘Get out of my school!” Mr Morrison yelled slamming the door successfully this time.

    “Yeah, well I hope you are enjoying your coffee, because it could be the last one you ever freaking have!” Claire lost her temper, Stacey wondered how many more were going to lose their patience, and would it do any good?. Claire stormed out of the office with Stacey following, since this resulted in complete utter failure then they would have to personally stop Kirsten aka Red altogether.

    Young Kirsten was at a loss, after the attempt on her life yesterday by some possible pranksters, and then being expelled for so called cheating, Kirsten wondered if that girl with the bad vibe was actually her future self as the others proclaimed. She groaned as she remembered some of them who were pranksters seem to be connected to Channa. She thought once he was a nice guy, but he defiantly isn’t. sighing again she walked down the road until she crashed into Grace.

    ‘Hey Grace, what you doing?” Kirsty asked, it was almost like 11:30, was what Grace doing out of class.

    ‘Courtney wanted me to see how you were, we ditched but she was caught, so I came on my own” Grace replied. Kirsten smiled a bit, aleast she still had some friends unlike that selfish ******* Tahlia, they weren’t really friends anymore, neither was Jalisa, althought she was okay with Casadra Wiggins, one of her other friends. Cassie for short.

    “That isn’t right” Jalisa responded as they stood not stood far from Grace but from earshot, they turned the other way, backs facing them because they didn’t want to be recognized from yesterday.

    “What isn’t?” Amber asked.

    ‘Something changed in the timeline, Courtney never got caught, who knows what effect this is going to have, except it could happen sooner, Grace and Kirsty don’t always talk much so Grace might leave soon” Jalisa said worriedly.

    ‘We going to have a heart to heart talk then, it’s the only way, besides holding all these bottled feelings can’t be good for you” Liz replied.

    “Maybe the power is the thing that corrupted her fully? I mean this happened after she gets her power” Claire chipped in.

    “No, that would mean my power corrupted and I had it for ten years and I am fine” Amber disagreed.

    “What even happened in the freak accident?” Stacey wondered to Amber.

    ‘Well, I was minding my own business taking a stroll in the park, it’s was almost night and everything was quiet, I lean against a tree but something fall on me, I don’t know what it was, but it was some substance, I think an experiment of something, but the substance fell on me and I was covered in some slime, the slime absorbed into my skin and before I knew it, I was a witch” Amber explained

    “But that’s doesn’t explain why Kirsten had magic and magic suddenly exist” Ashley replied

    ‘I am getting their, when I looked up there was a meteor, just like the one you said Kirsty encountered Jalisa, stuck in the tree, I am now guessing they came from another dimension, not space but another world for some reason, hence my time travel power, maybe the other meteors, if any landed away from humans” Amber finished. The others wondered in confusion, maybe Kirsten’s power was evil and Amber’s wasn’t.

    ‘I don’t think the powers have anything to do with Kirsty, I think something else happened today, something, unexpected” Jalisa replied. Now they were confused, when Grace walked past them Amber realized Kirsty had moved on.

    ‘We better keep following” Amber said, the others stalked Kirsten who took a shortcut through some bushes somewhere.

    ‘Hurry, we are loosing her” Jalisa responded as Kirsten disappeared out of sight, but a pair of legs kicked Liz onto the ground, landing on her feet Red stood.

    ‘You will never find out what happens guys, it’s all over” Red said smiling evilly.

    ‘Get out of our way” Stacey snarled but the red head barely took notice of her, instead she stared at Ashley.

    “you know if your little cousin didn’t start the stunt where he’s my secret admirer then he would be right” Red said to her.

    ‘Yawn, I heard it all, except see I knew way before you did, and I might have encouraged him to do it because we were talking about it the first time I told him” Ashley said. Red felt a more ****** off, great the Goody shoes who tried stopping herr encouraged her cousin to be a secret admirer.

    ‘You know I find it funny how Tahlia was your best friend was she? Yet in one moment time bang, she turns around and she knew about the secret admirer stuff along with the Cassie girl” Ashley taunted.

    “What does that have do with anything!” Red snapped.

    ‘Proves a point, she was meant to be your best friend and yet its snaps right in front of you without you even seeing it, and further more, you couldn’t appreciate a thing he did” Ashley growled. Claire stepped forward and removed a necklace around her neck, it was a black butter, one of it’s black wings seems to be missing leaving an empty silver area where the little fake crystal once was.

    ‘He came you this as a secret admirer thing, and you threw it in his face” Claire said with anger.

    ‘How did you get that?” Red stammered, she knew that necklace was a secret admirer thing but how did she get it?

    ‘He gave it to me because, I was more worthy of it” Claire smirked.
    Red’s eyes narrowed.

    ‘You may be, but he’s not worthy of a single thing” Red said in a low tone, before Red knew what happened thought, both Kristen and Ashley had withdrawn short swords from their clothes and started to try and hack Red. Red had to duck a couple times before she actually got in control again.

    “Two against one? That isn’t far” Red commented.

    ‘Don’t see how it’s any different from when you send the guards to attack us, which is far more then five people” Kristen growled as she jabbed her sword at her, victory, a cut finally appeared on Red’s shoulder, a red thin line appeared, Red stared at it then growled at Kristen.

    ‘You will pay for that!” Red screamed, she grabbed hold of Kristen’s sword with her bare hands and threw Kristen across the area where she painfully hit tree, Red almost sighed but realized it wasn’t over, Channa’s cousin was still fighting in his favor.

    “Bloody *****” Red cursed.

    ‘You know, if I wasn’t his cousin then I would have accepted those secret admirers things” Ashley yelled as she slammed the sword against Red’s palm, her hand had a small red line but that’s was about it.

    ‘Are you immortal or something!’ Ashley cursed

    ‘Something like that” Red mocked her.

    ‘And what? You like to incest or something?” Red grinned, keep pissing Ashley off and she sure would win, and maybe take one of them down, besides grieving for someone might buy her some time.

    “I said If I wasn’t his cousin you damn moron!” Ashley shouted, Red still managed to duck the weapons.

    “But you are, why would you even say it if you didn’t like incest” Red mocked her more.

    ‘Damn, are you tone deaf or something? I am a girl so I think I know what I might want regardless if someone is your cousin, and I am not interested in incest!” Ashley shouted swinging her sword around, Red ducked as the sword slammed into the tree and got stuck.

    ‘You and your stupid swords” Red grinned, she hit Ashley’s shoulder with her leg and tossed her away from the sword, Ashley almost fell down but she wouldn’t be defeated.

    “While we are at this, tell me what you did with him” Ashley growled. Red aimed a punch but Ashley escaped it.

    ‘For the last time” I had nothing to do with his disappearance!” Kirsten yelled.

    ‘Yeah right, like what you did to Sam you ungrateful *****!” Ashley screamed, Red was puzzled for a moment then remembered he was Ashley’s boyfriend.

    “Oh yeah, how is he? Enjoying life away from you/” Red asked, Ashley screamed and punched Red on the face.

    ‘We had nothing to do with it! You only wanted to get rid of the scraps part of your life, not including your “Scraps” families as well!” Ashley yelled.

    “And last time I checked, if you didn’t interfere then you wouldn’t have been affected” Red mocked her.

    “Wrong, you destroyed the world, and unless if you knew everyone in that world, then you would have still done it” Ashley growled.

    “It is funny how you know what I would have done” Red said harshly. The two stood facing each other. Liz was getting impatient, the longer they took, the sooner Kirsty would become covered with magic, and then she would soon turn evil.
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    Credits go to the original creators of Cynthia's and Flannery's artwork.
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    Okay next chapter finally up, it is kinda long.
    “Ashley, you have to hurry up and finish this” Liz whispered, loud enough so Ashley could hear, but Red still heard her.

    “What’s the rush Lizzie? Wanna try to stop my younger self from destroying the world?” Red snickered; Liz gave her a disgusted look.

    ‘What the hell have you become, why did this even happen?” Liz snarled.

    ‘You aren’t getting an answer out of me women” Red said.

    “No, but you aren’t stopping us” Amber replied behind Red, she hit Red over the head with a stick, she fell.

    “Nice one” Kristen commented.

    ‘Yeah, but she won’t stay like that for long, we have to stop her younger self” Amber said. The group hurried away, hoping they would find the other Kirsten, before the older one found them.
    They had walked a bit but they finally found Kirsty, but the problem was that a bright red light enveloped her for a moment then faded away.

    “It’s been done, Kirsty has received her powers” Jalisa whispered as they watched the younger girl look amazed.

    “Okay, but what is the event that makes her snap?” Claire asked, her voice sounded noise. Kirsty snapped to attention as she heard a voice. Amber hushed them so the younger Kirsty wouldn’t see them hiding in the low bushes. The younger Kirsten looked around, with her hair, which was short in this year and wasn’t really the color of the red, but everything else seemed the same about her except she was ten years younger.

    Amber stared at the girl’s face, she didn’t seem to have the face of evil, the face that would haunt thousands and millions of humans everywhere in ten years. Instead, it was a tired girl who looked a bit afraid and surprised when the magic had enveloped into her. In a way Amber almost felt sorry for her.

    “You know what, why don’t we just tell her?” Amber said to the others. Before they could stop her Amber got out of her hiding spot and in Kirsty’s view.

