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Thread: Team Magma & Aqua Rock / Metal Guitar Tribute

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    Default Team Magma & Aqua Rock / Metal Guitar Tribute

    With Or/As just around the corner, I felt the need to express my love for the Hoenn experience. And I recently did so through a Team Magma & Aqua Rock / Metal Guitar Tribute.

    Within the video, you will definitely encouter surprises, as I altered the structure of the original tunes here and there. I made my best to capture the atmosphere that involves being around those Teams and battling them, through music.

    Would be glad to hear your feedback. This is my proudest project to date!

    Pokemon ORAS - Team Magma & Aqua Grunt / Leader Battle Metal Guitar Cover

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    This was really great!! It was very well put together, and the video editing was amazing!! ^^
    When I saw that you did a lake trio cover - I fangirled a little bit!
    You have real talent and I am really impressed. Do you play professionally or in a band? If not, you should be!

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    Thanks a lot for dropping in! Such kind words make me smile

    Yup, I was surprised that there was no Lake Trio cover, so I went ahead and did that!

    I don't play in a band, I was just making standard covers, but just recently started playing Video Game Music.
    It's definitely much more creative and interesting!

    Really appreciate your feedback, thanks again! Glad you liked it
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    Hey! I have listened to your track and it sounds quite good! I practice in the same field as yours (Metal covers) and I can recognize the work you've put into it.
    I like the change in structure that you have done, the work of rewriting what's around the melody.

    Now, I'll tell you what I think you could improve. I think your track is slightly grey. Let me explain myself : it sits in the mid frequencies, when a metal mix should have punchy lows (bass/kick etc) and quite violent high frequencies (clear cymbals, clear palm mutes, etc). So I think you should work on framing your mids with Metal-ish EQing and mixing, so that we have that violent feeling of Metal.

    Secondly, I think you must work on making your synths and other instruments more melodic and maybe add some reverb and stereo improvement to them, so that they sound less "midi".

    Otherwise, good job! METAL Video Games remixes here.

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    Thanks a lot for the tips and feedback!

    So I should:
    • Make the rhythm guitars clearer and "higher"

    • Get punchier kick notes

    • Improve cymbals

    • Make synth and other instruments "brighter"

    • Change the lead as well, if it doesn't fit with the above

    In general, try to get a brighter, cleaner sound and less "dry"

    I will definitely try to improve in those aspects
    Thanks again, feedback from a (VG)musican is greatly appreciated

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    Yes for the guitars, yes for the kick notes, yes for the cymbals. Not really for the synth, just try to write better melodies and chords with them, and try to make them wider when they need to be, and maybe add some reverb. They don't necessarly need to be brighter.
    And also your bass needs to be deeper, to feel like a rumble in your chest (you're gonna achieve that with EQing and limiting and compressing). METAL Video Games remixes here.

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