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    I know what he said but please view the card, the set marker does not have a 1 or 2 inside of it, since they only made first edition of this particular card, as far as I know, because it was a promo you got from something idk what then why is there no marker for it? The colour of the card tells me its a common, the miss print tells me that it might be worth something to people.

    edit: I had to do this, because in truth I do alot of format trading, some people work by toad n troll, alot by e-bay, me by bebes, so note bellow
    Franky_flygon66@ no way in hell Terrakion EX is worth 5 bucks when it's being sold for 10-30 dollars on e-bay, 17 on bebes and toad n troll wants 11.
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