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Thread: May, We Harley Drew'd Ya! (456)

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    I love this episode! It's probably one of my favourites in the entire AG arc. Solidad was absolutely fantastic in this episode! <3 ...At least, I think so....

    The best part was...

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    May finally arrives at Indigo Plateau, where the Grand festival is going to take place. It's nice that Ash actually remembered that he was in the Pokemon League here.
    Aipom managed to locate Ash, then it stole his hat again and ran off .... But a girl's Slowbro helped Ash got his hat back. The girl introduces herself as Solidad, who defeated Drew in his first contest. I liked how Solidad turned down Brock, I thought she was a cool character.

    It was funny when Jessie imitated Lillian with Lets get busy.
    I liked Soildad's Lapras's appeal, freezing water with Sheer Cold to create a pillar was a smart move.
    May's appeal with frisbee was bland and boring, she could've done a more creative appeal. Drew's appeal was not good either.
    My favorite part of this episode is when Harley enters the stage, dressed up like MAY! That was hilarious and downright creepy at the same time.
    Also, It was shocking(and disturbing) when Mayley blew a kiss at DREW in the end!
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    What a coincidence, I was thinking "When does that Solidad character make their appearance in the show?". I seem to have a knack for asking myself these questions right before these characters appear.

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