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    Default One Last Dance...

    Hello! Crazy Wacky Kizara Here!
    This isn't really my 1st fic/one-shot but neither it's my last.
    This is well...not exactly a pokeshipping fic but it does satisfy advance, poke, and contest shippers ^^(well for poke + advance)
    Also its rated PG for language
    So I hope you enjoy my one-shot One Last Dance...


    One Last Dance

    By~ Kizara

    “Can you like go get the mail?” asked Daisy in a sugary tone.

    “Sure whatever” replied Misty as she knew there was no other way of making her other sisters to go it themselves.

    Misty rinsed the last plate of dishes and went to fetch the mail. As she looked through the bills and letter one peculiar envelope caught her eye. It was velvet colored sealed by a golden sticker and it was addressed to her.

    Misty gave Daisy the mail except the fancy envelope and left to her room. She sat on the side of her cerulean blue bed and suspiciously undoes the golden sicker. Inside was an invitation. It said:

    You Are Invited To The Pokémon Trainer Masquerade Party!
    Pokémon Trainers & Gym Leaders
    June 3rd 2006
    7:00pm-12:00 midnight
    At Cerulean City’s Grand Ball Room
    Hope To See You There!

    Misty closed the letter and placed it on her dresser. I wonder if Ash will be there? Misty thought…


    “So what do you think?” Misty requested as she twirled in her new elegant emerald green ball gown. An emerald flower clip held up her orange hair and she wore gold jewelry.

    A week past since she received the letter and tonight is the night of the masquerade.

    “You look wonderful Misty!” gasped her sisters “Except it would look better on us!” Lily teased. “Ha! Ha! Ha! Very funny!” Misty said irony. Suddenly the doorbell rang.

    “I’ll get it” Violet said as she opened the door. “Look Mist! It’s your date!” On the doorstep stood a tall slightly muscular man about 2 years older than Misty’s age. He wore a black tuxedo and his blonde hair was combed in a fancy way.

    “He is not my date Violet! He’s just giving me a ride to the party!” Misty argued. “Yea whatever Misty!” Violet taunt.

    “Lets go Tom” Misty said as she walked out the door. Misty and Tom met when Misty’s sisters were shopping for shoes and after they became friends.

    “Like you two love birds have fun!” “Like don’t forget to take pictures Misty!” “Like tell your other boyfriend Ash we like said “hi”!” Misty’s sisters waved goodbye.


    Soon, Tom and Misty arrived at the party. The ballroom was filled with chic decoration and masked people (some didn’t had masks like Misty and Tom).

    How am I supposed to find Ash if everyone is wearing masks? Misty miserably thought. She knew Ash was coming yet she forgot to call Ash to meet her by the front of the ballroom. I waited so long for this!

    “Are you ok Misty? You look kind of sad” Tom asked, “I’m fine!” Misty replied cheeky.

    During the whole party she haven’t seen Ash neither May, Max, Brock and Pikachu. Where could they be? Where could Ash be?

    It was almost till midnight when Misty poured herself some punch. Most people have gone home and some stayed to dance the last dance. Tom left with his girlfriend (Misty told him she’ll walk home) and still no sign of Ash and gang.

    Misty sat where all the single folks sat and watched all the lucky girls dancing with someone who loves them. She glances at her reddish reflection in the cup. I wish you were here…

    Suddenly someone tapped her. It was a boy wearing a black tuxedo and a matching Venice-like mask. He motions her if she wanted to dance. “Sure” Misty said knowing there’s nothing else to do.

    They dance to the song, “I will always love you”, by Whitney Huston then after, the boy took Misty to the ballroom balcony. No one was there and the night was chilly.

    “Thanks for the dance” Misty blushed; the boy said nothing, “Um…well I was waiting for someone but I guess he never came”, the boy didn’t reply, “I…can you keep a secret?” Misty asked the boy nodded “yes”. “Well you see, this “someone” is my best friend Ash, we’ve been friends for years and since then, I had feelings for him…you probably think this is stupid” Misty turned away.


