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If Aipom beat Brandon, I wouldn't even be able to blame him for a cheap win because I'd be laughing so hard. As cheap as May's victory over Drew probably was, I'm glad she finally beat him since it took about as long as the time until Ash's victory on Gary.
I hope you know I was joking about the Aipom thing. The point I was trying to get across is that it's funny to not hate the thing [because it's done nothing wrong but live], and watch everyone else do so. To make, oh, an EXTREME analogy, it's like everyone gets their hand chopped off and you're impervious to pain. What do you do? You laugh at everyone else.

And I assume by "cheap win" you mean Squirtle? *sigh* if Squirtle weren't in this battle against Drew, I bet almost everyone would be happy right now. Sure I'm nbot happy that Squirtle helped bring Drew down, but at least May finally won against him...