It's official - Aipom is 10 times the Jigglypuff that Snubbull was, and 9999999 times the Jigglypuff that Spoink was (As I still stand that Spoink was never a replacement. It appeared in 2 eps, for crying out loud.) Apparently Aipom being the only non-powerful Pokemon battling Ash's Pokemon in the intro was no accident. Who knows? Maybe next time we'll see the Aerodactyl in the intro with May's bandana!

Isn't this the second time La Rousse was mentioned in the anime? I believe Hinata mentioned it in the Deoxys special. I refer to that place as the Holy Hitomi Shrine, anyways, so whoever comes from there, be it Saori or Drew, gets extra points in my book.

Harley forgot about May's most "noticeable" features, which will undoubtedly make his disguise fail, whatever the hell he's trying to pull with his gay cosplay routine.