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Thread: 'Til Death do We Part (Contestshippy)

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    Talking 'Til Death do We Part (Contestshippy)

    Fufufufu. I made a contestshippy one-shot. This is... insane. XD Rated PG, no cuss words! XD Enjoy!

    Italics indicate thoughts.
    "" indicates speech.
    ' indicates speech in a dream.

    'Til Death do We Part
    One-Shot Contestshippy
    By: Kitteh
    Rated PG

    “With rain comes cruelty, yet it also brings happiness and joy.”
    -masterwannabe, "The Cruelty of Rain"
    "I do." May Maple whispered, staring up into the emerald eyes of the boy she loved. Tears leaked from her sapphire orbs, leaving drops on her perfect, white, satin dress. She had just said her vows, and now Drew was doing the same.

    "I do." Drew said loudly, so that everyone would hear that he had just proclaimed his love to May.

    "You may now kiss the bride!" The minister said, and Drew put a finger underneath May's chin and tilted her head up. He bent his head, and their lips touched. Their future was sealed.
    Two years later, May was still a beautiful woman. She had long, wavy hair to her waist, deep, sapphire eyes, and a slim figure. Drew was still a handsome man, with chartreuse hair flopping on his head messily, into his emerald eyes. He had a tall, muscular figure, but his muscles weren't that clearly defined.

    "I'm pregnant." May said one day, when she came home from the doctor's office. Drew was taken aback. He didn't expect to be a father so soon, only being age twenty-one, just now a legal adult. May played with a strand of her brown hair, staring at the floor.

    "Are... are you sure?" Drew asked his wife, pushing his hair out of his eyes.

    "Positive." May answered, looking up at him. Tears were in her eyes, a smile on her face.

    "Isn't it just wonderful?" May finished, closing her eyes in bliss.

    "Yeah, wonderful..." Drew told her thoughtfully.
    The next eight months flew by without event, as May's pregnancy became more and more prominent. One day, with about two weeks until her due date, she muttered something about going shopping. Her hair was tied back into a ponytail, and sunglasses hid her cobalt eyes. It's funny how sometimes you remember all the small things. She went outside into the driving rain, and got into their car. She waved and yelled good-bye as she started the engine and pulled out of the driveway. Drew had no clue that he would never see his wife again.
    About three hours later, a phone call came.

    "May I speak to Drew?" A brisk, female voice said.


    "Do you know a Miss May Maple?"

    "She's my wife."

    "Well, I'm sorry to say this, but Miss Maple was in a car crash this evening about ten minutes ago. She's alive, but only just. She's only got an hour or so left. I'm terribly sorry."

    No. This can't be. It can't! Drew thought.

    The lady seemed to be reading his thoughts.

    "I'm really sorry, Drew. She wants to see you, could you please come?"

    "How's the baby?"


    "The baby. May's pregnant."

    "Oh. The baby's fine. They had to do a C-Section, but she came out all right."

    "I'm coming up immediately. Good-bye."

    Before the lady could even say good-bye, Drew hung up and was out the door. He had forgotten May had taken the car, so he ended up running all the way to the hospital. About halfway there, he saw their silver car crumpled in the street, driver's side smashed onto the front of a semi. He looked away and kept running, until the hospital was in view. Drew slowed to a walk as he came to the doors. Inside, he stopped at the receptionist's desk.

    "Where can I find May Maple?" Drew asked, and the lady answered,

    "ICU, cubicle seven. Floor six." The receptionist, who's nametag read "Bertha" said in a bored tone. Drew raced up the stairs four at a time until he reached the sixth floor. He found cubicle seven all right, but it was walking in to see his wife that he had a problem with. Finally, Drew plucked up the courage to step into the room.

    "Hi..." May said, gasping for breath, "How's... the... baby?"

    "Fine. And you'll be fine too." Drew was desperate now, he wanted to believe that May would be all right.

    "No... Drew... I'm... dying, and... you... know... it." May coughed, as the light started to dim from her eyes.

    "I... love... you... Drew..." May whispered with her final breath. Drew felt hot, salty tears dripping from his eyes, but he took no notice of them. He dropped to his knees and gripped May's cold, lifeless hand. It wasn't until a doctor came in and said he had to leave that he stood and ran. Straight into another doctor.

    "I'm sorry-" Drew started, but the doctor interrupted,

    "You're Drew, right? Miss Maple told me that you were the father of the baby- would you like to see her?" Drew nodded quietly. The doctor led him to a room full of babies.

    "I'm Doctor Appleby, the doctor in charge of this nursery. This is the baby-" Dr. Appleby told Drew, showing him a small, pink-skinned baby girl, wrapped in a pink blanket.

    "What is her name to-" Dr. Appleby started, but Drew said,

    "May. May Andrea Maple."
    Wahahahahaha!!! -ish evil- Yesh, this was inspired by masterwannabe's The Cruelty of Rain. As you can see, the quote before the story is from that fic. Well, comments? Constructive Criticism? Advice? Did you enjoy it? Do I ask too many questions? Sorry it's so short. XD

    Over and out,


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    *strangles you* Kitteh, how many times have you let MAY DIED IN FICS?



    Um, none. xD

    Anyhow, I felt it was a bit rushed, and you could have put in more descriptions... :/ Or that's just me. xP

    BUT HOW COULD YOU KILL MAY?!!! *strangles you* >=D Still, nice story! ^_^
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    Default Oh my God Kitteh

    Wow that was amazingly written. My eyes seriously welled up on the bit where she told him she loved him and he started to cry. Shame on you for writing it so realisticaly lol. Great story, just sad!

    Samantha Jane

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    Cool! Well, May dieing isn't really cool but the story was. HOW DO YOU DO THIS?!!!

    Here's hoping ~Cecilia~ doesn't strangle me.

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    your evil to have May die in this fic
    Ya Mays comeing back for a small camo

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    It was rushed and that ruined it but the ending was lovely. So sad that May died *sighs* but people did of different things. Apart from that rushed part it was well written so well done.
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    Medea posts here! Haha, anyways, I liked this fic. Of course, I feel that it was too short, but it was so sweet. I was just all torn up about May dying. Though, reading your fic, has given me an idea for something. Actually, this idea was up in the air for the last six months but, I feel it's time to put it in action.

    But I digress...I do enjoy Contestshipping and holy-moly that was...whoa!

    Good job!

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    Brilliant, but short and rushed.
    You made May die
    Overall, good work!
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    It was beatuiful, short, sweet, and to the point. I loved it, by why, WHY did you have to kill off May???

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    I'm sorry, but it was rushed because my mom's banned me from going to this site again and I got on behind her back. I'll edit it later, with the rest of it.

    ~!Mudkip Kitteh!~

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