I really like the dub of this episode!! May and her interaction with all her rivals was really handled well! Solidad, they made it sound good in the show so I thought it was ok. Speaking of Solidad, her voice was awesome, it sounded caring and calmed yet she could get so hyped up for the contest.

Was Solidad really from Pewter City in the original? If so, cool!! And you can totally hear the contestshipping in this episode too! Seriously, Solidad saying how Drew talked about May and only May (or something along those lines)...yeah contestshipping!!

Harley was hilarious!! Wow...PUSA did a great job in making his character so flamboyant like he's supposed to be.

Drew seems that he is not the type that wants to lose which gives some insight to his character, and it seems and Ash has Aipom trouble (which I like to see...Aipom causing trouble=!). Plus, I loved the fact that they mentioned Ash's pokemon league...I mean they didn't mention Haunter, Sabrina, Koga, etc. but they did mention the pokemon league!! (Btw, did they do that in the original...if so cool!).

Now, to make this episode more "grand," I like how they kept the Grand Festival sign "Grande Festibol"! Shows, that they're not like 4Kids and edit things to make it more American (and if they forgot to edit it, I'm glad PUSA didn't).