    “It’s alright, I come in peace” Amber told her, Kirsty still held her ground watching the dirty blonde. Amber stood still and connected her blue eyes to her green eyes, being calm as she could be so Kirsty could see she wasn’t a threat, But how was she to do that when the one person who changed her life, destroyed it was standing in front of her.

    ‘Who are you?” Kirsty finally spoke up. Even ten years in the future it still amazed Amber how not everyone knew who she was.
    “Benson, Amber Nicole Benson, an actress” Amber introduced herself, she motioned to the others with her hand to come out, the others hesitated and appeared. Kirsty took a step back.

    “I don’t know who any of you are, well I do, you are the people who pulled that prank yesterday” Kirsty said, her voice was firm and strong. Her eyes traveled to the older Kristen and gasped.

    “And you are the one who tried to kill me” Kirsty went on, she took a few more steps back.

    “With good reason” Kristen whispered but loud enough so Kirsty could hear her. Amber couldn’t really blame her, the redhead had taken so much away that it wasn’t even funny anymore. Amber took a step forward.

    ‘We are here to tell you about the future, one where it not what it supposed to be, and I am asking, no I am telling you to forgive Channa and just move on” Amber said in one sentence. Kirsty’s eyes widened

    “This is what it’s about? Channa was the one behind it? He’s the reason why I was expelled and you pulled that prank, so he could be the hero?” Kirsty said angrily now.

    ‘No, you are the reason” Kristen snarled.

    ‘Kristen calm it!” Liz’s soft voice entered the fray, in the ten years Liz seemed to have become more calmer and softer then the others, even thought she still had hatred of Red inside her. Amber stepped forward again.

    ‘Stay away from me!” Kirsty shouted, bright red and orange flames sprouted from her hands and went straight for them, a split moment before they became covered in flames, Amber’s hands glow a bright white color and the gang was covered in a magical barrier, Amber could see that Kirsty made a ran for it after seeing what she did.

    ‘Kirsty!” Amber shouted but it was too late, Kirsty was gone, and so could there future.

    Red had recovered from the blow to the head, as she got up she saw her younger version running towards her, possible away from the goody shoes. Red stood up, waiting for her to come, just as the younger version came a second from her, Red put out her foot and tripped Kirsty, Kirsty fell to the ground.

    “It’s amazing how one moment things can change huh? And a lot can happen in ten years time” Red spoke up, the younger version looked up and saw her, dirt covered her face, which looked fearless but her eyes showed a lot more. Red kneeled down on her knees, Kirsty backed away.

    “Relax, why would I kill you?” Red asked, Kirsty looked around, Red’s face became serious.

    ‘I asked you a question lady, now answer it” Red growled.

    ‘I-I don’t know” Kirsty stammered, Red was almost disgusted, this was her younger self and she was showing fear, that’s not what she should be doing.

    “I am your older self Kirsty, ten years in the future, except we are called Red now, and we are the rulers of this forsaken world” Red told her. Kirsty stared her in the face, obviously she knew her evil self was telling the truth. Red edged closer to her but Kirsty’s foot got there first, Red fell from her knees as her younger’s self foot made contact with her face. The younger self stood up and stared.

    “Whoever you are, stay the hell away from me, *****” Kirsty spat, she then ran off, Red stood up immediately but she was already gone.

    “No worries, I will still get you Kirsty, one way or another, this world won’t be the same” Red spoke to herself.

    The younger Kirsty kept running to her school, she didn’t know where else to go, and if Mr Morrison had a problem then he could stuff it, she had to see her friends. Pain seared through her, her legs became tired from her non stop running and she started to breath heavy, yet the girl kept running, she could just see her school. She tried not think of what happened to the trio before the evil women, she had done something to make fire and she wasn’t sure what. She finally arrived at the school, taking a look behind her she saw that neither of the people following her weren’t chasing her. Taking the last of her energy Kirsty ran to where her friends normally were, students and teachers and the buildings all seemed like a blur. She got to her friends finally. She was also panting heavily as she took the area around her, it was lunch because her friends were still there. She staggered over to her best friend Tahlia Ryan. In some way Tahlia looked like her, she had freckles and pale skin. But Tahlia had brown long hair and deep dark brown eyes and was a little shorter then her.
    Tahlia turned around and saw her.

    “Kirsty what are you doing here? I thought you got expelled?” Tahlia asked. Kirsty only panted and stared into Tahlia’s caring eyes, what became of her friends in ten years time? What did her look a like in ten years mean by ruling this world?.

    “Remember these pranksters from yesterday? Well I saw them, they are following me, but I think Channa behind all of it, me getting expelled, the pranksters, all of it” Kirsty said through breaths.

    “Kirsty no, you know Channa would never ever do that, regardless of the reason why” Tahlia replied, Kirsty stared at her, why was she taking his side? Unless if they are in a secret relationship and knows everything about him then why should she take his side? Jalisa came over to them along with her other friend Cassie Wiggins.

    “You guys are never gonna believe what happened last night, some woman was pretending to be from the future along with others and tied me up in this school along with some other people, and all of them looked like us in the future” Jalisa told them.

    “I know Jalisa, I ran into them this morning, one of them mentioned Channa, and I could swear the stick figure on the right was you” Kirsty told her.
    Kirsty looked at the ground, she tried to not cry, she had been cursed and her life became worse.

    Claire and the others hitchhiked through the woods and onto the road, no signs of Red or Kirsty either.

    “I still can’t get that heat feeling off of me, I thought we were toasted for sure” Stacey spoke up. Amber didn’t reply, she just kept walking towards the school, they had figured out if Red hadn’t corrupted her younger self just yet, she would have ran to the school to her friends. Her eyes became distant and determined; she would save her future along with everyone else.

    “Well lucky Amber saved us then” Ashley replied to Stacey. They looked at the cold stone Amber who hadn’t spoken since they were almost burnt to a crisp.

    “I am so tired, it feels like I haven’t slept in a week” Claire moaned.

    “Agreed, Amber we need to sit down and have a rest, we have to” Kristen called out to Amber but she still didn’t answer.

    “Adam”, the name of Amber’s husband escaped her lips, Amber was clearly missing her husband and wanted this rescue mission to finally be over.
    Amber suddenly stopped almost making the others crash into her.

    “Okay, rest in peace” Amber replied, the others wasn’t sure what she meant by the in peace bit, but Liz had a feeling she meant something that did mean something in her past. Amber sat down and stared into the morning sky.

    “What did she mean by “In peace?” Stacey asked, but none of them had an answer.

    “Maybe it meant something to her in the past, who knows?” Claire offered, the others wished they knew the actress better, because if they didn’t then how could they help her?. The others joined her on the grass, they had walked into a small park and now laid to rest. As Ashley closed her eyes, she could hear Amber singing a song of some sort.

    ‘Under your spell” Amber sung softly as she stared into the sky

    Several hours had passed when the group woke up, when Amber was the last one to wake up, she had a bad feeling and it involved her fan, Channa.

    “Guys, lead me to Channa’s house, I think he’s in danger” Amber told the others.

    “Channa?” Claire asked, the others looked at each other, Amber stared at them, her fan must have really meant something, and she was more determined to keep him around.

    Red lurked in the dark shadows in front of Channa’s house, it so happened their were a lot of people over the house today, probably his relatives.

    ‘You will pay” Red snarled harshly to the house, he had been the cause of all this, and he would pay. She walked to the front door and looked in, no one had noticed her yet but she noticed Channa talking to a younger version of Stacey who didn’t look much different. She could also see a younger version of Ashley talking to her boyfriend but she didn’t recognize anyone else.

    “Excuse me, I am looking for Channa?” Red asked a woman around her forties with brown curly hair.

    “Sure, he just over there” the woman said pointing to him, Red walked over to him, he still hadn’t noticed her.

    “This ends, tonight” Red said to herself, she withdrawn a hidden blade in her belt and slowly rose it high above Channa’s head. Suddenly a gun cocked and people screamed.

    “Put it down you ungrateful *****!” Kristen’s very familiar voice sounded, Ronny, who had still been around 10 years later but died a few months back grabbed his girlfriend and Channa out of the way. Red smirked holding the knife as she turned to the others, the family huddled and kept the kids away. Green eyes made contact with furious icy blue eyes.

    “Kristen, you really are one ****** off ***** aren’t you?” Red asked.

    ‘Could say the same for you” Kristen said in a cold voice. Ashley and Liz, the older versions anyway withdrawn their swords, prepared for a battle while Amber, Stacey and Claire glared at her with hatred.

    ‘I could throw this knife at the young Stacey before you could fire” Red smirked.

    “Trust me, it won’t help” Kristen snarled. Red stared at her, she was indeed serious and she might shoot afterall.

    ‘What’s happening?’ Someone asked from the living room, the family must have decided the group was the good guys because they went into the living room. Red glared at Channa who was scared, good he should be.

    “Stare at him like that again and I will make her you die a slow death” Kristen said, her eyes was trained on her the entire time.

    ‘Let it go Kristen, this was meant to be” Red snapped back.

    ‘No, this wasn’t meant to be, none of this was, I shouldn’t be here, you shouldn’t be here, none of us should, we should be living our lives, so just tell us what the hell happened to you Kirsten?” Amber spoke up, her eyes became watery as she tried to not cry, Amber was starting to break down.

