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    theme decks are how a lot of people get into pokémon cards. buying your first deck is exciting. they aren't usually that great, but it is fun to enhance it and have one as your first deck. i think theme decks should be utilized more. they should have more released and get a bit more creative with them. they are such a great way to start playing, i think they should have more. this got me thinking, what are some cool theme deck ideas? i thought trainer decks. for example, black belt deck, hex maniac deck, parasol lady deck, etc... what are some cool themes you guys can think of?

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    I would never go after a trainer base and think that more needs to be put into it with the same theme deck, though I would go the route of the red genesect collection, mewtwo and darkrai boxes where you get half of what is considered staple supporters and trainers into your deck support and consider just having that as a theme deck. I would also consider putting less pokemon into a theme deck altogether and make it as tier 5-6 as possible so people can learn ratios of what a good decklist is. Somehow we are the only card game that sells terrible theme decklist's, if you were to compare a theme deck to a meta deck.
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