    “Misty…I don’t think its stupid for someone telling the truth”. Misty turn to face the boy and astonished, it was Ash! Ash took off his mask and grinned at Misty’s expressions.

    “A…Ash!” “Hey Mist! Sorry I took so long but Max accidentally broke his ankle, he was fascinated by a Pokémon” “Is he okay?” Misty gasped. “Yeah he is. May and Brock and Pikachu stayed at the hospital with Max” explained Ash. “Oh”

    “Misty what were you saying earlier?” “Huh? About what?” Misty said confused. “About a secret or some…” Misty cut off Ash “Secret! What Secret! It’s my way of getting dates! Weird huh?” Misty rushed.

    “Uh? You mention me to get a date?” Ash asked, “Like I said, weird huh?” Misty repeated.

    “You know you don’t have to keep secrets away from me Misty” Ash said a bit angry. “Ash I’m not!” Misty said nervously.

    “I know you too well and you’re lying!” Ash raised his voice. “Ash I would never do that! You’re my best…” Misty tried to clarify.

    “Yeah I know! But friends don’t lie to each other Misty!” Ash said irritated. “Ash!”

    “No Misty! No! We’re finally alone and this is your chance to be honest with me! Lately you’ve been dodging or either hiding away from me!” Ash yelled

    “Oh! So you’ve notice huh? Well Ash! I want you to be honest with me too!” Misty shouted back “I have nothing to hide from you Mist!” Ash yelled again.

    Misty became speechless, she wanted to cry, and Ash sounds like he doesn’t have any special feelings for her. Silence came and gone between the two.


    “Ash you drive me crazy! You’re such a jerk!” Misty shrieked at him. “You too Misty! You drive me crazy as well!” Ash bellowed.

    “Fine than you a**hole! All you ever care about is being the best! I try to impress you! Get you to notice how I feel about you! Yet inside that dense head of yours is nothing but yourself!” Misty cried.

    “Me? Selfish? Well look at you! You’re the meaning of selfish! You’re both ugly inside and out!” Ash roared. Misty gasped in tears and Ash became astonished of what he said.

    “Then tell me! Why you’ve even stayed!” Misty and Ash shouted to each other.

    “JERK!” Misty slapped Ash and ran. “Yeah! Go! Just Go! I’ve never cared about you anyway!” Ash yelled to her.


    Finally the night became quiet and peaceful except for the hearts of the two teens.

    As one sobbed and strolled home and the other sorrowfully amble around the city park, they knew deep inside that what’ve they said to each other was not true.

    What they wanted to say to each was well…I love you.


    Enjoyed It?

    Thx for reading! And yea there is a sequel to this but I'll have to type it later!
    Please review + rate! I didn't really get a chance to review myself but that why I have you guys for! Tee Hee!


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    Dan Indigo Guest


    That was very good. It could do with a happy ending, but whatever!

    I give it four stars!

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    Where is May and Drew? -frantically searches-
    Okay, there will be a Sequel, right? Good...If not, I'll kill you.
    Anyway...time for mistakes!

    1-Don't use smilies, they are annoying.
    2-When someone starts to speak, make a new paragraph.
    3-When someone begins to think of something, use the ' and ' for closing, so it will make it easier.
    4-You made Pokeshipper making Ash and Misty hate each other...

    Overall...I like this one-shot! I give it a 4 stars, and I hope to see the Sequel soon! ^_^
    (they rock and don't deny it or I'll send the strawberry army after you)

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    dan indigo~ don't worry the sequel is the happy ending^^

    may beautifly~ sory i meant it'll please poke and advance shippers... contest was just there...anywho...i used smiles? i thought i put grins didn't i? i need to read the story i said sequel is happy ending it'll be up this week

    Thx for the R&R!

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