    ‘Nice try, I am not gonna fall for it” Red replied, ****** off that Amber used her full name., especially when she didn’t know her.

    “Just tell us what to do!” Amber shouted startling everyone. Red gave a evil smile, she was doing good, the blonde was cracking, if she could crack the others then she would prevail.

    “Nope, I will never tell” Red taunted, she could see Channa, and the younger Ashley and Stacey realizing who they were. Red turned to Channa, she could see Kirsten’s move the gun onto her out of the corner of her eyes.

    ‘Look at what you have done, to this world, because this is a mere taste of what it is, all because of you” Red told him, she could see him stare at her with disbelief.

    ‘Channa, you believe in magic, of the supernatural world, well it’s real and we are ten years from the future, you need to make things right with your Kirsty” Liz’s spoke up attracting his attention.

    “Shut it woman, you can’t change a thing” Red snarled at Liz.

    “Is that all you can do, is snarl and smirk?” Liz snapped back, she took a few steps forwards towards her.

    “Can you do anything else… Kirsten Johncock” Liz taunted her. Red turned around and glared at her angrily, she had called her the full name, not even Amber challenged her to that.

    “Beware, Elizabeth Kelly” Red taunted her back but Liz just gave a creepy smile.

    ‘I don’t care what you call me, I am not a selfish brat like you” Liz snarled. Red stared at her, Liz was really trying her, what was it she was trying to achieve? Certain death?

    “Have you forgotten who controls the power here, literally” Red glared her down, Liz still didn’t back down and glared at her in the same way.

    “No, but I wield the same power, possible even more powerful then your fire powers” Amber spoke up. Red looked over to her, she wondered how Amber even got these powers, if she hadn’t she still wouldn’t be standing. Amber now took steps forward and came directly face to face with her.

    ‘You killed Adam even thought you had a policy about not killing actors, he was an actor you jerk” Amber said in a calm but yet angry voice. Kirsty returned the glare.

    “Yeah, but he was a nuisance afterall, because he looked like a geek” Red told her, before she could react Amber pushed her angrily.

    ‘Take that back!” Amber shouted, her entire face was angry, her eyes were more furious then her expression.

    “Never” Red simply replied. Amber didn’t take a step forward,, instead she fell to her knees, her anger was replaced by tears streaking down her soft cheeks, her hidden blue eyes now had sadness, her blonde hair fell over her face.

    “I just want him back, he didn’t deserve this! Damn it!” Amber cried, her fingers dug into the wood floor. If Red still had feelings she would have felt sorry, but she didn’t.

    “Too bad Amber, but there’s only one person to blame” Red replied, her eyes slowly traveled to Channa again, anger cursed through her veins, fire threatened to spill and burn the entire place down. Amber stared up at her, she was now between angry and sad.

    “How dare you, you know very well this is your doing, you are the reason why everyone we love is dead” Amber growled. Liz knelt by Amber’s side and out a hand on her back.

    ‘Amber, it’s okay, we will change what it once was back to the way it should have been, however the world should turn out” Liz comforted her.

    “Life is funny, one moment you are here, and the next you are not” Red told Amber, she slammed her foot into Amber’s face who fell backwards. A fiery fireball appeared in Red’s hand.

    ‘And somewhere along the way, we have to pay the price” Red informed her, she prepared to throw the fireball and vanquished Amber forever but another fireball hit her, Red stared around angrily until her eyes fell on her younger self. Red remembered she had learned her powers pretty quickly, and now her younger self stood with three of her friends, Jalisa, Cassie and Tahlia.

    “Kirsty?” Channa’s voice came.

    “You, you are the one who tried to get me to do something in the woods” the younger Kirsty snarled to her older self. Before anyone of them could move, Amber stood up, in a split moment she snapped and a glowing light came out of her palm and headed straight for young Kirsty.

    “Amber no!” Claire shouted but a amazing thing happened, the younger Channa ran over and pushed Kirsty to the ground, Jalisa and Cassie narrowly escaped death themselves as the white light put a hole in the wall. Both of the young ones stood up.

    “You okay?” Channa asked. Kirsty just stared at him then at Red, she didn’t know where to turn, she was mighty confused then ever.

    ‘I don’t know what happened, I just lost control when I saw her” Amber replied, her hands trembled where the light came from.

    “Who am I?” Younger Kirsty said to herself staring at her own hands, she trembled more then ever, she stared at the older self then.

    “And what have I become?” Kirsty said, nearly to tears.

    ‘Nothing, you haven’t become a monster” Tahlia finally spoke up, the voice Red longed to hear, the voice that she so desperately searched for, praying that she hadn’t died in the war.

    ‘Tahlia” Red whispered, the younger Tahlia glared at her, her brown eyes almost black stared into her green ones.

    “Get out” Channa finally said to Red, he also returned the same glare but wasn’t nearly intimating then Tahlia. Red ignored him and stared at Tahlia.

    “I so hope you are still alive in ten years” Red told her, Tahlia said nothing, Jalisa and Cassie glared at her thought, even thought Cassie couldn’t give a scary glare for the life of her, Red always thought she looked cute doing it,

    ‘Oh Cassie, what did become of you?” Red laughed softly. Realizing the two girls had woken a weak spot, one that her enemies could use against her she snapped out of it, but too late, Kristen pointed the gun at Tahlia’s head.

    “Stop this madness, or you are about to see what happens to her” Kristen growled, she could see Tahlia give off a shiver of fright.

    “Could you really do it Kristen? Take an innocent life? One that your younger self will pay the price for and that your Channa will never forgive you for” Red taunted her, she could see Kristen trying hard to not withdrawn her gun, but at the same time not shooting Tahlia.

    “The world you gave us was a living hell, why would I go back there?” Kristen said.

    “Tahlia” Cassie said scared, she could see young Kirsty pull out a fireball of nowhere and got prepared to save her best friend. Amber and Liz was now standing, watching Kristen’s torment of either going back to the world, or shooting Tahlia and making things never the same again. Claire, Stacey and Ashley stood, watching Kristen, hoping she would make the right choice, whichever is right anyway.

    “Step away from her” young Kirsty growled, she still had fear inside her, but she wanted to save her best friend.

    ‘Please, we can work this out” Tahlia said, fear had also crept into her, Red gazed into her eyes, fear filled it.

    “Please” Channa finally spoke up, Kristen almost pressed the trigger when she heard him, almost collapsed, almost fell to the ground in a heap and broke down.

    “Please, please god tell me what I should do/” Kristen begged to the heavens, she was lost, and nobody on either sides could help.

    ‘Put the gun down Kristen, there are other ways” the older Jalisa said in a calm voice. Kristen finally withdrawn her gun and dropped it to the floor, Tahlia let out a deep breath and younger Kirsty got rid of her fireball. Channa, Tahlia, Cassie, Jalisa and Kirsty moved towards the family.

    “That’s the problem with humans, you are all weaklings, and when you try to be tough, you are even more weak” Red finally spoke up. Kristen looked at her again; her face became filled with anger and hatred.

    ‘Get out” Amber said in a rasped voice.

    “Two words honey, make me” Red challenged her, all she saw that this witch could do is teleport and throw random white stuff from her hands, where was her real power?.

    “Don’t call me honey” Amber threatened.

    “Actually it’s Don’t call me baby” red mocked her, she knew it was a verse from a song but no idea who sang it.

    “Or Hit me one more time baby” Red kept mocking her.

    “Only Adam can call me honey” Amber growled, not taking any notice of her mocking.

    “Whatever honey, see you again” Red told her, she disappeared into a wall of flames. Amber closed her eyes, trying to not lose her temper.

    “We have to do something, we can’t just break down every time something happens” older Ashley spoke up.

    “Somebody has to find the future Tahlia or Cassie, they may be the last thing that could save us all” Amber replied turning to them.

    ‘Yea, because I don’t matter” Jalisa scoffed, clearly insulted that Cassie and Tahlia makes her weak in the knees and she doesn’t.

    “Well you been here for ten years Jalisa, with her for ten years, I think she just misses them” Liz replied. Jalisa still looked unconvinced.,

    ‘No, I am not” Young Kirsty fiinally spoke up, it was clear while the older versions spoke, the other Kirsty had engaged in her own private conversations with the others.

    ‘I am a freak of nature, and I keep hurting people” Young Kirsty said biting her bottom lip.

    ‘No, no of course you aren’t, you just developed secret, special gifts” Tahlia told her.

    “How is it special Tahlia!” Kirsty snapped, a flame appeared in her hand. She took a final look at them then ran out of the house.

    ‘Kirsty!” Tahlia shouted after her but she was ignored. The group looked at the older ones, probably waiting for an answer.

    “Amber, what do we do?” Claire asked, but Amber was still in shock, memories of her husband kept flooding back.

    “I am sorry” Amber whispered, she ran out of the house too, she needed to be alone, to think.

    Red had cooked up another plan, she had another power she only discovered a year ago and that was the power of burning desires, but had nothing to do with fire. It basically brought everyone’s desires to life, and she could distract the goody-shoes long enough so the events that were meant to happen played out.
    She stood in the night, in the middle of a park, bringing the power forth and destroying the goody shoes for life.

