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    Yep... Creative title, non? XP

    So for anyone reading So Sweet, this is that other fic I was talking about. This first chapter was really just something to get me going. The background story will be in the next two chapters. ...Yay for crack couples! <3

    Spectrum - Rose

    by Taitofan

    Rated PG-13 for yaoi

    Disclaimer: Pokémon XD doesn’t belong to me, nor does the anime. I just like to play with the characters in my own twisted way.

    Author’s Note: Yeah… Another one, so sue me. This is for the 7_crossovers challenge at LJ, and I picked my newest obsession. And—le gasp—I dared to break up a canonically married couple. Shame on me, I know. These prompts, unlike my others, will be related. Just horribly out of order. For example, I have two that will go before this one, maybe more. And yes, I know that it’s way past Valentine’s Day… But it fit, so I hope you can forgive me. Well… Journey on into insanity if you dare!

    7_crossovers theme: #5-Rose

    Flames do nothing but make me laugh, although I'll listen to any CC you have. Please read, review, and enjoy! Finished 05-16-06


    Ardos really wasn’t one for clichés. That had always been his brother’s forte. So when Valentine’s Day rolled around that year, he was sure that Eldes would be getting that little boyfriend of his chocolates and roses, complete with pretty words and loving gestures. Roses weren’t Ardos’s style though. But were they Senri’s style? He sincerely didn’t know. After all, this would be their first Valentine’s Day together.

    Therefore, he stood in the overpriced boutique, packed in with other saps who had waited until the very last moment possible to buy their lover a gift, trying to decide whether or not to buy Senri roses. And if he did get roses, should they be red, white, pink, yellow, or dyed? Long- or short-stemmed? De-thorned or natural? Honestly, how many kinds of roses were there?

    “May I help you sir?” He sharply turned to the young woman, not overly surprised when his glare and scowl didn’t send her running. People in this town were much too friendly for their own goods…

    “I only need a present for my partner,” he answered shortly and vaguely, hoping that she’d leave him alone so that he could continue debating with himself.

    “Oh, you’re Senri’s lover, aren’t you?” …Sometimes, having a lover who was the local hero had its disadvantages. Especially when one valued their privacy. Which Ardos most certainly did.

    “Yes. Now kindly let me—”

    “I can help you! When he was married, Mitsuko always bought him the same thing every year. A dozen short-stemmed red roses. I kind of think that was what she liked and the holiday was just an excuse to buy expensive flowers for herself, but I’m not positive.” Ardos considered her words for a few moments before nodding.

    “All right, then I want the exact opposite.” The girl smiled knowingly and led him to the counter.

    “Of course sir. Right this way…”


    Senri stared at the single long-stemmed white rose that his lover presented to him. He eventually chuckled and accepted the flower after a few long moments, lightly running his fingertips over the soft petals.

    “I see you spoke to Amelia.” Ardos could only assume that was the girl at the boutique. “She always tried to tell Mitsuko that I hated roses unless they were white, but she never listened… Considering Amelia helped me start the greenhouse, you’d think Mitsuko would have trusted her judgment as to my taste in botany.” Ardos had only been in the greenhouse a few times, but he knew how much it meant to his lover. Senri would have given up his gym before he would have let his ex-wife keep that.

    “So then, I presume that this shall suffice as a tangible present?” Senri nodded and set the rose in a vase on the table, which was already filled with the carnations they’d bought the other night as joints presents for each other. He honestly hadn’t thought that Ardos would buy him anything more...

    “Of course it is. But I didn’t get you anything else…” Ardos silenced him with a chaste kiss before leading him towards the stairs.

    “Oh, do not worry. What I have planned will be much better than anything you could possibly buy in a store...”

    As it turned out, their first Valentine’s Day together was the one they remember the most vividly many years down the road.


    Heh, yeah. I couldn't help but add the tomatoshipping reference. Now I'll probably have to allude to this couple in So Sweet. X3 Now, I realize this isn't a masterpiece. But it's my first time writing Senri, and my second time with Ardos, so I'm trying. The next one involves Haruka. *le gasp*

    ...I totally see myself writing a family get together in the future. Deathgold making his boys bring their boyfriends over for dinner at his place, and the brothers plaging each other to no end. Ryuuto and Senri would be all: o.o

    *giggles* Well, not yet at least. Gotta work on these two fics first... Well, I'll see you later. Probably in this fic first, but I dunno. Oh yes, reviews get cookies~
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    Crack couples! XD

    I really like it. The part about Caroline being so stubborn about the roses was funny.

    One thing, you may want to put in the first post that spectrumshipping is ArdosxNorman/Senri.

    Great job so far, I can't wait to see more! ^^

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    Aaah, you're so cruel! Breaking up a married couple. xD But I do like the fact it leads to that idea of a dinner together with both Tomatoshipping and Spectrumshipping. xD That'd be nice, Senri and Ryuuto staring at the brother's plaging.

