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    Disclaimer: I don’t own any pokemon stuff that I mention.
    Rated G for everyone
    One shot

    This is a tale of shotgun weddings and true love, please review.
    its set in the village from the chronicles episode "we're no angels"

    So right now, right at this very moment in time I am running for my life! Not because Pikachu is going to shock me and not because we’re being chased by a band of furious Swellow, nope today I’m in a totally different kind of trouble.

    Although it has been caused by the person who usually leads me down this dangerous path. I look up and he’s grinning like a naughty kid and I want to punch him for what he has just put me through but there is no time, he yanks my hand forward to hurry me along.

    A very angry girl and her even angrier father, and the rest of the congregation pursue us shouting all the names under the sun.
    James pulls me hard to the right and straight through one of their crop fields and the shouting and fury increases.

    I bet you are probably wondering how a nice, innocent, Rocket girl like me got into this situation, well I’ll tell you then shall I?

    It all started a few nights ago really, my and I accomplice were having a few drinks at the local bar, the sake was flowing merrily and we were having a good time in spite of the fact that I hadn’t wanted to come back to this place again. They treat us like hero’s and that not what we are. But James insisted and whined and complained till I gave in. I had a sneaking suspicion that the reason he had wanted to return here was called Kate, some stupid girl.

    Fortunately he tired of her after two days and had decided to come and hang out with me, Not that I was jealous or anything because I wasn’t, don’t look at me like that! I was not!
    Anyhow James was telling me how boring Kate had turned out to be and how she should learn to be interesting and other drunken slurs, when this old bloke came and asked if he could sit with us.

    Being the friendly duo we are (and it didn’t hurt his case that he offered to put a round or four in) we of course agreed.

    He seemed like a nice enough guy, dull but who around this little village isn’t, and we enjoyed his company.

    That was until we invited him to join us in a game of poker, he scoffed and gave James a filthy look. Then he said the strangest thing, I don’t remember it completely word for word because I was to busy picking my jaw up off of the floor, it was something like this “No Son-in-law of mine is going to be a dirty gambler, you’ll have my daughter to support.”

    So it turned out this guy was Kate’s father and she’d got the wrong idea completely and thought James was really into her, I mean how dumb can you get?!

    Anyway it seemed that the community here kept with traditional values. Now Kate’s father was a big man with a pitch fork and a combine harvester back at his farm so James sheepishly agreed to marry Kate.

    I know James seems like a spineless coward but he’s my spineless coward and I was not happy about this arrangement. As I said to you before you’d be wrong to think I was jealous, wrong I tell you, I just think it’s wrong to force people into marriage, unless it’s for money of course, but that goes without saying.

    Kate had chosen me to be her maid of honor, for some stupid reason she had assumed that we were
    friends, and I had to help her with dresses and churches.

    She wanted a big white religious wedding you see, I did chuckle to myself because James isn’t even a Christian. Show what she actually knows about him, nothing.

    These days of helping Kate were really hard (not to mention boring) because I wasn’t even allowed to
    talk to James.

    I haven’t slept on my own for three years and it was a hard vision of my future without him, so last night when I was cold and lonely I snuck out and broke into his room.

    He was so glad to see me that he threw his arms around me and almost crushed me.
    I could see that he had been crying, so I tried to ask him if he wanted to run away with me, but I too am a coward and I couldn’t find the words.

    I just let him hold me as I thought about how it would be the last time.
    The next day, which is actually today, was the wedding day.

    I had to attend to Kate and put on my stupid bridesmaids dress, I say its stupid but in comparison to the dress Kate had it’s the height of fashion, her dress has far to many frills and covers far to much skin for my liking, she might as well have mummified herself.

    I had to walk down the aisle behind her holding the tail of her dress. I fought back the tears desperately.

    Don’t judge me for that because I’m not weak or anything, I bet you’d have been just as sad as I was in that situation.

    The priest began to pray or what ever it is they do in a Christian ceremony and I looked over at James.

    He looked different to how he had done last night, all the fear had gone from his eyes and he looked his old devious self again. He winked at me and my heart actually did a little jump thing, it was pretty weird but nice, really nice.

    Just as I thought his fate was sealed James interrupted the priest. Kate shot him the filthiest look I had ever seen but he ignored her.

    Then he said, and I’ll remember this for as long as I live because it is probably the worst excuse I have ever heard “Oh I left some malt liquor on the table in my room and I’m worried my Manene will start a fire.”

    Yeah, he actually said that, Manene doesn’t even know any fire attacks.

    James turned and legged it out of the church and everyone stared awestruck at the door.

    About two seconds later he came running back down the aisle. Kate nervously smiled; she thought he must have just been joking around.

    He stopped when he reached the alter and announced to everyone
    “Sorry, I forgot something”. James reached out his hand to me and I felt that same strange pounding in my chest.

    I slid my hand into his and the next thing I knew I was being dragged by my hand down the aisle of a church filled with some really annoyed villagers.

    That’s how I got into this situation and as I run hand in hand with my partner across a soaking, slushy mud ridden field I find myself thinking that actually upon refection I was jealous after all.

    I trip and loose my shoe in the mud, and try to climb to my feet as the skies open and rain pours down.
    It seems that the villagers didn’t want to get there Sunday Best wet and ruined and had abandoned the witch hunt.

    James sits down in the mud with my and wipes the dirt off of my face.
    “Are you mad at me?” he asks sweetly

    I shake my head, “No, just don’t ever do that to me again, okay?” I hold out my little finger so he’ll have to promise, he wraps his little finger around mine and smiles.

    “I love you Jessie.” He says, well duh you’d have thought I’d have worked that out by now, but it doesn’t stop me from throwing my arms around his neck and holding on for dear life.

    He lifts me too my feet and presses his perfect lips against mine.
    We stand in the rain and kiss each other for the first of many times.

    I tell him that I love him too and we promise ourselves to each other for all eternity, we joke about how much of a great story this is going to be to tell our friend Meowth when he comes back from his days off, I bet that he hasn’t had such an adventure.

    Okay I think that this is a good place to end because things are heating up pretty quickly if you get what I mean, wink wink and I’m not going to tell you about that. i don't care if you'd like to know! get gone!
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    XD! Nice fic you have here, Steffrox! I liked how James said, "Oh, I forgot something." XDDD And then he and Jessie ran away XDDD And how he and Jessie got together...Cute! ^_^ And since I'm also a Rocketshipper, I liked this story alot! ^_^

    (they rock and don't deny it or I'll send the strawberry army after you)

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    Then he said, and I’ll remember this for as long as I live because it is probably the worst excuse I have ever heard “Oh I left some malt liquor on the table in my room and I’m worried my Manene will start a fire.”
    xD! That part was funny. IT was so cute, and I liekd the ending, seeing as how I'm a Rocketshippier. Good job! *pats on back*

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    thanks for your reviews guys xxx

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