    It was a bit chilly at night and Amber wasn’t wearing long clothes. She kept on running away until she couldn’t ran anymore.

    “Adam” Amber cried, as she stared at the ground in tears.

    ‘Yes honey?” his voice came into the fray, Amber snapped up and looked around, she was no longer standing in the middle of the street but instead a nice cozy home. A man around her age stood in front of her holding a tray of dinner, he had brown eyes and pale skin along with spiky hair, His nose was sort of big. But Amber could remember him any day. Adam Busch.

    “Adam?” Amber asked, the sweet aroma of the food drifted to her nose, she forgotten why or how she even got here.

    ‘So ready for breakfast? Alyson called this morning saying she might be around today as well, so did your sister” Adam told her.

    ‘Sister?” Amber asked, she finally remembered her own family, her sister, her mother, her father, her father had died in the war, her mother was missing and Danielle had joined the forces of Red, because she didn’t know where to go.

    ‘That’s great” Amber told him, Adam carried toe food into a living room and placed them onto the table, Amber slide on to a chair and stared at him.

    “So babe, what are we going to do today?” Adam asked, Amber was totally lost in his voice that she had forgotten the real reason why she had been thinking about her family.

    Claire and the others had set off from the house, with explaining anything to the family and searched for Amber.

    ‘This place is kind of creepy, only has a school and what two houses?” Kristen asked.

    ‘Yeah, but it not that scary” Stacey spoke up. Claire stopped for a moment, her vision became blurry and she tried to see where she was going. But night became day and she was next to a park, with her boyfriend Sean next to her.

    “What?” Sean asked, Claire just stared at him, he was here, in front of her, like old times.

    ‘Nothing” Claire said, Sean had blue eyes and glasses with very short brownish hair.

    ‘Just thinking” Claire answered, she looked down and realized she was fifteen years old.

    “About what?” Sean asked.

    “About uh, nothing” Claire smiled, to say the truth, she couldn’t remember what it is that she was thinking about.

    “Well come on, let’s go” Sean replied.

    Kristen had walked ahead of the other three, unaware Claire had stopped all sudden. She was in her own little world, wondering if she visited her younger self, could she get the past to change? She closed her eyes for a moment before opening them again, she immediately noticed a huge change in her environment. For starters it was day, not night, and she was at her old school in her fourteen year old body, around seventeen or so years before, and like three years before Kirsty. She looked around and saw Channa, she went up to him.

    “Hey Channa, how are you?” Kristen asked, she knew Channa was still in love with her around this time, so she wasn’t surprised when he was happy to see her.

    ‘I am good, you/” Channa asked, Kristen nodded her head to say yes, she could have said no, the only problem is, she couldn’t think why she would say that.

    “What you doing?” Kristen asked. In a faraway land, something in her mind was telling her something but it disappeared.

    Red had to really work on Stacey’s and Ashley’s desires, they both wanted the same thing, their boyfriends and Channa, so she decided to merge them together. So far, no one suspected a thing and started to forget what their mission was supposed to do. Red gave a evil smile, things were now going in her favor.

    Stacey and Ashley stopped when they realized the other two had stopped before them.

    “Hey Kristen, what’s the hold up?” Stacey asked smiling, but Kristen’s face was cold stone, no expression, no life, except for the creepy smile on both hers and the Claire further behind her.

    “What’s going on?” Ashley confused.

    “Well talking” Ronny’s voice entered Stacey’s ears, she turned around and saw her tall boyfriend next to her,, everyone, as in Channa’s family were in the living room.

    “Yeah, I knew that” Stacey replied, she realized that she was in clean clothes and was a couple of years back from when she was in her twenties, she saw Ashley next to her, greeted by her boyfriend Sam.

    Sam leaned over and kissed Ashley, making her forget what she was actually doing. Ashley looked sideways and saw her mum.

    ‘Mum” Ashley smiled, she hugged her mother who looked surprised.

    ‘What?’ Sharon replied surprised.

    Stacey was in the same trance as Ashley and completely forgotten where she was.

    “I think today’s’ great, wish Amber was here” Stacey said.

    ‘Who’s Amber” Channa asked, Stacey looked at him but couldn’t find an answer, but asking herself the same thing, who was Amber?

    “And don’t snap out of it” Red smiled, it has been completely, but as she said it, she realized one member was still there. The traitor Jalisa Gregory, immediately she got back into it, doing an Illusion for Jalisa, and was amazed at her desire.

    Jalisa tapped each of the girls on the shoulders but none of them responded..

    “Hello guys, snap out of it!” Jalisa shouted but none of them heard of her, it was like they were in a trance of their own. And the creepy smile on their faces weren’t helping. She knew it had to be the work of Red, she knew she had the power of Illusion.

    “Nice move Red” Jalisa growled to the skies, but it was suddenly day.

    ‘What?” Red’s voice came, Jalisa looked across from her, and Kirsty was standing with her, Cassie and Tahlia.

    ‘I said, what did I say?” Jalisa asked.

    ‘You said nice move Red” Cassie smiled, Jalisa took in her surroundings, she was in her school, where her group hang around, but she was in year ten, not twelve and Channa was with them. The group sat down.

    ‘Um, I don’t know what I meant” Jalisa replied, Channa smiled at her, Jalisa returned the smile but a voice said something in her head, but it was gone, Jalisa couldn’t remember why she said Red.

    ‘Anyway” Kirsty said changing the subject.

    Red opened her eyes, it was done, the group was now experiencing their desires, allowing herself to make this world doomed once more again. She disappeared in a wall of flames and appeared in a street with no houses, no lights except from the half moon above, but she could see her younger self walking by herself, completely confused.

    Amber was more then happy, she was delighted, the love of her life was here.

    “Did you put something in this breakfast? Because it tastes great!” Amber said to her husband, something in her mind kept telling her that this wasn’t real, that she was ten years younger when she shouldn’t be, but she couldn’t find out why, and nothing came to her mind. Amber looked down at her food and took a bite, she looked up and almost choked. In place of her husband was a rotting corpse aleast 10 years old. She blinked and her husband returned to normally, and didn’t see her shock.
    Claims Amber Benson and Ali Larter as Bishie.

    Credits go to the original creators of Cynthia's and Flannery's artwork.
    United we stand but seperated we fall

    And so the fifth generation begins...

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    Okay, I know this was months ago but I only recently finished this story and thought that the people who reviewed this deserved to know what happens at the end, so here's the ending,

    Jalisa knew it couldn’t be real, it had to be the work of Kirsten, but everytime she tried to come back from her desire, it would push her back in, the only thing that helped her remember was Kirsten.

    “No, no, no, no, no” Jalisa repeated as she tried to snap of it, her heart was saying this was right, but her brain was saying it an Illusion.

    “Jalisa?” Tahlia asked, Jalisa looked at them they all were looking at her, Jalisa snarled at Kirsten.

    “Was that a snarl?” Cassie asked. Jalisa stood up, so did the others.

    “You, you are the reason this is happening” Jalisa said. Then her brain started working, it was so obvious, there would be a Kirsten in each desire, even if they couldn’t see her, but she could kill Kirsten and be back where she was. Knowing her fighting moves still she kicked Kirsten in the stomach, the others gasped, she wasn’t sure if Channa was in love with Kirsten in this time line, he never really told her.

    “Jalisa!” Tahlia said, Jalisa started punching Kirsten who tried to knock her off,.

    “Jalisa! What the hell is your problem!” Kirsten screamed, a crowed formed and yelled fight.

    “Stop it!” Channa yelled, Jalisa paused for a moment, nobody knew what happened to Channa, or Tahlia for that matter, and both seemed to hold a impact to that.

    ‘You never cared! You pretended to be his friend, and then you turned against him, what did you really Red!” Jalisa screamed, a teacher tried pulling her off, but Jalisa stepped on their foot and punched them Cassie and Tahlia tried helping Kirsten but Jalisa knocked her back to the ground, grabbing the shoe of the teacher and threw the shoe with all her force and it the end bit hit Kirsten, she stopped moving instantly, she had slain Kirsten.

    “That’s it!” the teacher started to say but the voice faded and Jalisa was back, now she had to bring the others, and which means somehow bringing back their desires.

    When Kristen and Channa walked around the school, Kristen kept stopping at a girl with bushy red hair, and her memories kept flooding back, she just had to figure how to keep them.

    “Channa, something wrong, this isn’t real…URgh, no, no, no I will not let you do this” Kristen said holding her head like Jalisa had done.

    “Kristen, Kristen, fight it” she could hear Jalisa’s voice who had found way to contact her.

    “Jalisa?” Kristen’s voice squeaked, she heard Channa trying to reach out for him, but also Jalisa’s voice, she hadn’t liked Jalisa in high school, or know her that much but she more ever glad to hear her.

    “I can fight it” Kristen said herself, she couldn’t see Jalisa anywhere but she knew she was here.

    ‘You have to slain Kirsten, it’s the only way” Jalisa’s voice came again. Kristen looked up managing to keep her focus at hand.

    ”Kristen, what’s wrong?” Channa said concerned for the girl he loved, Kristen didn’t answer, instead she walked in the direction of Kirsten who wasn’t far from her.