    Keep up the good work! ^_^

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    Well... This is done, but not spruced up. Ever wanted to see my fics before extensive editing? Well here's your chance. I suspect the version the community and gets will be much different... Maybe even entire parts rewritten! And since I haven't touched (or read) this in two months... Eh, but I'm running out of time here, so here's the beta version... I didn't finish with my notes, so know that this comes before Rose and explains more about the divorce.

    Spectrum - Forgive

    by taitofan

    Rated PG-13 for yaoi

    Disclaimer: Pokémon XD doesn’t belong to me, nor does the anime. I just like to play with the characters in my own twisted way.

    Author’s Note: This puppy comes before Rose, yet there will still be one more before this. Unfortunately, my inspiration is coming out of order… Anyways (not finished yet lol)

    Flames do nothing but make me laugh, although I'll listen to any CC you have. Please read, review, and enjoy! Finished 05-24-06


    The divorce had been hard.

    Not all of it was bad though. Since Senri was the gym leader and the gym was a part of the house, he got to keep them both. True, Mitsuko got to take most of the stuff in it, but that didn’t really bother him. Material possessions were easy enough to replace after all. No, the one thing that bothered him was that she had gotten custody of their children, the one thing Senri still valued from the hellish experience that had once been his marriage.

    Sure, it had gone well for over ten years, but after the kids started traveling, thing quickly went downhill. Mitsuko became jealous and clingy while Senri just wanted his space. They fought over the littlest things from whose turn it was to wash the dishes to who’d left the butter out on the table over night. Not a day went by without one of them screaming, or Mitsuko crying, or Senri wondering where they’d gone wrong…

    Therefore, when a handsome blue-haired man moved to Touka City from Orre, it wasn’t all that surprising that Senri found himself entranced. After all, he’d known that he swung both ways ever since puberty. Nor was it surprising when the affair started, or when Senri admitted that he wanted to leave her, or even when he said he loved him…

    However, Mitsuko finding them three seconds from having sex on the couch had been rather shocking. The divorce papers he was handed the next day weren’t. In a way, he was glad she came home early. Then he wouldn’t have to sneak around or feel the guilt whenever his lover was buried deep inside him. No, they’d be free to do as they pleased without thoughts of Mitsuko hanging over their heads…

    But when the courts said she got the kids, he half wondered if it was worth it.

    Not that they were ever around of course. They weren’t even in Houen at the moment. He wasn’t even sure if they knew that their parents weren’t married anymore. He had a feeling they did, if only so Mitsuko could tell them what a horrible, cheating man he was. Perhaps she was right. But as long as she didn’t stop him from seeing his children, his own flesh and blood, then she could think whatever she wanted of him. …He just hoped that her views weren’t passed to Haruka or Masato.

    He snapped out of his worrying with a groan as strong hands suddenly started massaging his shoulders. He looked up from his seat on the couch—their couch—and smiled at his lover. Dark brown eyes met bright yellow, and Senri’s doubts vanished. No, there was nothing wrong with this, and it was completely worth it. The kids would understand; he just knew they would.

    “You shouldn’t look so melancholy Senri. You might scare off your visitor.” Senri sighed and leaned further into the touch.

    “I don’t want to see anyone right now Ardos. If they want a battle, have Kinji tell them to come back later.” Ardos smirked and withdrew his hands, ignoring Senri’s grunt of protest at the loss of contact.

    “Oh, I think you’ll want to see this one. I’ll bring her in.” Senri watched him go with a confused expression. Her? What female could he possibly need to see? He got his answer less than a minute later, when his lover returned with a pretty little brunette.

    “Haruka…” She smiled nervously, sneaking a glance at the stoic looking man who’d shown her in.

    “Hi Papa. I thought we should talk…” He nodded, his previous confidence all but vanishing. Why was she here, where was Masato, what had Mitsuko said? The questions kept coming. Ardos noticed his mental chaos—having a twin brother had helped him learn to read people—and walked over to him, placing a comforting hand on his shoulder.

    “I’ll leave you two alone. I shall wait in the bedroom until you’re done.” Senri shot him a grateful smile, though it was obvious that he was nervous. With one last meaningful look, Ardos ascended the stairs, leaving the father and daughter alone.

    “Come have a seat.” Haruka did so obediently, sitting on the opposite side of the couch. She looked as uncomfortable as he felt. They stayed in the awkward silence for a few minutes, neither knowing where to begin or how to say it. Eventually, Senri’s curiosity won over his anxiety.

    “Dear… What are you doing here? I mean, I’m glad, but—”

    “Mama told me,” she cut him off. She didn’t sound angry, but she wouldn’t look him in the eye either. “About your divorce I mean. She called around all of the contest halls until she found me and Masato, then she told us over the video phone. In front of Takeshi and Satoshi.” Senri felt his stomach drop. Not only did his kids now know the truth, or whatever Mitsuko’s version of the truth was, but so didn’t everyone within hearing range. Great, just great.

