To celebrate the re-opening of the Pokéblock Shop we are, for the next 24 hours only, giving everyone who posts the following items:

1x Pokéblock Case containing 5 Pokéblocks:

Pokéblock: Indigo
Taste: Dry
Effect: Raises Beauty by 20
Berries Used: Bluk, Pinap, Sitrus

Pokéblock: Purple
Taste: Spicy
Effect: Raises Coolness by 20
Berries Used: Lum, Razz, Wepear

Pokéblock: Brown
Taste: Sweet
Effect: Raises Cuteness by 20
Berries Used: Nanab, Persim, Magost

Pokéblock: LiteBlue
Taste: Bitter
Effect: Raises Smartness by 20
Berries Used: Aguav, Rabuta

Pokéblock: Olive
Taste: Sour
Effect: Raises Toughness by 20
Berries Used: Iapapa, Nomel