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Thread: Your Pokemon Dream Team

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    Hey how is everyone doing. My name is Prof Palm and I want to know what is your Pokemon dream team. Imagine that you are in the actual Pokemon world and you get 6 Pokemon as a Pokemon master only rules are no legendaries and keep in mind in the actual Pokemon world you don't need the best stat line so try to resist just picking who you think would be best stat wise also let us know who your starter is.

    1. (Starter Duskull) Dusknior
    2. Infernape
    3. Greninja
    4. Ferrowthorn
    5. Electavire
    6. Noivern

    I like this group for Alot of reasons. First of all I have always liked how trainers in the anime always had random Pokemon that they start with like the sandshrew in season 1 so I think I would love to start with a duskull. I think the idea of having 2 martial arts styled Pokemon would be great to make then train each other in sparing matches thou the advantage would obviously go to greninja but still. I don't have an excuse for ferrowthorn other then I wanted a Pokemon that is a real though lump like golem but every trainer needs that grass type so I gravitated towards him. Electivire just looks like a beast and noivern I picked because you will eventually need to fly o we something and the idea of riding a bat/dragon is to much to pass up.

    So what about you guys....I apologise if this isn't the place to post this

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    When a mod moves your thread and explains to you how and why your thread is not related to the forum, that is not your cue to repost the exact same thread.

    Thank you.
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