Okay, so I tried my hand at creating my own RPG, but nobody ever posted. I am posting all the informational stuff right now. It would be great if people could give some suggestions on it, so that it can actually attract some participants.


It has been 300 years since the end of the 1000 year war. A war that ended life as we know it on earth. No one really knows how it started. All that is known is that it eventually engulfed the entire planet. There were periods of peace but sooner or later the fighting broke out again. Eventually it got so bad that many were forced to use nuclear weapons. In the end the earth was left barren. Rivers and oceans dried up, once lush rainforests became barren deserts, and all living creatures were wiped from the face of the earth. However there is hope for the planet.

It seems that during the last 200 years of the war, a small group of scientists from all around the world came together in hopes of finding a way to preserve the earth and a way to make sure a war of this scale never happens again. The first thing they did was create a giant floating fortress in the shape of an island so they could stay out of reach from the fighting below. After much debate, it was decided that they would gather the DNA of all animals and plants and build several compounds around the world to house them. The next step was to find a way to revive them and who will do it since the scientist themselves would be dead by the time the war was over. Therefore they sought out the most acclaimed scientists in the field of cloning and gene manipulation. Cloning and splicing labs were built in each compound with each housing DNA of animals and plants that were commonly found in that region as well as 3-D images of what the region once looked like. After much research, the scientist concluded that it was best to genetically create immortal beings, called the protectors, to watch over the process of the creation of the new Earth as well as keeping the peace. Over the next 100 years the offspring of the original scientist started to perfect the cloning process. Everything was going well until the presence of nuclear weapon usage was found.

The scientist calculated that with the amount of radiation that would be given off from the weapons, it would take approximately 300 years for the earth to be habitable again. They scrambled to find a way of preserving the protectors for that amount of time. After many years of trial and error, the scientist came up with the idea of putting the protectors in stasis pods that will slow down their aging process to when they are revived the oldest ones will be 23 and the youngest 18. Before they separated, a suggestion was made to install a learning program into the pods to teach the protectors about all that has transpired and how to operate the labs. And so it passed that the scientists went to the different compounds to create the protectors of that region, one male and one female, and record a message explaining to them what they will be doing.


This is basically an open ended RPG. The beginning will be about you getting used to your new life and creating animals. As it progresses you must over see that there are no conflicts between different species. As far as creating creatures you have free reign as long as it doesn’t conflict with the restrictions set forth for your compound. Every now and then I will throw in a surprise or two to make things interesting.

Compounds and animals you are in charge of

All land compounds can create any land animals as well as freshwater animals as long as the body of water is landlocked
The land compounds are as follows:

North America
South America

Here are some specifics for a couple of land compounds:

Antarctica: Cold environment animals both land and sea
Africa: mainly big cats and large animals can also do fresh water animals
Australia: marsupials and other exotic animals

All water compounds can create any water fairing animals as long as the body of water is connected to the ocean
The water compounds are as follows:

Pacific Ocean
Atlantic Ocean
Artic Ocean
Indian Ocean

Here are some specifics for a couple of water compounds:

Artic Ocean: Cold environment sea animals

Floating Isle: Can create all freshwater animals and land animals but primarily birds

If you don't exactly understand what is going on, then here is a short summary:

Basically, the Earth is dead. There are no plants, animals, or water. It is just one big desert. However, there is some life, not much, but it is still life. The lives I refer to are the 24 Protectors. The Protectors are genetically enginered beings created to restore the planet back to normal and watch over it for all enternity, to make sure the world never dies again. There are two Protectors, one male and one female, stationed at one of twelve compounds. Each compound is located in a region of the earth ie. the seven continents, the four oceans, and one artificial landmass in the sky. Up until now they have been in statis, until the time was right for them to awaken, which of course is now. When the Protectors wake, they are told through a holographical message all that has transpired before their awakening. They are also told of their duties as protectors of Earth. These duties include restoring all water to the planet, cultivating the land and restoring it to its former green glory, reviving all life on the planet as well as creating new life, and above all else keeping order so nothing destroys the Earth again. The first three of their duties can be acheived by a genetic scrambler that has been installed in each compound. And after the introduction, the RPG is basically up to all the participants.

And now feel free to make any suggestions or raise any questions. I would be more than happy to answer them. And just to let you know, I really don't expect 24 people to sign up.