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    This an one-shot SugerDaddyShipping, also known has Shoppingshipping. It has May and Brock in it. I gave it the rated R rating becuse there is a sex scean in it, thow it does not go beyond "they made love". and it has adult language, thow no curse words other than dam. May age=25 Brock's age=32

    Off the wall:

    May walked through the poolside of one of Havana's prime resorts with every eye upon her. She had the looks of a supermodel, brown hair, tall, tan with wild sex appeal and unpredictable behavior. She had them all, the longest legs in town, biggest boobs and fame. Her short kimono clung to her body with promises beneath. Several people greeted her along the say and some paused to make an appreciative look.

    May shrugged off her kimono, eyeballs bugged out to her bulging cleavage, though extremely big were not obscene but rather very arresting. Women and men alike stared at her like they saw May’s hidden treasures. She draped the kimono on the nearby table and lay herself down on her designated deck kicking her sandals off. A waiter had already put her favorite drink on her table and stole a glimpse of her great body exhibited in flash pink string bikini.

    She was settled comfortably and reading a paperback novel when a shadow crossed over her body. She glanced up and a spike hair of a guy, bronze, tall and sinewy wearing multi-colored stripe robe open to show his six-packed abs and Speedo briefs stood by her side.

    The man hunkered down to his heels and spoke to her. "Hi to you sweet stuff, you ought not to be alone. I'm Brock “The Rock” he said looking into her amber-tinted shades.

    She raised her shades. “I know, remember, it’s me May!” She told her old friend that she had not seen over ten year’s.

    He fell immediately for her femme fatale look with river sapphire eyes. "May? Oh my! Yes I do remember. I did not know it was you, any way since you here I'm gonna be your man to please whatever you like," he said with confident ease.

    "I don't want anything from you," she said disinterestedly.

    "I'm sure you have," he said unperturbed of being rejected.

    "Try your luck on that cupcake posing under the palm tree. She looked as if she could use your company." She lowered back her shades and turned to her book. He didn't look at the girl she pointed.

    Brock brushed his right hand across her tummy, startling her a bit. He drew her eyes to his big hand balling into a fist twirling back and forth then opening it back. As quickly as it opened, it closed again. Less than a tiny second it opened again and it contained several diamonds each the size of a corn kernel. His hand tilted and let the diamonds fall almost one by one on her belly, one lodging in her navel. May appeared fractionally intrigued. The diamonds looked real, sparkling under the bright sun ray.

    "I could produce more than that," he said.


    "Aren't diamonds a girl's best friend?"

    "That doesn't leave the fact that they're still stones," she retorted.

    He picked the diamonds back, one by one with his fingers then closed them all by his fist and shook it like a pair of dice. In a flash a pink rose appeared in his hand in replacement to the diamonds. He carefully placed the fresh flower on her tummy that matched her bikini. Then he rose on his feet and said, "Good day," and he turned and walked away.

    Night came and May’s boyfriend, Drew a rich tycoon didn't show up which made her mad. Feeling dejected, she sought to have some anonymous sex. She went to the casino but saw no one that fitted to her liking.

    At last she spotted Brock at the Bahia Lounge and immediately approached him.

    "Hey, you're just the man I'm looking for." Then she had him by the hand, adding mysteriously, "Come with me." And had him to the nearest elevator.

    In the elevator Brock could smell May. She was wearing a slinky red dress exhibiting elegantly her supermodel attributes.

    "Hey, what's the matter with you?" he began, "I was coming to you this afternoon and you won't give me the time of day."

    She looked at his face. "Did you? You walked out on me."

    "Why do you think I did that?"

    "Ow, let's forget that. Just one of my mood swings. Now I thought we could make equal sex."

    The elevator opened and they headed towards her suite drenched with exotic perfume. Once inside she pressed her body to him and started unbuttoning his shirt.

    She kissed softly the corners of his mouth.

    "I'm a lonely lady and I want to kill myself. But when I saw you again after all these year’s I changed my mind. I thought you're the man that could satisfy my sudden lust craving."

    She backed off from him a little bit and began shucking off the straps of her dress. She unzipped the back and let the dress fall seductively along her body. Brock eyes lit up at the silk and lace lingerie encasing her extremely sexy body leaving nothing to imagination.