    “****” Kristen muttered as she walked towards the girl who destroyed everything, a loud ringing noise in Kristen’s head, she stopped for a second but Jalisa’s voice came back.

    ‘Don’t stop Kristen, you need to do this, it’s the only way to save our very future” Jalisa encouraged her, Kristen’s blue eyes flicked with determination, there was no way she was letting the redhead destroy everything in her future. She got to the girl who turned and looked at her, for a second it seemed her face looked at Channa in a weird way but Kristen didn’t know if she imagined it.

    “What do you want?” she asked realizing that the brown head was staring at her. Kristen snarled at the girl who looked taken back.

    “I want you to die, that’s what” Kristen yelled, she didn’t see any weapons to use and didn’t know how to contact Jalisa through her mind, and Kristen didn’t know how Jalisa could travel into people’s minds.

    “Excuse me!” Kirsten said staring at her.

    “Kristen, are you okay?” Channa asked, Kristen noticed Channa hardly took notice of Kirsten, which means in this timeline he didn’t know her, but it seemed like Kirsten did.

    “Kristen, use any weapons near by, even if it’s a shoe use anything” Jalisa’s voice came again it really felt like the girl was there with her. Kristen looked around until she saw a teacher carrying a plate of food with a sharp knife.

    “My luck” Kristen smiled, she grabbed the knife and stabbed the redhead in the heart, Kirsten groaned as she felt the silver mental go through her.

    “I am not sorry” Kristen growled at her, she felt a hand on her which belonged to the teacher and a voice but Kristen’s vision faded into white and then darkness.

    “Kristen?” Jalisa’s soft voice came when Kristen snapped back into reality. Kristen shook her head a couple of times to clear her mind then looked up to Jalisa.

    “I am back, how do we get the others back?” Kristen smiled at her, Jalisa walked over to the next person, Amber and concreted on her.

    Adam leaned over and kissed Amber who felt like she was in a land of bliss and for some reason felt like she never kissed anyone for ten years.

    “Oh sweet love” Alyson Hannigan, Amber’s best friend commented as she and her own husband Alexis Denisof watched them, the four were now in the living room talking.

    “I can’t believe how long it’s been since we seen each other” Alyson exclaimed to Amber.

    ‘It’s only been two months” Adam laughed but Amber stared at her best friend, something was familiar about her, green eyes, pale skin, red hair, freckles.
    Wait, Alyson doesn’t have freckles Amber thought.

    “What?” Alyson asked noticing her friend’s stare, Amber could swear Alyson turned into a sixteen year old girl for a moment then shifted to her normal self.

    “Something, something not right” Amber said.

    ‘What is it babe?” Adam asked, his arms wrapped around her, then everything snapped back to the witch, this wasn’t her reality.

    “No, this isn’t right, you aren’t here, aleast not yet” Amber said standing up and startling her husband.

    “What isn’t?” Alexis asked real confused, and then another female voice came.

    “Amber, it’s me Jalisa you are in your deepest desire, Kirsten has a power to do that, you need to slain Kirsten to get here” Jalisa’s voice came into her head, it made sense to Amber now, her memories flooded back, but there was two problems, 1. she didn’t know how to reply to Jalisa, 2. Kirsten wasn’t here and they were in Los Angeles not Brisbane.

    “Now knowing that you probably aren’t in Australia, if anyone is shifting into her then that’s who you must kill or if they look like her” Jalisa voice came again, Amber stared back at her worried friend, she had to kill Alyson to get back, but how could she kill her?

    “Alyson” Amber murmured, she knew it would be hard, how would Alexis react when she tried to kill her, would he kill Amber or what?. Alyson walked over to her and held her hands.

    “Amber sweetie, what’s wrong?” she asked again, Amber felt dizzy and like she wanted to vomit, she didn’t know what to do.

    “Alyson, lets talk in the kitchen, alone” Amber asked.

    ‘Sure, stay” Alyson commanded to her husband, the two woman walked into the kitchen, a sharp butcher knife lay on a counter, Amber walked over to it staring.

    “What’s the problem? You can tell me” Alyson reassured Amber which made it harder for her.

    “I have to do something horrible, and I am going to hate myself” Amber confessed partly to Alyson.

    “Who says you have to do it?” Alyson asked.

    “Amber, I don’t know you, but I believe in you, believe that you can get back, whoever it is that’s looks like Kirsten, will be here if you come back and we change the future” Jalisa’s voice came back again, Amber knew she was right, Alyson died four years after the event after a stray bullet killed her in the chest, the last word that came out of her mouth was Your shirt. Amber had to laugh at the irony, her character from Buffy had died the same way with the same last words.

    ‘What’s funny?” Alyson asked, partly glad that her best friend didn’t seem scared.

    “Forgive” Amber whispered as she picked up the butcher knife and slammed it into Alyson’s stomach, her green eyes connected with Amber’s blue eyes, the boys chose that moment to arrive.

    “Alyson!” Alexis screamed as he saw his wife collapsed to the ground with a knife wound, Adam stared at his own wife covered in Alyson’s blood. Alexis kneeled by his wife’s side.

    “Amber what did you do!” Alexis glared up at him, tears in the older man eyes, Adam walked towards her.

    ‘I had to Alexis, I have to get back to the reality, Don’t worry, you and Alyson will be alive soon” Amber promised Alexis who had no idea what’s she was talking about. As Alyson took her last breath, Amber felt her vision fade, a second later she was alone on the street.

    “Jalisa?” Amber asked, she had gotten further then the others so she retraced her steps, she knew the others would be searching for her.

    Claire was walking along with her boyfriend, in front of them was a girl with busy redhead.

    “You have been quiet a lot” Shawn asked Claire, Claire just smiled, something was bothering her and she didn’t know what.

    “It’s nothing” Claire reassured her but a pounding pain went through her head, Shawn caught Claire before she collapsed.

    “Claire! You must kill Kirsten or anyone who looks like her, it’s the only way out of your desire” Jalisa’s soft voice came over the pounding.

    “Do you want to go home instead?” Shawn asked but Claire ignored him and looked over to the redhead above, she saw a stick sharp enough to pierce skin.

    “No, she’s has to die” Claire growled, she grabbed the stick and stormed towards the girl, her boyfriend ran after her alarmed after hearing what she said.

    ‘Kirsten!” Claire yelled, the girl turned and saw Claire raise her stick.

    ‘This is for Shawn” she shouted and pushed the stick into her heart, Kirsten stared at her in shock then collapsed, her boyfriend grabbed her but Claire’s vision faded into night.

    “Victory, she’s back” Kristen announced as she watched Claire return to reality, she felt sad as she killed someone.

    “It’s okay, it was only an Illusion Claire” Kristen told her softly, she looked over to Jalisa who now stood next to the remaining three, Jalisa focused on Liz first.

    Liz smiled at Channa as they continued their conversation, one of her friends Dean Roberts came up to her.

    ‘Are you two on a spare?” Dean asked the two, they both nodded their heads.

    ‘Oh I thought you were ditching to make out” Dean laughed, Channa burst into laughter as well, his cheeks growing red, it was then Kirsten walked past, something clicked in Liz’s brain.

    “Liz, Liz, can you hear me, you are very hard to get to, anyway you need to kill Kirsten Johncock, what you are experiencing isn’t real girl, if she nearby or someone looks like her then kill her, hurry Liz!” Jalisa’s voice came to her. Liz stood up and stood in front of Kirsten.

    ‘Excuse me, do you mind?” Kirsten asked, Liz searched around her there had to be something to kill her with, she looked over to a confused Dean and Channa, she just hoped the future would be changed enough so she could see them again. Liz’s foot hit a large rock and she smiled as she picked it up.

    “What do you want?” Kirsten demanded her, Liz had freaked her out by not answering.

    ‘What do I want? I want my life back for starters” Liz growled, she slammed the big rock into her face, Kirsten fell to the ground.

    “Liz!” Dean gasped, Channa stared at the redhead, she knew in this timeline Channa hated Kirsten but not to the extent of murder, suddenly her vision clouded and day became night.

    “Yes! Liz is back, time for the last two” Jalisa cheered, Liz smiled weakly, she did feel bad killing someone but Kirsten had destroyed their future anyway. Jalisa walked over to the remaining two and focused on them.

    Ashley and Stacey relaxed in their lover’s arms as laughter erupted around them, one of the family members had said something,
    Ashley found it weird to see a red head girl with them but didn’t think of it.

    “Stacey, Ashley snap out of it, this isn’t real, if there is someone who looks like Kirsten then you must kill her to return” Jalisa voice came to Ashley, she could tell Stacey got the message, the two girls snapped back to reality and looked over to the redhead.

    “I will be back” Stacey told Ronny, she walked into the kitchen and grabbed two butcher knifes, Ashley came to her and took one of them. The redhead was now close.

    “So there she is, the cause of all this” Ashley whispered to Stacey, this would end even if the real Kirsten was still alive. The two girls now stood directly behind her.

    “Goodbye” both girls said at the same time and plunged the knife into her, she gasped and fell to the ground.

    ‘Stacey!” Ronny exclaimed but before anyone else could say anything the two girls returned to Jalisa and the others.

    “I am guessing you guys went through the same thing?” Amber asked walking up to them with her arms folded, the group nodded their heads.

