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Thread: The world to me (Rocketshipping)

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    Default The world to me (Rocketshipping)

    This story is rated G for everyone.

    be warned tho it contains some battlefrontier spoilers.


    Synopsis: Team rocket have a picnic one night and discuss what they've always known. One-shot

    Disclaimer: I don’t own any Pokemon stuff that I mention.

    Late one summer evening we find our villain’s once again desperately trying to keep up with our hero’s
    “Sigh, I can’t see the twerps anywhere.” Whined an increasingly hungry James.
    “James’s is right, for once, they’ve practically vanished!” added the talking Meowth who was a top of his head.
    “Oh well, never mind lets cut our losses and have some dinner” replied the third member of the gang, she shook out a picnic rug and laid it on the soft grass.
    Her partners exchanged pleased looks and joined her, she wasn't usually so willing to give up on evil schemes.
    “So what have we got today, Jess?” asked James as he sat down next to her.

    “Well, today we have a most fortunate bounty, I stole some bread from that bakery we passed in the town back there, and whilst I was at it I got some champagne.” She said proudly.

    “Ohh yummy!”

    “And I made some onigiri last night because I know how much you like it and as an extra special treat I got some slices of strawberry short cake from dessert, a fool had just left it on their table for anyone to take, and of course what meal would be the same without our favourite brand of instant noodles.” She finished.

    Meowth looked slightly surprised, “Wow that’s actually a good haul, maybe our luck is turning.”

    “Hey Manene try some of this.” James broke a corner of his onigiri and handed it to his small Pokemon; it munched it down quickly and smiled widely, “Good isn’t it?”

    “Have you been practicing or something? Because your food is increasingly fantastic” He complemented his friend.

    “Well yeah kinda, I’m glad you noticed.” Jessie said blushing slightly.

    Meowth rolled his eyes, ever since James had implied that Jessie would be an awful wife she had been working extra hard to prove him wrong. James had, until now, not noticed.
    Meowth on the other hand had been awoken many a late night to find Jessie cooking up allsorts of treats and meals and found her washing and cleaning James’s uniforms, shining his boots and other such menial tasks, it was really very pathetic what humans would do to gain the attention of those that they held a little too close to their hearts, but then again he wasn't one to talk as he had leant to stand on hind legs and speak human all for some dame.

    “Here Manene do want some water?” Jessie asked as she poured some into a bottle for the Pokemon, she lifted it up, held it like a baby and gave it its bottle.

    “Aww you are Just so gorgeous.” James cooed sweetly.

    “Yes you are” Jessie added tickling Manene on the stomach, manene was adored by James and often recieved such loving complemnets from him, she was used to it by now.

    “I wasn’t talking to Manene.” James’s voice lowered softly, he took a bite out of the stolen cake

    Jessie looked up into his eyes; she placed her free hand against her chest, he could still surprise her.

    “Yup i'm talking to you,”

    She blushed, “Ahaha, Its mean to joke James.”

    He stared back into her eyes, he gave her a look which told her he was serious. She looked away back down to Manene.

    Manene finished its drink and climbed up on to Jessie’s shoulder; she opened the bottle of champagne and poured it into two glasses.

    “Here you go, not that we have anything to celebrate”

    “Hmm I have to disagree, I think we do have an occasion to celebrate, an occasion that is really important.” James announced

    “Oh yeah what is it, 9,0000th blast off?” Asked Meowth sarcastically


    “umm… because we whooped Butch and Cassidy’s backside’s the other day?” Jessie queried a guess.

    “Nope wrong again.”

    “Gah, just tell us already!” Jessie shrieked anxiously, patience wasn't one of the virtue's that she personally practiced.

    “Five years ago today something really great happened to me and do you know what that was?” James asked, his partners shook there heads, “I met you guys!”

    Jessie’s jaw dropped “OH yeah, that was such a great day, even though I didn’t really like you to begin with.”

    “We’ve had our ups and downs but I wouldn’t change it for the world.” Meowth put in sounding slightly choked up.
    Manene leapt down from Jessie’s shoulder and comforted Meowth. The small Pokemon produced a ball and signaled to Meowth that it wanted to play, and Meowth being a cat type could never resist a ball.

    He sniffed and dried his eyes “alright, I’ll play with you.”

    The Pokemon ran out on to a clearing through the bushes to play.
    Jessie and James sat in silence for a while.

