Taking Chances (A Pokeshipping/Contestshipping One-shot)
Rated G

“Ash!” A female voice behind the young, black-haired boy cried. He turned to see Misty, the orange-haired gym leader in Cerulean. What was she doing here in Hoenn, then?

“Hi! How are you?” Ash cried, hugging his friend, not seeing her blush.

“I’m okay, I asked your mom where you were, and she said Hoenn, so here I am!” Misty said, smiling, “Who’s this?” She pointed at May.

“May Maple, from Littleroot Town.” May replied, extending her hand. Misty shook it. Misty was immediately jealous of this brown-haired, blue-eyed girl. Why, she didn’t know, but she was. Another boy hung at the back of the group, hands in the pockets of his turquoise pants, a smirk on his face, and laughter in his green eyes. He unconsciously took a hand out of his pocket and flicked back his green hair.

“I’m Drew.” He stated, falling silent once more. Misty noticed that his eyes were on May, following her every movement. Misty walked by Ash, seeing that every minute or so he’d look at her out of the corner of his eye.

Night fell quickly, the noise around them rose to a crescendo, and the stars gleamed above them. The moon was playing hide-and-go-seek behind a cloud. They set up camp on the near-by beach of Lilycove. Most of the group fell asleep immediately, but two shadows sat up, one moving closer to the water, the other sitting still.

“Come join me, Drew.” May whispered, poking her toes in the water. She heard footsteps behind her as Drew came over and sat beside her. He silently took her hand, staring over the water, seeing the moon reflect off the water. May saw the stars reflecting in Drew’s eyes. It was a pretty sight to see.

Unconsciously, Drew moved his hand, draping his arm around May’s shoulders.

“May, don’t we all have to take chances sometimes?” He asked suddenly.

“Yeah, and I think I’m ready to take my chance.” May whispered, leaning over and kissing Drew. He wrapped his arms around her in a warm embrace, kissing her like there was no tomorrow.

Behind the couple, Ash and Misty were watching with amusement.

“What about you, Ash? When are you going to take a chanc-” Misty started to ask, but Ash’s lips on her own stopped her.

“I’ve taken my chance, Mist. Seems like everyone’s taking chances tonight.” Ash murmured. They didn’t see Brock behind them, holding the camera. Brock had snapped a picture of May and Drew kissing, then a picture of Ash and Misty kissing. Too bad he didn’t have a girl. He’d have to make do with kissing his pillow.

“Ah, young love. So cute!” Brock said loudly. When everyone looked at him, he held up the camera.

“I can see the headlines now. Coordinating rivals May and Drew see past their differences! and Gym leader and Pokemon Champion fall in love!” Brock continued, “Now to just take it to the newspa-” The camera was snatched from his hand. Drew stomped on it.

“No one can know about that, Brock. You can be so cruel sometimes.” Ash snarled, advancing on his buddy.

See what all can happen, just by taking chances?

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