Um. Is there a way that the Shipping Fics forum could somehow be separated into different categories? There are several of us (articuno_trumps_all, Taitofan, et cetera) who are awfull sick of seeing the same three pairings there all the time. It's really not fair considering there are a good many of us who love shipping fics that AREN'T Advanceshipping/Pokeshipping/Contestshipping/what have you, and a lot of people are hesitant to write and post because they know that their fic will just get bumped to the second/third whatever page.

Taitofan and myself have tried to get more people to write other pairings, but that's not going over so well. And even though I posted like a bazillion fics there (granted they weren't Pokemon), it is dominated by Contestshipping and the like.

Even if you can't have like...a het/yaoi/yuri kind of separation, maybe a section for Pokemon and then Non-Pokemon shipping fics would be good? Seems like too broad a topic to have just one section imo.