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Thread: My Anabel Fan Club Site...Need Ideas

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    Default My Anabel Fan Club Site...Need Ideas

    Hey guys,can you give me some ideas for my site the anabel fan club?

    Credit to Mikari-Chan at ToTheZ Forums.

    Golman Credit to.....uh....Lion Something.

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    For starters, have in-depth information about her, like what pokemon she uses, The Natures and movesets for both her Silver and Gold Teams.
    Just because I breed for natures and EV train does not mean I treat my pokemon like mindless drones or just data. Pokemon are more than just data to me. They're my prized possesions. I love my Pokemon.

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    Most of you are followers by going by what the most popular users think and copying their idea not expressing you own ideas.
    The quote that describes the many people that use cliche opinions.

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