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    Default Deoxy Deluxe!

    This deck is using Deoxy to it's utmost advantage, whether it's Speed form, Defense form, or Attack form. I usually use Deoxy Delta, but in some cases I have Deoxy EX for back up. I use cards like Rocket's Admin and Professor Oak's Research to return Deoxy cards I've drawn back into my deck, because they are useless more or less in my hand. I feel that I don't need Steven's Advice as much as I would be using a Mary's Request or a Bill's Maintenence, because not a whole lot of people load up their benches anymore, and drawing a solid 3 cards all the time is better then risking it. I have 1 Darkness energy and 1 Metal energy in the deck merely for the chance that I have it on my Deoxy Delta, which is a bonus. I use Battle Frontier to deal against some of those Pigeot, Steelix, and Dark pokemon users which has proven to help out a lot so far. Pokemon Retriever is there to bring back fallen Deoxy's into the deck to replenish the power of the deck. Pow! Hand Extension and Warp Point are used to annoy your opponent and is quite useful at times.

    This is what I have come up with. There are major holes in this deck that need to be filled. I've tried putting Shuckle into this deck to be able to battle against EX Pokemon but so far he's of no help. I've tried supplementing this deck with some Mew EX (Versitile) but not a whole lot of help either. Puts me into more trouble then out of trouble. Mr. Mime EX are ok but haven't been proving useful lately so they might be taken out also.

    This deck does work out ok but needs to come out faster. I left this deck list incomplete because I need help putting in the rest of the cards. Theres room for 8 cards but I can't seem to find the right cards to fit into this deck. Please help me.

    Pokemon: 13
    Deoxy Delta (ATTACK)
    Deoxy Delta (DEFENSE)
    Deoxy Delta (NORMAL)
    Deoxy Delta (SPEED)
    Deoxy EX #97/107
    Deoxy EX #98/107
    Deoxy EX #99/107
    Deoxy EX #93/107
    Holon Castform x3
    Mr. Mime Ex Odds x1
    Mr. Mime Ex Evens x1

    Trainers: 25
    Battle Frontier x2
    Bill's Maintenance x3
    Warp Point x4
    Rockets Admin x4
    Professor Oak's Research x4
    Mary's Request x2
    Pokemon Retriever x2
    Holon Lass x2
    Holon Scientist x1
    Pow! Hand Extension x3
    Steven's Advice x1

    Energy: 14
    Psychic Energy x8
    Delta Rainbow Energy x4
    Darkness Energy x1
    Metal Energy x1

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    go 2 normal 2 def delta deoxys, the other 2 are pretty bad, and you dont want to run out of options if your low on basics in play.
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