    “I have a feeling she gone after the young Kirsten, because otherwise she would know we have interfered” Jalisa told them.

    “Let’s go then” Amber replied but no one moved.

    ’Hello?” Amber asked, afraid that they went back into their desire state.

    “No, not until you tell us more about you Amber, you completely broke down in their” Kristen stated, her firm looked told Amber she wouldn’t be getting out of this one. Amber was still hurting to have to kill Alyson even if she knew it was the right thing to do.

    “My life was almost perfect, I had a best friend, I had a husband, I had a career, a life that I loved and a family I adored, and then when I heard on the news about some girl terrorizing Australia with her powers, I became scared, not knowing if it meant my powers were evil, of course it took me a month to find out they weren’t but” Amber stopped for a moment, her heart was pounding as she told the story, she didn’t want to relive her past but she might as well, it was the only way to get the pain out.

    “Then she came, to Los Angeles demanding to be an actress on Supernatural, it so happened that day I was playing a character on Supernatural, she came in saying she demanded a role and everybody heard about her so they listened to her” Amber went on, the others could tell by her pause that a death was coming up.

    “Then when they finished the episode I was in, Jenson Ackles had a argument with Kirsten, he didn’t like how she came in here threatening to kill everyone, even if she sworn to not kill celebrities, Jenson was the unlucky one, Kirsten had it with him and burned him to death, and the day he died Supernatural died along with the rest of Los Angeles, three days later I discover my mother has gone missing and my dad near his death” Amber went on, tears spilling down her cheeks, she still could remember running to Jenson, then a bright flame erupted and Jenson fell to the ground, his skin blackened and charred, his face was gone.

    “Kirsten decided to take over Los Angeles, I ran with Adam and Alyson, my sister joined that ******* because she didn’t know where to go, after a few years of running Adam was killed and not long after Alyson was shot by a stray bullet” Amber finished even after ten years the memory was still fresh, Stacey walked over and gave the actress a comforting hug.

    “I been missing him since he died, I couldn’t bear his death but I still held on using my powers to strike back at the witch” Amber cried, Adam meant the world to her and the ******* took him away.

    “Now see where that gets you, it’s better to not hold these things up” Kristen said softly, Amber looked at them.

    ‘Funny enough I don’t know anything about you guys or how it exactly started or how you even survived” Amber asked the others, she knew Jalisa’s story would be going with Kirsten but had no idea about the others.

    “Well, I guess Claire and I should start, we know most of it” Liz spoke up since she came out of her desire.

    “Well, it was actually one sunny day in our school and we were all minding our own business when a loud scream was heard all over the school” Claire started to say

    “And there was fire and smoke, suddenly Kirsten appeared attacking everyone, she killed my two friends Tegun and Brogan, everyone was screaming as they ran for it” Liz continued.

    “After Shawn, Channa and myself ran we encountered Liz but Channa disappeared, we went hiding for days when we met Ashley Frost who remembered Liz from the wall of Channa, she teamed up with us after saying that we can defeat her if we team up, then we encountered Ronny and Stacey” Claire said after Liz, Amber and Jalisa looked at the two as they talked.

    “And myself had been caught by Kirsten, she gave me a choice, to stay with her or die, I chose to stay with her, hoping Kirsten would calm down but when the world went to Chaos, I gave up hope that help would ever come” Jalisa spoke up adding her bit to the story.

    “It took us a month when we discovered Kristen who was hiding, she had almost killed one of us but teamed up when she realized we were the good side, it wasn’t just us, a lot of people that we knew teamed up with us, but over the ten years our numbers came down to five” Stacey finished.

    “Well technically now seven with Jalisa and Amber” Kristen told Stacey.

    ‘Wow, I just want her gone even more then” Amber sighed as she listened to them.
    “Let’s go then” Jalisa said to them, the group started to go find Red, Amber’s powers helped them on the way.

    Red stalked her younger self who was all confused and alone now which made Red smile. She approached the girl who swirled around and came face to face with her.

    “Hello” Red simply said to her. Kirsten stared at her with widened eyes, she was alone now, no one was here.

    “What do you want?” Kirsten asked.

    “To kill you” Red mocked, the other girl stared at her,.
    “Just kidding, seriously if I didn’t kill you then you and me wouldn’t exist” Red laughed.

    “Stay away from her!” Liz’s voice rang out, Red groaned and turned to see the goody-shoes storming right towards them.

    “So you finally managed to get out of your state, I must say, I am very impressed” Kirsten smiled, she looked over to Jalisa, her once loyal servant. “I should have known Posh, ever since joining me you would know what to do?” Kirsten said.

    “Don’t call me Posh, only my friends can call me that and you aren’t a friend, *****” Jalisa growled at her, her expression was full of hate and disgust.
    “Don’t hate me because I am hotter then you Jalisa” Red snickered, she loved toying around with these guys minds just to see their reaction.

    “Please, everyone knows I am way hotter then you” Jalisa snapped back.

    “Oh really? Try asking Channa that, oh wait you can’t” Red laughed, she may had nothing to do with his disappearance but she liked to mock his friends whenever she could.

    “Really? I would think that he thought Amber was hotter then you” Ashley retorted, her arms crossed as her blue icy eyes stared down at the girl.

    “Please, that soccer mum, as if she is ugly” Red taunted them, Amber looked offended but one of the others spoke up first.

    “Please, I would rather have that hair then red hair” Kristen taunted her back, she gave Red the same expression that she was giving.

    “No one would want your hair” Red commented looking at her.

    “I wonder why that is, Kirsten” Kristen mocked, Red glared at her, she used her real name again, she unleashed a fireball to the still smirking Kristen, it didn’t take long for Red to figure out why, A golden light of some sort shot out of Amber’s arms and collided with the fireball before it reached Kristen.

    “Okay, this isn’t a beauty contest guys, who cares how you look” Amber spoke up,

    “Yeah, you are just saying that because you are fat” Red chuckled, Amber glared at her, it wasn’t true she was skinner that she had used to be back in the old days, she couldn’t really think there many fat people even existed in the world anymore, all shrunken to a skinner size, begging for food.

    “Amber is hotter then you” a voice said, a very familiar one that stood behind Red with a girl. The group turned to see two people, a olive skinned male and a pale skinned woman.

    “And who are you?” Red asked staring at them, the female smirked and it was that instant Red recognized the almost black eyes and freckles accompanied with long once silky brown hair that now was in a ponytail but a mess.

    It didn’t take a genius cousin for Ashley to realize who the male was either, with the gold rimmed glasses, deep brown eyes and black hair that almost reached the end of his neck, hearing aids but he was taller and seemed skinner. So did the girl, both of them seemed to be tired in the eyes and black bags were under them.

    “Take a guess” the girl said to her, her voice was hard and cold, nothing like the girl Red once knew.

    “*****” the boy finished for her, his voice was the same as the girl.

    “Channa” “Tahlia” both Ashley and Red said at the same time.
    Jalisa watched as for once in since ten years Kirsten’s smile became real as she stared at Tahlia, she walked closer but the girl stepped back and held a crossbow.

    “Stay the hell away from me” she growled at Red, she and Channa had heard of all the awful things she had done, and when they found out a portal was open to the past, they managed to grab a spell book and reopen it so they could get through.

    “You! You are making her say that aren’t you, corrupted her to the very core” Red snapped at Channa, the two just stared at her with only the expression of hate in their faces.

    “Nobody corrupted me, the only person who is corrupt is you” Tahlia snapped loudly, the past Kirsten had been watching them all and was interested in the newcomers.

    “And don’t use your excuse about magic, I had powers and mine is fine” Amber spoke up before she would say anything about magic. A gun click was heard, everyone turned to look at Kristen pointing the gun at Tahlia.

    “I got some things for you Red, reverse everything, leave the past alone and don’t destroy it and I won’t kill Tahlia” Kristen threatened, Tahlia retailed back by pointing her crossbow at Kristen.

    “Stop!” Channa demanded as he stood in the firing line, Kristen’s weapon immedtiely dropped. Tahlia also put hers down as well.

    “Don’t Kristen, Tahlia is, well she is my wife” Channa said, a gasp came out of everyone except Amber who didn’t know why she would be gasping, but the younger Kirsten did the same.

    “Y-Your wife?” Jalisa finally spoke up, it was then the wedding rings on both became noticeable.

    “Let me explain” Tahlia said coming to Channa’s side.

    “After you guys disappeared, and Channa vanished because he thought this was his fault, he left and we basically found each other because I thought the same, so we made a bar underground and worked their for the last ten years, and we were both lonely, nobody wanted to date us because we were once known by Red, so basically one thing led to another, and we got married, we couldn’t find anyone to date” Tahlia replied softly, her cold voice went into a soft tone.

    “But Ben?” Jalisa asked.

    “He was dead Jalisa, she killed him, I went back to the school and saw him dead” Tahlia said pointing to Red. Amber could feel her pain, she lost her husband too.

    “I think we all know what you mean, Stacey, Amber and myself lost someone too” Ashley spoke for her.

    “Actually so did I, I had someone before he was killed” Kristen spoke up, everyone glared at Red.

    “So did I” Claire spoke up with hard coldness in her voice, only Liz didn’t have a boyfriend at the time.

