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    I ascend to make Pokeblocks. These berries are to be used in the Mega Blender:

    Petaya And Apicot Berries
    Starf Berry
    Lansat Berry

    Another set for the Mega Blender:

    Petaya, Spelon, and Nanab berries
    Watmel Berry

    Not done yet-Mega Blender set #3

    Petaya, Lansat, Pomeg, and Kelpsy berries

    And for more is Mega Blender #4:

    Petaya and Nanab Berries
    Persim Berry
    Apicot Berry

    Don't go hide, Mega Blender set 5:

    Chesto, Oran, Wiki, Rabuta berries

    Coming up trips, Mega Blender set 6:

    Petaya and Oran Berries
    Figy Berry
    Pomeg Berry

    For *My Final Heaven*, Mega Blender set 7:

    Pomeg, Tamato, Figy, and Petaya from Bloody Banette

    A final date with Mega Blender set 8:

    Petaya Berry from Muyotwo
    Nanab Berry
    Watmel Berry
    Magost Berry

    And whew-I'm done.
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