    "I still want to do what I had planned earlier," she said and picked a remote from a bed and clicked it. The electronically controlled drapes parted and showed a terrace through the glass sliding doors. The doors automatically opened too.

    "What was your plan?" Brock asked a crease forming in his brow.

    "Come follow me," she said and turned to walk out onto the terrace. He followed behind. May was so tall in her stiletto heels and the way her toned backside swayed he surmised that this
    could be his night of the century.

    When she reached the railings she placed her hands over the top and sighed at the evening breeze and the view of the phosphorous sea lighted by the moon glow. Then she turned to face him, her breasts heaving and her mouth so seductive for lascivious kissing.

    "I'll sit here on the ledge facing you then let my back fall down below. I want you to rescue me. I know your hands are quick so you can do that. If not then I'd die. But if you save me I would not kill myself, not ever anymore. Get my drift?"

    "You're crazy," he said with a disbelieving look.

    "I know that. You don't have to tell me. If you save me then I have another hero. And Ash is not here. After that we'll match our lust and have fun till all the chandeliers in this hotel shake."

    "Okay," Brock lighting up with excitement, ripped off his black jacket and tossed it aside. He folded the sleeves of his shirt to his elbow and readied himself. May sat on the ledge and stretched her hands slowly over her head.

    "You're worth saving for," he said staring at those huge headlights of her chest while crackling the bones of his hands.

    "Tell me when you're ready, ‘cos this'll be fast. If you're not quick I'm a goner."

    "Trust me," he said.

    The moment she heard his words, her body leaned back and slid off the ledge her long legs swinging up in the air. Whooosh! There was a brief scream.

    “Dam!” he spat. The veins on his neck strained, his jaw tightened and teeth gritted. He was able to grab her legs but the other one slipped through. May was 5'10" and her weight felt so heavy.

    "Oh God!" he muttered. She was swinging upside down, her legs opened like scissors. His biceps flexed as he held on tightly to her leg and managed to get the other leg in time. Now Brock knew what Ash had to do all those times he had save May. May trained her sight on the rocks below jutting from the swirling water and appearing like drowning people. For awhile she hanged there, challenging death.

    "If you're satisfied, let's quit this game before somebody sees us," he called out. "Surely, you don't want them to see us like I was murdering you." He heaved and raised her back to safety.

    "Oh god, that was a kick! You rescued me!" She panted, blushing at the rush of adrenaline in her body. She than remembered all the time’s that Ash save her, and why she like being save.

    "Let's go back to your room," he said taking her by the hand.

    Once in the room, Brock asked how she felt.

    "Thirsty," she said as she closed the sliding doors and the electronic drapes.

    "I'll fix you a drink, what'll you have?" he asked.

    "Champagne," she said raggedly.

    "Okay," he said and walked over to the mini bar and kitchen counter outside of her bedroom. May sat on the side of bed and leaned on the pillows propped against the headboard. She reached for a cigarette from the pack lying on the night table. When Brock came back she was puffing smoke with one leg drawn up while the other dangled off the edge of the bed. He handed her the drink eyeing her assets especially the great view between her legs.

    "Thanks." They both raised their glasses.

    "To lust!" she clinked her glass to his and they drank.

    "Take off your pants," she said after the bubbly liquid glided smoothly past her throat. He unbuttoned his shirt and yanked it off his pants. The pants followed until only his briefs remained.

    "Hmmm, meaty…" she remarked and stubbed out her cigarette on a leaf-designed ashtray. She licked off her lips.

    Brock jump on May and they made love.

    Drained to exhaustion, May dangled her head face down at the edge of the mattress with her arms also limping out. Brock became gentle and was kissing her.

    The day after:

    When May was on board a Concorde jet to LaRousse City she was glued on a tabloid where on the front page showed a picture of a TV actor on the penthouse terrace where she stayed. The actor was holding upside down a bikinied inflated doll. The caption read: "No living doll would like to be dumped this way. What does that actor think he's doing with this inflated doll?"

    May just chuckled to her self and close her eye’s, and remember Ash. She decided that it was time to dump her loser boyfriend Drew and fine out were Ash is and get back into his life.

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