    “What did she tell you? And how did Masato take it?” She smiled, which normally would have been a good sign, if it weren’t for the fact that it was tinged with sadness.

    “Mama said you guys weren’t getting along anymore and you cheated on her with another man, so she left you. Masato didn’t want to believe it, but he didn’t want to think Mama would lie either. He ended up running off, and it took us all day to find him…” She paused when she noticed her father’s expression. She’d never seen him look like that in the eleven years she’d been alive… “It’s okay, we found him, and he was fine! He’s with the others right now. Kinji’s keeping them busy.”

    “Why didn’t he come with you?” She laughed nervously, wondering how to put it…

    “Honestly, he was kinda scared. You know, to see you and him. It… might have been for the best though Papa. He’s, um…” Senri chuckled at her conflicted expression.


    “Yes! Oh Papa, when he answered the door I was afraid you’d moved or something, cause I knew I was at the right house. Is he always like that?” He smiled and put an arm around her shoulder, which she immediately snuggled into.

    “Oh honey, Ardos isn’t that bad, you just have to get to know him. He… He makes me very happy. I know it must be hard to understand, but please just try to give him a chance, all right?” She nodded, biting her lip nervously.

    “Okay Papa, I’ll try. It’ll be kinda weird not having you or Mama together anymore, but if this’ll make you both happier, than I’ll live with it. And I’m sure Masato will come around too… Well, sooner or later.” To say that Senri was relieved would have been a vast understatement. His children had been his only concern throughout this entire ordeal. As long as they accepted his decision, then no one else mattered.

    “Then, you can forgive me?” Haruka shot him a quizzical look before shrugging.

    “Sure, but there isn’t anything to forgive you for Papa. You and Mama weren’t in love anymore, so it was for the best, right? Besides, I believe you about Ardos. You wouldn’t like someone if they weren’t nice after all.” Senri chuckled and pulled her closer, thanking any existing deities that he’d been blessed with such wonderful children.

    “You’re right, of course. I’m so lucky to have such a smart little girl.” Haruka giggled and leaned her head against her father’s chest.

    “I’m not that little… Papa?”

    “Yes dear?” She smiled sweetly, her eyes drifting shut.

    “I love you.” He kissed the top of her head affectionately, all previous doubt gone.

    “I love you too.”


    “How did it go?” Ardos asked about an hour later, once Haruka had left and Senri came upstairs to find him. The dark-haired man laid down beside his lover and let the other man take him into his arms, perfectly content to be held for a while.

    “Very well actually. She seemed a bit confused, but she wasn’t upset. She’s going to talk to Masato tonight and get him to come over with her tomorrow. …You know, she mentioned that you scared her when you answered the door.” If Ardos had been a lesser man, he would have snorted at his lover’s teasing tone.

    “I see.” Senri laughed heartily at the clipped tone. Perhaps Ardos wasn’t the most sociable person in Houen, but he wouldn’t change him for the world.

    “You’ll all get along, you’ll see. Maybe I broke up our original family, but I’ll make it up to them…” Ardos understood the meaning behind those words and tightened his hold on his lover. Senri was still blaming himself for the divorce… Luckily, having his daughter accept their relationship was easing that guilt. “Hey, by tomorrow you’ll have met most of my family, so when do I get to meet yours?”

    Ardos thought about his father and brother back in Orre. The former was still imprisoned for the evil deeds of Cipher. And because his father had told the authorities that his youngest son was completely innocent, Eldes was most likely living the cushy life with the rest of the family’s money, as well as his little boyfriend who’d ruined all of their carefully laid plans. Somehow, he could only envision a reunion with them as ending in total and utter disaster…

    Thus, to distract Senri, he flipped over and deftly pinned his lover to the bed, ravishing the delectable mouth below him. Senri noticed his reluctance to talk about his family, but he let it go. If Ardos still wasn’t ready to reveal all of his past, then that was fine. As long as he kept kissing him like that, he could do whatever he pleased…

    Senri wasn’t sure how the next day would go or if Masato would forgive him… But at the moment, he was happy and loved, and that was all that really mattered.


    ...I put something in there about Mitsuko catching them almost having sex, right? Aw, I'm such a bitch. X3 And I even like her... Yes Hikari, I am cruel. And thank for the reviews Hikari and Chaos. Sorry to keep you waiting and then give you crap I'm too busy to read right now. ^^; If you check later, I'll eventually have a high quality version up... Hell, I'll even edit this post later with a link to it for comparison's sake.

    Reviews are appreciated, especially if you see mistakes, parts that don't flow, etc. The final version can be even better with your help! I should be updating my Tomatoshipping and Chack stories next (all edited, I promise), so see you then!
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