OK, post any and all ideas you have for RPGs here. A few rules before you get started, please pay close attention to them, because the amount of spam in this forum as a whole, is going to start earning warnings if it continues.

  1. Post an adequate length. Don't just reply with a tiny little idea you have, make sure what you are posting is enough to get a real idea of what the RPG entails.
  2. Reply with proper criticisms and opinions. If you like the RPG, fine, don't reply with "Wow, that's cool, I'll join it!". If that's all you were going to say, don't bother hitting reply.
  3. Please make an effort to share opinions on other's RPGs, so that they might tell you what they think of yours.
  4. This is not a discussion topic. Don't start conversations about your RPG. If someone makes a suggestion you like, try and work it into your RPG in your own time, or discuss it with them in PM. You can repost your idea again later, but make sure it's been changed more than a little.
  5. If you post an idea, then suddenly decide to post it as an RPG a day or two later, have the decency to come back and delete your post from the topic. What's the point of having an idea here that's already been posted?

Some things to include in your posts:

  • Genre
  • How many sign ups you're looking for
  • What you expect sign ups to be like
  • Possible ratings