    “Soooo… did you get me a gift?” Jessie asked hopefully as she leant into James.

    “I didn’t really have any money.” He replied seeming rather embarresed.
    Jessie pouted and folded her arms in disappointment.

    “It’s not much, but I made this for you.” James’s face was slowly turning red as he handed her a small box wrapped carefully in pink paper and a black ribbon.

    “Eiiii! So exciting no ones ever given me a present before!” Her face lit up and she ripped the paper off enthusiastically.

    She slid her gloved fingers under the catch on the box and opened it; she lifted up a piece of black suede cord with a gold bottle cap with a firework design engraved on it hanging as the pendant.

    “But James! This was your favorite one; didn’t you say that your grandfather gave you this one to start your collection of with?” she asked, it was one thing to force him to use his bottle caps to make badges and ribbon’s but this one was different, it was willingly given.

    “I know that this means the world to you.” Jessie continued not taking her eyes of her beautifully crafted gift, “what a time to develop a conscience” she thought to herself.

    “That, my dear, is exactly why I’m giving it to you, beacuse you are the world to me.” He took her hand in his and held it gently.

    Jessie's heart pounded, she wanted so much to tell him that she felt the same, but instead all that she could manage was “I’m so sorry that I haven’t got anything for you.”
    She cursed her cowardice.

    “You’ve done more than enough for me.” He chuckled.

    She turned her back to him and lifted her hair up, “Tie this for me.” She handed him the necklace and put it on her.

    “I really don’t know what I do without you.” He whispered into her ear.
    Jessie shifted so that she could look at him over her shoulder; he placed his hand on her cheek.

    “Jess, I really hope you can forgive me, I’ve taken you for granted.”

    Taking a few deep breathed and letting go of her fear Jessie began “You’d don’t ever need to ask for forgiveness from me, there is nothing and I mean nothing that I couldn’t forgive you for, I just have to look at you and know that there isn’t anything you could do to… to make me…” she stopped and looked away.

    “Make you what?” James encouraged, he slid his arms around her arms and chest.

    “Hmm, yeah you know what I mean.”She replied stubbornly, he was pushing his luck now

    “Say it; please finish what you were going to say?” James whispered urgently, his lips brushing softly against her ear.
    Jessie sighed and rolled her eyes, after 5 years resisting she finnaly gave in, “Ohh okay okay, there isn’t anything you could do to…” she paused and then quickly blurted “stop me from loving you with all my heart.”

    James smiled as widely as a man who had just one four jackpots, he hugged her tighter and pulled her back against his chest.

    “I’m so in love with you Jessie, you must know that.”

    “Oh because I couldn’t possibly have miss read James- mixed signals- Morgan could I!” She laughed sarcastically.

    “I was an idiot, can you forgive me?”

    “James what did we just go over!” Jessie sighed sounding exasperated. “Gosh you’re such an loser.”

    “Yeah but you love an loser so you are no better.” He giggled

    “Ah shut up!” she gently proded his ribs with her elbow.

    “Nope! I’m afraid, sweet heart that you are going to have to make me.”

    “I think I can manage that.” Jessie leant her head backwards and tilted it up, he leant the rest of the way and pressed his lips against hers and finally got the kiss that he had been waiting for for five years.
    Manene and Meowth had finished playing their ball game and had wandered back to the picnic rug.
    “Meowth!!! What on earth did I miss?”
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    As always another AMAZING fic Steffrox!!! Without you we wouldn't have any Rocketshipping fics LOL. I think this has been my favourite so far Keep up the good work.

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    oh i'm really glad you liked it! i wasn't sure whether i liked this one or not

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    Maneme / Mime Jr. is so cute! I kind of feel sorry for Team Rocket though, but considering all that they went through, they'll make it to the very end.
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    Aww! Cute! I loved all the teasing! AWW!!! -coos- I loved the One-shot! AWW!!! xD I can't stop saying-Aww!!! xD
    (they rock and don't deny it or I'll send the strawberry army after you)

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    Oh, that was adorable, Steffrox! I couldn't help but love it^_^ Several parts were simply too cute, and Manene sounds like an excellent pokémon- can't wait to see it on the show. The only thing off was that the grammar needs a bit of work, and there were a few words that didn't seem right, i.e. conscious/conscience, cowardness/cowardice. But other than that, it was a lovely story that I want to read again Kudos.

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