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    Default With Arms Wide Open (Contestshippy one-shot)

    Mwahahahahaha!!! The sequel to Everytime We Touch!! Yesh, this goes back when Drew hears he's going to be a father. XD Rated PG13 for language. Enjoy!! Stuff in italics was edited to the song to make it fit the prequel (is that even a word?? Oh well, it is now! PRequel means the story before)
    Well I just heard the news today
    It seems my life is going to change
    I closed my eyes, begin to pray
    Then tears of joy stream down my face

    Drew paced in the emergency room lobby, waiting for news about his wife, May. She'd collapsed that morning, and Drew didn't know why.

    "Drew?" Someone called. Drew looked up from the floor. There stood May's doctor.

    "Drew, we have wonderful news. May and the baby are just fine, nothing happened when she collapsed this morning- just exhaustion, we're guessing." Dr. Shau said elatedly.

    "Wait. You mean to say May's pregnant?" Drew interrupted.

    "Yes. She's expecting a baby girl." Dr. Shau answered.

    Tears streamed from Drew's eyes. He asked if he could see May, and was led to her hospital room.

    With arms wide open
    Under the sunlight
    Welcome to this place
    I'll show you everything
    With arms wide open

    "May..." Drew whispered, taking his wife's hand. May opened her weary eyes, smiling up at him.

    "Guess you heard the news." She whispered hoarsely, squeezing his hand.

    "Yeah. Don't talk. Just rest." Drew replied, leaning down and kissing May.
    Two months later, May stood in the kitchen, making coffee. The first time she tried, she burnt the water, but she got it right the second try. She walked toward the table, when all of a sudden, she collapsed.

    "May?" Drew cried, dropping to his knees beside his wife. He realized he'd be a father soon, and he didn't know what to do. He finally picked up the phone and called the hospital.

    "We'll have an ambulance there in about ten minutes. Get her comfortable, we'll be there soon." The woman on the other end of the line said consolingly, after hearing that Drew would be a father for the first time.

    The ambulance roared into their driveway nine and a half minutes later, and two attendants hopped out, a stretcher between them. They rolled it into the house, and loaded May onto it. Drew gripped her hand and followed them to the ambulence. The ride was in silence.

    When they pulled into the empty emergency room parking lot, Drew asked,

    "Can I be there when she gives birth?"

    "Whatever her doctor says, hon." The female attendant, whose nametag read Martha, told the ex-Coordinator sympathetically.

    Drew followed them into the ER, then into the room where May would give birth.

    Well I don't know if I'm ready
    To be the man I have to be
    I'll take a breath, take her by my side
    We stand in awe, we've created life

    His baby girl sat in his arms, smiling up at him. Her intelligent sapphire eyes resembled her mother's, and her mess of dark brown hair was as soft as a newborn Torchic's feathers.

    "Welcome to the world..." Drew whispered, kissing his daughter on the forehead. A slight tug at his sage hair made him smile, made his emerald eyes light up. He took his daughter to see her mother, listening to her babble the whole time.

    "May..." He said upon stepping into the hospital room. Drew gave May the baby, and asked,

    "What are we going to name her?"

    "I personally think Andrea's a pretty name." May answered, smiling softly.

    "It's perfect. Just like you two..." Drew smiled back.

    "Andrea it is." May said. Drew hugged his wife, grateful for everything. Andrea was huddled between them, a huge grin on her innocent, angelic face.

    With arms wide open
    Under the sunlight
    Welcome to this place
    I'll show you everything
    With arms wide open
    Now everything has changed
    I'll show you love
    I'll show you everything
    With arms wide open

    Drew sat by himself in the garden, watching the sun rise on a brand new tomorrow. He heard the front door creak open, and heard his wife's voice.

    "Drew." May said, sitting beside him. Baby Andrea was asleep in her crib, and the couple had time to themselves for once. There were dark, sagging circles under May's eyes, she had just taken an all-nighter trying to get Andrea to sleep.

    "Shhhh." Drew whispered, closing his eyes, "Quiet peace for once." May giggled. She teasingly pulled a lock of Drew's hair, and he said,

    "All right, that's it!" He tickled May, and added, "Beg for mercy!"

    "No!" May giggled, and Drew finished,

    "Then pay the consequences!" He dipped his head, his lips touching hers. The kiss was interrupted by shrill crying from the house, and May said,

    "Hold on, I'm going to go get Andrea." She stood up and ran to the house. A mere three minutes later she was back, Andrea in her arms. The two parents sat side-by-side again, watching the sun rise with their daughter between them. Drew had only two hopes for Andrea- that she'd understand the world unlike him, and that she'd never be as arrogant and cocky as he was.

    If I had just one wish
    Only one demand
    I hope she's not like me
    I hope she understands
    That she can take this life
    And hold it by the hand
    And she can greet the world
    With arms wide open...

    "I love you, Andrea..." Drew and May told their daughter at the same time, in slight whispers.

    Well, what ya think? Too long? Too short? Mistakes??? Please R&R!!

    WEllz, peace and crackers,


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    Actually...You could just Edit the rest of the parts into your 'Everytime We Touch' fic, you know T_T The first few parts of the story are the same, and I don't even bother reading it, except for the last few parts. So what can I say? Hm...Oh yeah!

    Nice Sequel! ^^ I didn't found any mistakes, so...^^
    (they rock and don't deny it or I'll send the strawberry army after you)

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    I have to agree with May, if you edit out the parts that were in the last story, it's really less then a page. =_=;; But again, I'm being a hypocrite, so I'll lay off on that. It was good, but It could use a little work, such as, a few more details as to why things happened and how. (Not the baby maker part)

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    aww that is an adorable story. i hope that when Pokemon Advance finally ends it does a ten year jump so you can see how everyone of the characters ended up living, so hopefully when it shows what happened to Drew and May, your story pretty much says it all lol.

    Samantha Jane

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