    “Oh don’t cry me a river, I could have had a boyfriend but no one would be, and since I am not a Lesbian, it wasn’t going to happen” Red snapped.

    “What about Ted?” a voice spoke up, everyone looked at the younger Kirsten.

    “Shut it” Red snapped at her.

    “But Ted, weren’t we together?” she asked, Channa mouthed to Jalisa asking who he was but she shrugged, Tahlia had no idea too.

    “He died, three days after we met him, he wasn’t supposed to die but the foolish idiot tried protecting some girl” Red snapped, Liz came back into focus.

    “That some girl was me you foolish ****” Liz snapped back, if it hadn’t been for Ted, Liz wouldn’t have never escaped and died on the spot. Everyone including the younger Kirsten glared at Red in disgust, she had ruined everything, then their gaze turned to the younger one, their minds running a minute of scenarios that could happen if they just killed her right now and put her body somewhere where nobody will find it.

    “What are you all looking at me for!” The younger Kirsty said, her voice quivering with fright stepped a few steps back as the others stood another step forward, Red stared at them with amusement, would they be really willing to kill someone?

    “This is all your fault, if you didn’t handle whatever the hell happened to you Kirsten Johncock then none of us would be here!” Liz snarled at her, she gave the younger girl a nasty snarl.

    “My husband is dead because of you” Amber said in her worst nasty growling voice that no one ever heard.

    “My life, my world is gone because of whatever your problem was!” Kirsten said loudly, she held her gun again.

    “It’s all about you, you and your stupid problem, you didn’t give the damn about the rest of us! You ruined everybody’s lives on this world” Ashley screamed.

    “Everything is so dark” Amber spoke up again still growling.

    “I want my boyfriend back!” Claire snapped.

    “You took my life away, you made me your slave, I was meant to be your friend damnit it!” Jalisa screamed as well. Amber clenched her fists as she came closer to the redhead, the girl who destroyed everything.

    “You, you destroyed everything even when people tried to reach out and then when you did have a problem, you decided to destroy the entire world instead” Tahlia spoke up.

    “I was a Celebrity, A celebrity for god’s sake, and so were Adam, Jenson and Alyson! You said you wouldn’t kill them, but that stray bullet you shot killed Alyson! You killed Adam and Jenson!” Amber started to shout. The younger Kirsten backed into a fence, becoming more scared of the people with hatred in their eyes, vengeance, and murder.

    “All because of me” Channa spoke up finally, everyone including Red turned to her, Channa faced Younger Kirsten and walked to her.

    “I loved you, I loved you with my heart, I trusted you, I knew we couldn’t be more then friends, but no, you never were my friend were you Kirsten? You hated me all along, you never cared, you used me!, You pretended to be my friend, I believed because of you, you stupid ****!” Channa said loudly, his voice was deep and his eyes screamed of pain.

    “You destroyed the world because I loved you, all along I loved you, and you destroyed my family! Kristen, Tahlia, Amber, all of our family, my guts were right when it felt wrong to love you, you wouldn’t even hear my story!” Channa snapped, everyone watched them, not moving but still anger lingered in their eyes.

    “Well here it is *****, you are going to sit down and listen, I didn’t want to love you, I just wanted to be friends, I knew it was wrong but the dreams kept haunting me, and before the dreams I kept denying I loved you but I couldn’t, and when I gave in my dreams went away” Channa started, Kirsten irrupted him.

    “But” she started to say but Amber rushed to her and slapped Kirsten.

    “Shut it and sit down!” Amber yelled at her, the redhead sat down staring at the two towering figures.

    “I decided to let you know someone loved you through secret admirer, I never wanted you to find out, but when you did months later you stopped talking to me, and hated me, but that’s not the end!” Channa kept going.

    “Wow, it’s not” Stacey snapped but not at Channa but rather at Red and her younger self.

    “I learned from Tahlia you never cared about me, you never liked me from the start! You never was my friend but still used me, still made me believe we were friends, and I was blind to it all, all the obvious clues that gave it away, even in a moment of doubt I washed it away, you are the reason I was destroyed, and my friends were the reason I am still standing, my family and friends” Channa yelled at her, tears were in his eyes and spilled, Amber put a comforting hand on him, Kristen came over.

    “He loved me, obsessed with me, but did I rip his heart out? Did I leave him dying on the street? No! I remained his friend because he accepted that, and I didn’t destroy him, and if I had powers I wouldn’t have destroyed the world you selfish *****” Kristen screamed.

    “Stop!” Red’s voice boomed over all of them.

    “God damn you people, You don’t even know half of my side” Red glared at them all, Channa returned the same glare.

    “And you didn’t hear mine back then! I guess we are even” Channa yelled back at her.

    “And we don’t want to listen to the girl who wrecked everything in our lives” Kristen shot back at her; she raised her gun and pointed at Red.

    “I am sorry, I am sorry” the younger Kirsten begged, her hands was on her head, tears ran down her freckled pale face. Her green eyes stared in horror at them.

    “Okay, we all need to calm down, we are losing it” Liz said trying to control her own anger, she knew yelling and screaming wasn’t going to do anything, either was killing someone.

    “I get it, I get it Red, you never liked Channa, but why, all of this, why couldn’t you let it go, Channa had gotten it as well okay, but none of this was necessary” Liz turned to Red, returning to her soft voice, Red looked at her, aside from Jalisa it was the first time they actually used Red in a polite manner.

    “Did you ever think he wasn’t the reason” Red finally spoke, keeping her eyes on Liz.

    “Bull!” Ashley snapped but Liz held her hand up to hush her. “Go on” Liz said back to Red, allowing her to explain.

    “The day I received my powers, I learned that my parents, my whole family was killed by a rock, a meteor and I couldn’t handle it, I was expelled and I had a argument with my parents, I learnt that Tahlia hated me, and to make it worse, I was told I was pregnant, and the next day I lost my child” Red explained.

    “T-That’s right” Younger Kirsty stuttered.

    “Oh don’t give me that crap” Kristen said to her.

    “Kristen, Younger Kirsty doesn’t like Red obviously despite who she is but she agreed that happened” Liz told her, Kristen had no answer.

    “I will never like you okay, I don’t want to talk to you, but you aren’t the reason I destroyed the world” Red turned to Channa.

    “Why should I believe you, you already lied to me once” Channa said, coldness was in his voice.

    “Like you did, with your feelings to me” Red retorted back.

    “What? You think it’s easy to tell people you love them, it took me ages to tell Kristen that! I didn’t love Liz in that way and it took a bit before I finally asked her out” Channa replied back.

    “Aleast they are actually talking” Tahlia commented.

    “Fine, change the past, I don’t know how but change it” Red replied giving up, what other choice did she have?.

    “I can turn the past around, stop the meteors from falling, I don’t know how but it will mean no magic in this world, and no memory of what happened” Amber spoke up in her soft voice, Tahlia marched to Channa’s side.

    “No! I won’t let you do it, Channa and I love each other, please aleast give us our memories of being together” Tahlia said, tears in her eyes.

    “Tahlia, the reason why you two are together is because of this, maybe you two weren’t meant to be together and it only ended this way because of the messed up world and you two had no one else to turn to” Jalisa told her friend, both of the couple seemed upset.

    “What if, what if I am destined to be alone in that world?” Channa asked, Amber put her hand on his chin and looked at him in the eyes.

    “No, nobody is destined to be alone, good or evil, beautiful or ugly, handicapped or normal, gay or straight, everyone has a someone waiting for them” Amber assured him, she hugged him.

    “B-But, our friendships have been stronger then ever, I don’t want to forgot those good times we had when we had a chance” Kristen spoke up, her voice finally returned the girl who she once was.

    “And I met you, in the other world I may never get that chance” Channa told Amber.

    “Hey, if we are destined to met then we will” Amber replied.

    “How about instead of erasing our memories, just erase Kirsten, we go back and stop the meteors from killing Kirsten’s family, and find out who got her expelled” Stacey suggested, Amber smiled that was a perfect idea that she hadn’t heard yet.

    “Okay, just Kirsten, but we must go back in time now” Amber replied, the others nodded their head. Red felt a world away as they no longer pay attention to her, she didn’t say anything, what would it matter if her mind was erased.

    “Come Red, you must help us stop the meteors” Amber said extending a hand, Red thought about it, her family would be saved and she wouldn’t be cursed with powers.

    “Okay, fine I give in” Red said shaking her hand, the group let out a cheer. Amber chanted a few words and a portal appeared, she looked back at the younger Kirsten.

    “Don’t worry, your future will be nothing like ours, not anymore” Amber said giving her a smile, she jumped through the portal, the rest followed.

    It was a few days later, and two days before the meteor struck but the same day Kirsten had her test.

    “Come on” Red signaled them, they walked through the school to Red’s old classroom. They peered in the classroom and saw a teacher collecting the test papers. The window was open so they could hear them. The teacher’s desk was closest to them so when the tall cranky looking female teacher walked to the desk and pulled a paper from the pile, they could see Kirsten’s name was on it. They watched in shock as the teacher erased the answers and placed someone’s else exact answers on the paper.

    “Oh my god, she made her get expelled” Amber whispered in shock, Kristen was starting to become ****** off, this lady was one of the reasons Red went mental. Kristen barged into the classroom and to the teacher.

    “Well what do we have here, trying to get Kirsten expelled?” Kristen smirked, Liz had been frightened that she was pulling her gun out but Kristen had just wanted to get the teacher in trouble.

    “I was watching you, we were watching you, and we saw you! Erasing Kirsten’s answers and placing” Kristen paused and looked at the other sheet and saw the name Claire Oliver on it. “Claire’s answers exact answers on her so you can get expelled, and it’s a bit obvious” Kristen said to her.

    “Who is she?” Amber asked Channa.

    “Subitite teacher” Red spoke for her.

    “Uh, Never liked them” Amber muttered back.

    “Ah welll, well” the teacher said getting nervous. Kirsten and Claire walked to the desk and saw the papers.

    “Hey, you did erase them!” Kirsten accused

    “Did Claire get in trouble” Amber asked, Red shook her head, Claire never knew that Kirsten had been accused from cheating from her paper, even thought Claire was behind Kirsten, not in front which was why no one had known.

    “Okay! I don’t like the stupid students” the teacher said, in a flash, Kristen grabbed her and slammed her against the whiteboard.

    “You listen to me quick and very closely, you tell the principal what you did, if you don’t I will come back and personally show you what a world of hell is like!” Kristen growled, the others grown up women and man stared at her.

    “O-O-Okay I promised” she said, Kristen let her go and the teacher shamely was about to walk out, only Mr. Morrison was standing there who heard everything.

    “Busted!” One of the guys shouted.

    “Mrs. Pederson, I would like to see you in my office, now!” the principal snapped at her.

    “*****” Kirsten glared at the teacher.

    “Moron” Claire Oliver muttered as well.

    “Come on guys, we got more work” Amber said, she flashed a smile to Kirsten before leaving to a more private place to travel in the future, Red smirked at the teacher who recognized her and looked like she was going to have a heart attack.

    “Enjoy your days jobless” Red laughed at her before following,

    Now the group was standing two days later in the future, where the meteors were going to fall, Amber and Red discovered that they were the only ones that encountered them and that there was only two, because the cause of the problem was a inexperienced witch from the future.

    “SO, next time you make a spell, especially to use magic through a dimension into ours, don’t” Amber told the blonde hair female witch, who had a glimpse of the future they were in.

    “Y-Yes madam, I will only experience good magic, I am sorry” she stuttered, Amber smiled and let her go back into her world.,

    “Well, this is it, we are going back into the past, where we belong, only Kirsten won’t remember a thing” Amber said. Everyone’s bodies started to fade.

    “Uh what’s going on?” Stacey asked.

    “Don’t worry Stace, our bodies don’t belong here anymore, things have changed” Amber told her, everyone started to look nicer and cleaner, their clothes were ordinary and clean, including Red’s clothes. Her hair turned black-red color was up to her shoulders.
    Channa and Tahlia looked at their hands, they were ringless.

    “I guess if we were meant to be, then someday in the future we will know” Tahlia reassured him, Channa smiled back at her.

    “Sorry, for everything” Red whispered, everyone turned to her, but their expressions were not of anger.

    “Hey, if our lives went through hell, who gods know what we would have done” Amber told her, they agreed, all of them didn’t know what they would do if someone they love was taken away from them.

    “But we will never forgive you, not the same way anyway, but hey, the future we were in won’t exist anyway” Kristen spoke up, this time she was smiling for real. The first time in ten years all of them smiled, happiness returned to their faces, their feet were lifted from the ground and started to go up into the air.

    “Goodbye guys, and good luck with your future, Channa, I know you will never forgive me, I personally hurt you, but you know the worst of me now, but let go” Red told Channa before her body disappeared forever.

    “I will never forget, you guys have helped me, and now I am going home, we are all going home where we belong” Amber smiled down at them as she disappeared as well.

    10 years in the past.
    It was a school day, the sun was out and birds chirped as a gentle breeze flew in. Everyone was going on with their lives but five particular friends smiled with happiness, they were together looking around the school if it was new.

    “It’s normal, we are back!” Liz declared as they walked around, life had returned to normal. They went to the C black where Liz saw Dean Roberts, Tegun Walker, Brogan Chandler and some others. Liz rushed to them and hugged them tightly.

    “Liz! What?” Tegun asked surprised at her friends behavior, Liz sighed happily.

    “I am just happy to be alive” Liz smiled at them, today was the day they died, but not anymore, the two girls who died in front of her now sat eating and staring at her in surprise. Liz turned and smiled at the other four who walked on to behind the C block, where Tahlia and Jalisa hang out.

    “Cassie!” Jalisa exclaimed she hugged Cassie, then her boyfriend John and then the rest of the people around who looked at her surprised.

    “So, we go back to normal” Tahlia said to Channa.

    “I guess we do, but friends forever right?” Channa asked, Tahlia smiled she was glad Channa took this easily.

    “Forever” Tahlia agreed, she went to Cassie and hugged her.

    “Ben!” Tahlia squealed as she saw him after Jalisa hugged him, she ran over and started to kiss him.

    “Come on!” Claire said excitedly, she wanted to be with Shawn, the two remaining friends ran to Shawn who was near the science block, he started to go to Claire but she got there first hugging him like there was no tomorrow, although once there wouldn’t have been. Channa smiled at Claire, he was proud of the group, they worked together and brought back the past, of course Amber helped with the time travel and he would never forget it.

    Kristen opened her eyes to see that she was at home, at the time Red would have, no Kirsten, Kristen though.
    She would have destroyed the world but not anymore.

    “Mum!” Kristen yelled as she saw her, she hugged her mum who was taken back.

    “Kristen, um hi” she said stunned.

    Stacey found herself in the front lawn, Ronny and her was going to work.

    “Oh my god!” Stacey squealed making her boyfriend jump.

    “What?” Ronny asked, Stacey stared at him then jumped and gave him kisses, she was back with her lover. She couldn’t believe it, never in a million year did she think that they were going to be saved, and they did, Amber came along and lead them to victory and a better and brighter future for everyone.

    Ashley was the next one to open her eyes, she saw herself in the kitchen, it hit her they were in the same spot they were before their lives were destroyed. She saw Sam and her mother.

    “Sam! Mum!” Ashley squealed giving them hugs who both looked bewildered, her father came in only to be almost knock out.

    “What that for?” Mark asked but Ashley moved onto her three brothers and hugged them, Alex tried to fight her off but lost, Kyle looked at her weirdly, Ashley picked up her five year old cousin Kody was spun him around, hugging him, she was never more glad to be home with her family and boyfriend.

    “I did it” Amber said to herself as she opened her eyes, she saw she was in the living room, Alexis, Adam and Alyson were in the room.

    “I did it!” Amber squealed hugging Alexis with so much force he almost spilled his coffee, she went onto Alyson who was not covered in blood, She hugged her best friend and then turned to Adam, before any of them could say a word she hugged Adam and started kissing and then stared at the sky. She could swear she heard her friend’s voices say Thank you.

    “Your welcome” Amber whispered to the sky, back at them. She would miss her powers, but she would rather have this future then the other one. Even thought Kirsten will never remember and won’t give the damn about Channa, she knew everything was going to be fine. She saved not just them, but the entire world.

    That was about 20 pages or so long, didn't see the need seperate the chapters. And I know the ending doesn't sound that great. Althought I may go back and edited parts, like I might redit Amber and the tohers actually stopping the meteorietes etc..

    If you think a sequel should be done, then just tell me
    Claims Amber Benson and Ali Larter as Bishie.

    Credits go to the original creators of Cynthia's and Flannery's artwork.
    United we stand but seperated we fall

    And so the fifth generation begins...

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    Okay, I'm sorry that it's taken me so long to review, but I kind of forgot alot of the details, so I had to read the entire story over. It took me quite a whil, but I've finally finished, so I can review it.

    I have to say that this is by far one of the most interesting fan fics I've ever read! You have a very good story here! I noticed quite a few mistakes in grammar throughout the story, but nothing really big enough to ruin the whole thing. Just mainly a few monir mistakes, such as writting 'slain' when it should've been 'slay', 'look' instead of 'looked', 'we' instead of 'we've', 'sworn' and 'swore', 'myself' and 'I', 'was' and 'were', and 'either' and 'neither', just to say a few.

    One thing I didn't like was how fast some of the girls snapped out of their desires. The first few seemed to have real reactions, and had to overcome their confusion, while the last few just seemed to suddenly understand what's going on and kill Kirsten. it just didn't seem realistic.

    And also, I think this was more like a PG-13 story then PG. The last chapter was pretty violent.

    Overall, I give your story an 8?/10.

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    Thanks for the review Fez True, I did take a awhile with this,

    Ah yes, the desires, With Claire/Stacey/Ashley I wasn't sure where else to go with thier desire, and Liz was just added in even thought I had gone like another page after that (I forgot about her that's why

    And thanks, 8/10 that's pretty awesome, I just wish other people would review it as well...

    Hey, if you want me to write a sequel just ask...
    I know there something about BTTP that seperates itself from all the other stories from it, something better but I just can't figured out what..
    Claims Amber Benson and Ali Larter as Bishie.

    Credits go to the original creators of Cynthia's and Flannery's artwork.
    United we stand but seperated we fall

    And so the fifth generation begins...

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